Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

2671 W March Ln, Stockton
(209) 954-9018

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Renee' Gardner

Monique was very helpful & friendly, the order was hot & ready. Food was awesome!

Stephen Joaquin

Nice ambience. Little pricey, smaller portions

Nicole Kelley

lied about reservations and when we asked for my sisters desert for her birthday never brought it out . terrible customer service

Jarred Garcia Sr

I love this Olive Garden restaurant this is my first time here and I must say the appetizers are very delicious I recommend the bread with the oil and the are the appetizers as well they are so delicious The Waitresses here and the waiters are very polite and kind and they are a good service let's just say you want to take Grandma out for a lunch or dinner I recommend Olive Garden here on March the name it is so good I give it five stars thank you Olive Garden and God bless youAlyssa R is the best server ☺️??Thank you Alyssa R ❤

Margaret B.

Other than the bread being a little too hard for my liking, my overall service went great! Our waitor Niko was terrific! He checked on us often, knew when to leave us alone to chat, he made sure every dish was explained, and our cups were never empty! The food was amazing. I ordered the shrimp scampi and I really loved the sauce. Can't wait to dine in again.

cheryl varela

Rating for our take out order.Thanks for joining the numerous other restaurants that cut back on portions and customer service, BUT still charge the same price.I have ordered the soup for years for take out. I tried to order online, it said it would take over an hour. Really for 1 soup. Didn't order it.So my husband goes in, the girl tells him it will take over an hour. What? He told her she could just dip it up while she's doing another order, then he'd be out of everybody's way. I don't get it. Working smart would be to get the easiest smallest orders out of the way. Like orders that dont involve the cooks.So they got the order but no breadsticks. He asked for them and her response was we never give breadsticks with the soup.B.S. The soup has always come with 2 breadsticks and a chocolate mint. Which I didn't get.So please don't argue with the customer. I've probably been a customer a lot longer then she's worked there and I know what came with it.The picture shows the smaller bowl they now use for take out but you pay the same price and no breadsticks.You're trying to make the customers make up for the money you lost during Covid.Guess what everyone lost money.You got 2 stars only because the soup still tasted good.

Jonnita W.

I love pasta. Had been about almost 2 years since I've visited this Olive Garden location. When we arrived they were quite a bit of families waiting. Being that I have the taste for some pasta I didn't mind the 25 minute wait. Although I felt that it did not take us that long to get seated so that was a positive. Once a receipt it we were asked what we wanted to drink, I requested Dr. Pepper was informed they do not have. Then I requested a Pepsi once again was informed they do not have. So I just said please give me any dark soda that you have which was a Coke. My daughter and I both placed our create your own pasta meals. Later to be informed that the type of pasta that I requested for my meal was not available and what other choice pasta what I like to have. Once I was served my create your own pasta which consisted of having shrimp I ended up not eating any of the shrimp as it tasted a little too mushy to me. My daughter being vegan, she requested a spaghetti noodle with marinara sauce and broccoli. Which she informed that very little sauce was on her plate and she mixed together the noodles just soaked up the sauce and that her plate flavoring was very bland Even though our meals weren't as enjoyable as I would have liked him to have been. Our server was pleasant and nice.

Tiffany T.

Our server Gabino C was on top of it. Even when the person delivered our meals and never came back with cheese he promptly took care of us. Food was amazing but him as a waiter will bring us back more often!

Lakresha S.

Today is Mother's Day and my husband is treating me and my mom to lunch. Out wait for a table was 1 1/2 hrs which I understand due to covid. Once we were seated the service was terrible but the food was pretty good.

Samantha Walker-Rosetta

Despite the wait, the service and food were excellent. Covid precautions in place, we all enjoyed ourselves greatly thanks to OG taking wonderful safety and health measures.

Paula L.

I mean really! Had I been served their signature salad table side I would have sent it back. The dregs of the lettuce were the dominant portions of the salad! I guess they really do not want to sustain their take out business. Do not order take out you will wonder why you did

Raul Alcantara

Raquel, our waitress did a good job keeping up with the tables. I can tell they were short staffed and it's an issue the food industry will need to deal with the next several months. Anyway, service was great but can't say the same about food. Their quality of food has gone down and if managers are gonna use the pandemic as an excuse, I'm afraid they will lose a lot of customers. Managers need to make sure the quality of food gets back to pre-covid standards.

Diana Folk

1st time to a Olive Garden. It was AWESOME and our waiter Jorge was absolutely on it. I will go back because of him .love love love

Angel Valdez

Chicken Parmigiano was delicious ?! And our waitress Stephanie made us feel right at home. She was really attentive and provided excellent customer service.

Teresa C.

Very disappointed in Olive Garden customer service. I call at 10:30 to place a to go order but had a couple questions first. By the time I spoke to someone after being placed on hold and confirming that I can order something still for pickup as long as I arrive by 11pm, which is no problem, she then tells me, "oh I'm sorry, we don't take to go orders over the phone once it's 10:30pm. But if you arrive here by 10:45pm we'll take your order." It's like I just got totally different information. Didn't she just tell me no problem that as long as I arrive by 11pm I can place a phone order??? Not to mention I was placed on hold to begin with. I seriously can't even wrap my head around what just happened. I guess I'm not ordering from Olive Garden in Stockton anymore. That really sucks too because I do enjoy their food so it's too bad when their employees ruin the way someone feels about going there. Maybe I'll realize tomorrow that I'm just upset of irritated right now and I'll change my review but right now I'm hungry and tired from working in the garden til after dark and was looking forward to not cooking tonight. Welp thanks a lot to the girl answering the phone at 10:30pm on 6/11/21.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

2671 W March Ln, Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 954-9018