La Palma Méxican Cuisine

2301 Pacific Ave, Stockton
(209) 941-4179

Recent Reviews

Marissa Guerra

I love there salsa!! So delicious I'm addicted

Corrina Brown

The food was good. The issue i had was their was onions or something in my drink. Also the table was dirty very sticky.

Nicholas Patron

Great food bad service except for bar tender only one there has good service

Mark Anthony Garcia-Mendoza

I ordered the chilaquiles and there was a metal twist tie in my food from the tortillas. (As confirmed by the manager Manuel.) He only offered to remove my 1 item from the tab. Despite the fact that 1 other person ordered the same thing and no longer felt comfortable eating her food. I told him he’ll remove both items from the tab and discount the remaining ones. He wasn’t happy and neither were we. Needless to say we’re not coming back. The metal and the complete disrespect left a awful taste in my mouth.

Lola Dolores

Great service always. Manny is the BEST

Solomon Combs

I really liked this establishment. The customer service was actually very good they were kind and friendly. The bar is a nice touch and I'm not certain of the EXACT type but they serve a surprisingly SMOOTH house tequila. My meal was good and everything although it would have been nice to get at least four tortillas but I was TRULY very happy with everything I wish I could bring my kids there just for dinner

J M.

The Absolute Worst mexican food I have Ever eaten in my Life! It was Horrible. Everything was Watered down. The tasteless refried beans were so watered down, they were almost white in color. The salsa was so watered down, it had No taste and would not stick to the chips. The mixed (beef/chicken) fajitas were ridiculous. We got 3 paper thin pieces of meat the size of a cheeto, and chicken that was drier than a leather shoe. The spanish rice was tasteless. The tea was near the color of water and tasteless. We were told by a shop owner on the miracle mile not to go there because it was "really bad". But it was getting late so we gambled anyway. She was right. The 1 star is for the nice waitress. Don't go here unless you want to waste your money.

Jasmine M.

We placed a takeout order and we got chicken enchiladas and some tacos. The enchiladas were horrible with the worst sauce I've ever had and the tacos fell apart due to grease. We do our best to support local businesses but we won't be back here.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Great food, great customer service! All around wonderful dining experience.

David Vargas

The staff was very attentive and the environment was welcoming. Food was delicious and I felt the portions were big. The price seemed reasonable for a family of five. Thank you, we will for sure be back.

Lis D.

Great service from Manny, the bartender. Perfect drinks and good food. Recommend and will be back!!

Cassandra G.

The only thing good about this place is their bean, gravy dip and chips and salsa. The food was not tasteful. I ordered the taco salad and it was probably there shredded chicken breasts that were boiled and then tossed in sauce "for flavor". The rice was either undercooked or old because I got pieces hard as a rock. The plated beans had to have been refrigerated and then warmed up, just based on the texture and the color. The Arnold Palmer tasted as it had been diluted. To top it off the service was terrible. I assumed she was the manager because she wasn't in uniform. In the end when we wanted to pay, she had us split our tab 3 ways because she didn't want to. I ended up getting sick and throwing up as soon as I got home. Not recommended.

Jean Vilmenay

They were open and it was a good atmosphere. My taco was great and the enchilada was enjoyable, the company even better. Servers all wore mask and were very pleasant.

Kathleen Erickson

The food was excellent. The acoustics were terrible. I couldn't hear my family because it was so loud. The service could have been so much better. Plus, I was uncomfortable in the heat. The bathrooms were too cold and the dining area was like an oven.

Stacey Martinez

Beautiful decor. Food was delicious, the margaritas were excellent and our waiter was nice and very attentive. We will definitely be back.

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