Jack In The Box

6200 Pacific Ave, Stockton
(209) 800-7090

Recent Reviews

michael grijalva

food good service ok price ok

Veronica Espinoza

Very slow service. 3 cars in front of me two of which I was able to see single bags handed to the car. Was in line for 35 mins

Christina Tabios

Horrible. No customer service. They got my order wrong and I had to go back and waited 30 minutes for them to argue with me. I asked for my money back. I stopped supporting the Jack in the box on March Lane and now Pacific Ave lost my business. SmH

vns salas

The person taking orders thru the drive thru was a little rude, seemed irritated. The order was right, complete. The food is good.

Bigger Than Life

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!BEEARE!I am sick and tired of this establishment. I work down the street, either on my break or when I’m off I’ll stop by to grab something to quick to eat. And every single time they mess up my order! They give me something of a lesser charge than what I order.


Food is your regular jack in the crack and your milage will vary on how the "quality of food" is. Sure is a lot better than the golden arches but this particular location just seems to take as long as ever, waiting on average for 30mins just to get through the drive thru. If you have coupons its worth it (and if you don't have a deadline to be anywhere) but other than that use your time elsewhere. Also if you are a Dasher, nope, go find another pickup as well.

Jennete Y.

The girl who made my order couldn't even hear me and they didn't even give me my sandwich this is why companies shouldn't hire stupid teens who can't do their jobs

Naomi Hayter

A little slow but it was worth the wait

Laurie Martin

I am happy this is open 24 hours with Covid thanks! They make a really great old fashion strawberry milkshake. Also, that fish sandwich meal is great!

luis gonzalez

Very slow drive thru food is never consistent fries were cold. I order a cheeseburger and got no cheese. Got a order of large fries. They container was half way like I said very inconsistent

Eric Donald Robinson

Fast food, it was fast though there was a line of vehicles for drive through.

David Blain

I am very displeased. It took 30 minutes to get through the drive-through to pick up my mobile water. Other restaurants are open inside for pick up. Why can’t Jack-in-the-Box do that? I will not be returning until the inside is open for pick up. I understand the Covid thing but this is getting beyond ridiculous

Donna Baker

I love the egg, cheese and real bacon biscuit sandwich. Yummy! ?

Vanessa Vasquez

System was down so didn't quite order what i really wanted. But its ok i will always love eating jack in the box.

Harpreet S.

Drive thru took about 20 minutes with 4-5 cars ahead of me. Food was hot and fresh and thankfully I wasn't in a rush.

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