Midtown Creperie & Café

2319 Pacific Ave, Stockton
(209) 941-9070

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moni_ love38

The food was good but the service was lacking.

Shelly Musgrove

Great service and cozy atmosphere.. will return soon.

Jake Williams

The outdoor seating is in a mural-covered alley which is super cool and different environment for dining. I had whichever crepe was labeled "as seen on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives" (can't remember the item name) and it was excellent: buckwheat crepe filled with asparagus and marinated tri-tip with pesto cream sauce. They seem to put a lot of attention into the little details of their food items

Jahaziel Magana

One of the best places in Stockton. Hands down, food is delicious, staff very friendly. I love this place ?

Thalia C.

10 stars tbh but they shut the lights out to kick us out we were sippin our mimosas from our CARAFE still but over all good

C.R. G.

Had an amazing meal, incredible drinks, and amazing service for my monthly girls brunch. The only situation interfering with me returning or recommending Midtown was the uncomfortable atmosphere due to incredible heat. Not only did it feel like it was 100 degrees in the restaurant, I hated sweating through my entire meal when I had absolutely nothing spicy. It was hotter inside then it was outside. Long story short, amazing food/drinks/service, horrible atmosphere. Not likely return unless its 60 degrees outside.Sweet Crepes

C H.

Walking in, we nearly tripped over a Home Depot bucket and a giant orange Shop-Vac. That should have been our signal to leave, but no. While waiting to be noticed and seated, we saw stacks of boxes of who-knows-what by the tiny doorway along with very greasy, beat-up floors and carpet on the stairs in desperate need of replacement. Once we got seated, we found the table and floor underneath to be sticky and one chair had a lot of crumbs. It was a 100+ degree day, and their A/C seemed to have broken, so that likely led to the staff being on their C-game (as opposed to A-game). I'll hand it to the wait-staff: those were miserable conditions to be working under. Now, the food: I ordered the Rex crepe (reviewed by Guy Fieri). It was a crepe with asparagus, (supposedly) slow-smoked tri-tip, and an herb-cream sauce. All those components were there, but there was zero flavor. Zero. I stopped eating at the 1/3 mark. My husband ordered sunny-side up eggs, pancakes and a side of jambalaya (this is a New Orleans-influenced spot). His items scored a 2 out of 10 on the flavor scale, and the pancakes were just bizarre: the texture was rubbery. My youngest son also had pancakes and confirmed they were bad. His sausages looked as though they'd been in a freezer for a few years. Then came the beneigts: a classic New Orleans treat! The only flavor was from the powdered sugar. I stopped 1/2 way through eating one as it wasn't worth the calories. Yes, it was that bad. This place needs an infusion of cash to do a SERIOUS, MAJOR deep-clean from top to bottom (when's the last time the Health Dept has gone through here?) and decluttering (we found more stacks of boxes. upstairs near the bathroom) and replacement of flooring. They also need a chef(s) who will taste the food before serving it cause it's just awful. The one star is for the fun New Orleans decorations.

Wanda L.

Found this great little cafe on a list provided by our hotel. I had the King Cake crepe and my wife had the crepe brulee crepes. Both were very tasty and filling. Our server, Uriel, was friendly and patient putting up with our indecision and second guessing. This is a great little out of the way breakfast place that you'll love.

Trena Turner

The best I can say about this place is that server was pleasant and the bacon crisp and the coffee was hot. The powered eggs, initially served, were brutal! Perhaps when served mixed in a crepe, burrito or omelet they can be overlooked. Scrambled by themselves . . . you can and should do better. I should have gotten the crepes. Also, its time for a deep clean of the tables, floors, chairs, ok the restaurant.

Lucy P.

Midtown Creperie is a breakfast/lunch place that gets the job done! Though not super frilly, they offer a wide selection of crepes, omelettes, drinks, coffee, and breakfast plates that will satisfy anyone. They currently offer indoor and outdoor seating -- outdoor seating wise, they have a patio with umbrellas and a cute little shaded alley way! The staff are also kind and patient :) My date and I got here around 10-15 minutes before closing (yikes we didn't check their hours eek) but they still sat us and let us stay past closing. Being a server is hard work and I appreciate that they served us! We were greeted and seated immediately, and our food was ready in a little more than 10 minutes. My date ordered their Crepe Brulee (sliced peaches, candied nuts, caramel sauce) and Crepito Crepe, and I ordered one of their build-your-own omelettes. We were pretty happy with the serving sizes -- I finished my omelette and my date finished half of each -- and left content. Admittedly not the best brunch I've ever had, and I wasn't wowed, but their food was still tasty and worth the price.

Sherry S.

We've been coming here for a few years now because we enjoy the atmosphere, the food is delicious and they have a good variety on mimosas. Our last visit we had to wait longer than usual to be seated and for our food to be served but this is the case with most places right now due to being understaffed. The food is good so we don't mind.

Vanna C

if I could give 10 stars I would. the staff is excellent. Amani is our favorite. she's there Saturday to Monday and is so personable. Melissa the owner is phenomenal. she goes above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied. I'm making my way through the menu starting with savory and I've yet to be disappointed. I go crazy on their mimosas! $15 for 3. and you can get very creative. Support a local business. If I'm hungry and they are open, we're there. #supportsmallbusiness

Jennifer Waddle

Amazing food!!! Brought our networking group and we were very pleased. We will definitely be back.

Josanna A.

Food was ok until I saw hair in my crepe. Wait time is long even on a Monday morning so just a heads up.

Tasia J.

Had lunch with a few friends on a nice Sunday afternoon . We ordered mimosas and I had a wonderful crepe . We originally sat down on the outside patio where the set up was beautiful it was a bit hot so we decided to move inside which we were greeted by the owner who introduced herself and who apologized for the heat as she was still trying to adjust to the hotter temps she was amazing in accommodating us and we even shared a few laughs and I might add the lights outside were beautiful a bit hot during the day but other than that everything was amazing the beignets are a must try! Will be going back soon thank you for excellent service!

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