Don Luis Méxican Restaurant

5940 CA-99, Stockton
(209) 931-9163

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Triny Villalobos

This was my second visit here…

Breeanna Rode

My fiancé & I came here for the first time today since it was recommended to us. The staff is so friendly! Portions are large & not badly priced.

Hugh McLaughlin

We’ve passed this restaurant for a few years now (just off Highway 99). We finally stopped by for a meal this week. It was a pretty good place. On Sunday’s this place looks packed.They have a fairly large menu to select from along with a full bar. The chips they served seemed store bought nothing special but their salsa had good flavor.We both ordered the Don Luis Special (I think that was what it was called). It included a beef enchilada, Crispy Taco, a small side of Steak Ranchero and a Chili Relleno. We agreed that we would skip the Chili Relleno in the future. To much breading on it. Also when it came to the rice and beans they were very skimpy. Seemed that they used a very small ice cream like scooper. Never seen such a small serving of rice and beans.Would we go back? Probably if in the area and we were hungry but would not make a special trip there. The food had good flavor especially the Taco, enchilada and the steak ranchero was very tender and had good flavor.

Giovanni L.

Fire! This place is always good and big portions too. It's a cool relaxed ambiance the whole thing pretty much looks like your sitting in bar area well because theirs a a full with cold beer and huge bottles of tequila ready to function. Had the fish taco Mexico City style from what I read. Hit the spot and came with all fixings. Grilled talapia topped with cheese not sure what kind but it was good. Highly recommend, thinking this should be a regular spot. I could kick here for sure.

Alyce Peterson

We’ve dined or picked up take out at @donluismexicanrestaurant for year. Great food and service. We recently had Don Luis food for our event. It was a hit!! Thanks to owner, Alex and his great team!

Alyce P.

The food is great. The outdoor patio is wonderful. We come to Don Luis year round. Great service, friendly staff. Owner, Alex did the food for our event and it was a great addition to the event!!

Ashley Q.

Ok. So I have been here at least 4 times now. The salsa was sooo salty and watery today. The chips were good and glad they are still frying them in house. My bottled Corona was lukewarm and was not offer a chilled glass. The server didn't notice at first that it had just been put in not too long ago. I Had to bring to our servers attention and he promptly put a new one in a pitcher of ice and water. He never took the warm one off the bill though. I complimented him on his quick positive idea to rectify the warm beer. I thought he may have been part of the owners' family to care so much. But he wasn't. His skills are amazing and I hope they are taking good care of him. He definitely could move up to a higher caliber of restaurant! 5 stars for service. The salty salsa, warm beer and soft "crunchy " corn shell taco that was suppose to be crunchy ,we won't be returning unless in a pinch. It looks crunchy in my photo... but it wasn't:( beans and rice were good.

Brent Lamb

The food was pretty good and the service was fine as well. The big problem here is the cleanliness of the place. When you walk up you are met with a very dirty glass door and it just goes down hill from there. When you enter, the wall to the right if very beat up. It has no baseboard and the seetrock is missing all over along the bottom of the wall. The bathroom shows that no one has cared to clean in a very long time. Take a look at the pictures. What a difference some upkeep could make to this place! 3 stars because of the food being pretty good. Otherwise find another place.

Chastity Carranza

Shrimp tacos and fish tacos were good. My daughter found a hair in the Chicken taco shower. Beans taste like they were from the can. But their mixed drinks were good.

Charlene L.

We come here a lot but especially every year when a friend is in town. He usually loves the food. The food here was not really the problem it was the service. There's a different server for your first round of drinks and yet another server if you need a refill. It took them 3 times to bring us the correct drinks and each time they were a different size. The music is so loud in there that it makes it easier for the wait staff to ignore you. When we finally figured out who was going to take our order we'd been without drinks for about 20 minutes. We finally just went up to the bar and ordered our drinks there. When it came time to pay the bill they couldn't find our ticket and we had to tell them what we ordered. Good thing we're honest since there was no possible way for them to keep track of our drinks. We used to love this place and the food is good but it's not good enough to excuse their poor service. I hope they get their act together and start caring about the customers again. Until then we won't be back.

Bill N.

I come here all the time to eat and the food is pretty decent. But what made me write this review was the fact of the matter that they only compensated 10% off of my next bill. I went there for a lunch plate (that they originally charged for a dinner). As soon as I got the chips and salsa I started to eat them. I noticed that the salsa was a little more saltier than normal. As soon as I stirred around I noticed something blue. I grabbed a chip and pull it out and behold a tasty rubberband. I immediately showed the waitress and she just laughed and apologize. She brought me a new salsa with my lunch. I did not want to say anything in person because I wanted to give them the opportunity to see if they would compensate, but unfortunately they're not that day. I called the next day to ask to speak to the manager and I was only able to speak to the floor supervisor. When I informed her what happened she offered a 10% discount which I feel was nothing. 10% of a $15 tab is only $1.50. I will no longer eat there and I will be sharing my experience with every person that I know.

Nancy Rodriguez

Food was great but the service was horrible. Probably would never go there again. Never got a refill on drinks, nobody ever checked on us to see how things were going, plates were served with no silverware. We had to get up and get our own. The place was also a madhouse and nobody seemed to care to take care of us. Sad because it was our first time there and we heard a lot of good things about this place.

Ysabella A.

Very disappointed our server was very rude and not patient at all. He spoke to us like we were dumb and didn't know What we were talking about or ordering. I also work in customer service and dealing with customers and you DONT talk to customers the way he did or people in general. Definitely never coming back. If I could give negative stars I would.

Karen Abrams

This place was AWESOME! I hadn't been there in a long time and I don't remember it being this good but the food was absolutely delicious! I got a chicken tostada and a cheese enchilada and they were both outta this world! My friend got a quesadilla and an enchilada and he said the same thing about his food! Xochimillco's USED to be my favorite Mexican restaurant in Stockton, but not anymore! Don Luis' FAR SURPASSED them by a long shot! Not only was the food incredible, they brought it to us SO fast- literally like 5-7 mins! And to top it off, our waiter, Jasjeet (he said to call him "Jazz"?) was personable, friendly, and VERY attentive! I had brought a friend here from out of state and I was SO pleased because Jazz made it SO much fun- such a pleasure! He was the culmination of our dining experience! Don Luis Mexican Restaurant well deserves 5 stars!!! ?????

just fee

Great food. Lots of options. Big portions. Good vibes. Good service. Small eatery. 4 stars for long wait time to receive food. Went on a Tuesday night and it was very busy.

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Don Luis Méxican Restaurant

5940 CA-99, Stockton, CA 95212
(209) 931-9163