Raw Sushi

10742 Trinity Pkwy Suite #1 - C, Stockton
(209) 954-9729

Recent Reviews

Jaime Moreno

very good food. love to bring the family to eat here

E Romel Jackson

I loved it!!! The food was delicious and the service was great!!!

Diana D

The sushi could have been a little colderBathrooms neglected. Soy sauce bottles could be cleaned

Sandra Camacho

The food gave me the runs and I threw up. It's been 3 hours and still very very sick

Elias Garcia

The service was good but my chicken katsu was over cooked

Rattha Cheng

My first time eat the Sushi so fresh and fresh wasabi so expensive lolz ? I

ness gman

One of the best places in Stockton.The reason for the four star was the portion sizes.They did not correlated with pricing.

Malachi T.

After eating here many times and usually enjoying it. This last 3 times have been pretty much non existent... Literally... All three times we came in, we stood at the doorway and just waited to be seated after about 8-10 minutes each with no contact from the host/bar/waiter/waitresses we left... It's unfortunate as we love to eat Local and support our local restaurants. I hope that this can be addressed in the future. I guess we'll wait for the pandemic to be over before we will try it again....

Marissa R.

Feast your eyes. How is it that a restaurant has 10-15 employees with 5 customers in house and still mess up a take out order? Some of the fish wasn't properly cleaned or skinned. And when it was addressed with an employee, they said that was normal. It's a slop of seafood and totally unappetizing. If you want a beautiful plate of sushi , you'll have better luck at M Sushi Bistro, the kitchen takes care of their food & their customers. 2 stars because the quality of food use to be better than this.

Chris Lewis

Always great food and service.

Frisco 1937

Sushi was good. Service was really slow. Had to ask 2 different servers for soy sauce. The music was so loud I could barely hear my friend sitting across from me.

James Johnson

For as many times as I have come here I'm appalled at the service or lack of service that we received tonight thats upsetting. It's my son's 15th birthday and he wants to come here and we are served cold food and then they swear that the food was brought out on time. How when the only reason we got our food when we did was because we had to go in and inquire where our food was....I WILL NOT BE BACK!!!

Chris C.

Ordered dinner for takeout, estimated time given was 30 minutes. Came to the restaurant at about 35 minutes from phone call. Food was ready when I got there. Ordered fried oysters, goodi roll, spicy dragon roll and tiger sushi roll. Presentation, taste, and freshness were on point. Messed up the presentation of the rolls by shaking my bag. Utensils, napkins, and condiments were added in our bag. Will definitely order here for takeout again.

Lamaris L.

The rolls are so expensive and you expect fresh ingredients. The only thing fresh about my rolls were the avocados (maybe). The unagi was super dry and black. The tempura shrimp was cold? It had a weird taste and super crunchy. I was super upset because two rolls cost me nearly $60 in delivery. This is RIDICULOUS. Never again.


Went here today bill 83$ and the service was not very good. Not worth the four star rating they get unless it is those who came in after us that were served in like 15 minutes. We order two appetizers waited 15 minutes for the first one the poke came out like 30 minutes later no refill on drinks until the second appetizer came. sat and watched three groups come in after us they are were served before us. The sushi was not that fresh. Now they have a very large bar and the stock was out where everyone can see and they had many orders to go. 5 sushi chefs working and three bus boys/bar backs two servers and one blonde in the back . The restrooms were filthy. This place is RAW alright. I would not eat there very unsanitary. I know we are in COVID-19 give them a break right ? Sanitation will never get a pass from me and when you are serving seafood RAW! you must be clean. they are not.

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