Papa Urb's Grill | Stockton

331 E Weber Ave, Stockton
(209) 227-8144

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Christine Ren

Some of my favorites are the sisig platter (pictured), Kalderata, and the mango drink. Super delicious filipino fusion!

Amber C.

this place is amazing! it's been a favorite of ours since my husband and i went on our second date here years ago and shared some papas noodles and a banana qt. we took our daughter here and she loved the sisig! we booked them for catering for her first birthday and they did amazing! alex was very good at communicating everything, though it was difficult to place the order first. email them directly to book catering and get prices as it's not listed on their menu! the food impressed everyone at our party, even the older filipinos! my friends were in the midst of saying it was better than papa urbs when i pointed out it was all from there! we got the kaldereta, pancit, lechon kiwali, kare kare, sisig, and some lumpia. even my non filipino friends loved it all. the sisig was the biggest hit (completely gone!) but my personal favorite is the kaldereta. they did really well on not letting any food get too fatty like some places. if you're into the fusion foods, you can't go wrong with their sisig tacos or fries. the longanisa is hreat 100% recommend for authentic or fusion filipino food!

Regina Reynolds

It was tasty enough I had Papas noodles. It was my first time there so I'm willing to give it another try but I will get something else ... I thought the sausage could have been cooked a different way it was sort of steamed not browned at all but the dish was as described in the menu... creamy & nicely spiced.

My Moor

My American Hubby was hungry for Langonisa ... This is the place to come. He had Langonisa plate with Rice, over easy Egg ( great job ... Yolk was great, salad. I had Sisig .. tasty n delicious .. Just the parking is hard to find n we went on a Saturday . It was worth it though.

Hailey Kieu

The store is located in Downtown Stockton, a small walk from the courthouse. The interior is quaint, modern, yet rustic. I dig it haha. The staff is friendly and bubbly. It was my first time, and I wasn't sure what to order. I asked the member what the most popular items are and ordered the adobo quesadilla, fries, lumpia, and halo halo. The food was really good! My favourite are the halo halo and adobo quesadilla. What would have set is off was if eating in is an option because of the nature of the foods being fried. So by the time they're brought home in the to-go boxes, the food is slightly soggy. But it isn't the restaurant's fault and is understandable given the circumstances of the pandemic. Hopefully, the restaurant will allow dining-in soon, so customers can enjoy their delicious food at its best!

Mackenzie A.

I only came for the halo halo and it was disappointing. if you guys want good halo halo I suggest going to Manila express in Stockton or the papa Urb's in Tracy. it seems like they're super stingy with the scoops of ice cream which is a big part of the dessert. my boyfriend had gotten their pork belly plate and was disappointed as well. before we arrived he went on and on about how good the food was however after he had actually received his food and ate it, he didn't enjoy it at all and said that he wouldn't come back. ‍ he mentioned the food had no flavor and the portions are super small. this used to be his favorite restaurant however I feel like with covid, their quality of food changed.

Cindy L.

always great! i pretty much exclusively order the sisig fries. I might venture out once in a while if i'm feeling crazy but for the most part i gotta have dem fries.

Liu M.

Papa Urbs is my favorite when I am downtown literally everything is delicious. Not a long wait nice little eating area. We love love love it! 10 stars

Xia L.

I like this place. I go for lunch during work. The only thing is that the plates are very greasy and after eating especially during lunch time. I find myself tired after. I have yet to try the other menu options. Overall, the seasoning and sauces are yummy.

E Pennington

I just enjoy their food. I always get great customer service here. The place is well kept and the workers are always nice. Highly recommended.

Johnney Jo R.

Good place to eat! And it's always busy when I come. Food is good ALWAYS.fries ,lumpia Our favorite...

Sonia A.

The lumpias here are bomb!! And the green sauce is everything! I also tried the sisig fries which was also delicious. Have to eat before they get soggy. I like my fries crispy, not sure if I can ask to make them extra crispy next time.

Akito M.

Located in two locations because they accidentally want you to call in your order and show up at the wrong address, Papa Urb's has quite a few menu offerings. The lack of online ordering is a major downside since it sounded one of those "I'm going through a tunnel, can't hear you" sitcom bits when making a call for pickup. Good food at a reasonable price can make up for a lot of ills, especially when the Sisig over rice has such a distinctive flavor.

Don Pascual

Located in the Stockton downtown area. I suggest to call to pick up. Great tasty Filipino food! My wife has me picking up desserts here every so cravings she gets ? with that we just keep coming back.

Cheryl E.

I've heard plenty of good things about this place. But maybe it's just the fact that we can no longer eat indoors or outdoors for that matter that made the food less enjoyable. Tats not to say the food isn't good. Because the food is definitely yummy. But by the time I got to my fries, they were a tad soggy since the condensation build up made everything damp. You can tell if the food was fresh, it would have been more enjoyable. I'm all about the lumpia. It was nice and crispy. They're a lot thinner than your usual Shanghai lumpia, and it's rolled with more of the wrapper to give it that more crispier touch. I was a fan. The karekare and sinigang were pretty standard. Can't go wrong with either choice because they don't skimp out on the protein. Nice chunky pieces of meat in both dishes. The only downside was ordering the banana qt. It comes with 2-3 pieces of fried banana, mango ice cream and ube ice cream. Topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. the ice cream melted all over the warm banana. And i am not a fan of melted ice cream. I think this is one of the dishes that needs their packaging revised. I feel like it would have been better if they kept the warm banana separate from the ice cream, especially since everything is take-out only. By the time I had taken it back to my car, it literally became a float. So I was forced to eat it first.

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