Shirasoni Japanese Restaurant

3249 W Hammer Ln, Stockton
(209) 473-2525

Recent Reviews

sweet killer

My mom took me here to eat was delicious food and sushi was fresh and the cook did amazing job drinks was delicious

Veronica Cazzalli

Chicken teriyaki was cold. Steam rice didn't taste fresh. Very disappointed the only thing that was okay was the tempura vegetable and shrimp. I will not go back there to eat

George Sharp

Food was great, service was great, our chef was great with a good sense of humor he did well and we tipped well. THANK YOU for a good time Shirasoni.

Patricia Williams

I celebrated my 9th there brought by my 2 sons and it was delicious and fun

Ibrahim Bedolla

Came here for the drinks and the bartender does not work on the weekends....I've went to the one in brentwood plenty of times and thought it might be the same since me and my family always go there but I was very wrong. Asked for my steak to be rare and came out well done, soup tasted very oily, vegetables were burnt yet under cooked and soggy and the rice was under cooked as well. I don't understand how 2 locations could be very different but at least now I know to drive the 45 min to go to brentwood if I want Shirasoni. The waitress was nice and the raspberry tea was good at least but honestly I recommend to go to brentwood if you are planning on trying Shirasoni!

Carie Brandon

NO....Was seated before 6pm on Saturday night. We had to scan the menu and as soon as my friend did, his phone started getting hacked. Waitress didn't know what beers they had, and didn't know what a half caraf of wine was. Soup wasn't miso and lacked taste. The salad had a tangy sour dressing on it, not regular Japanese salad dressing. We ordered calamari as soon as we sat down and the family seated 10 minutes after us rec'd their appetizers before we did. When the calamari arrived it was fried frozen ring calamari, it was okay. We were rushed thru the whole dinner. As soon as the grill chef plated the last of our food and before we took our first bite, the waitress asked if we needed any to go boxes. We had to ask for a second round of drinks. Service sucked. Food was okay but pricey, will not go back. There are other higher quality teppanyaki places to go to in the area.

Stephen Joaquin

Great food! Average roll is going to be about 14-15 bucks.

Javiera Joseph

Great food...I love whoever the Bar tender is...I say whoever because of Covid the bar is closed to the public but the drink were still great

Heather Turner-Marin

The food was awesome and the cook was very entertaining.

Backyardigan At heart

Ehh... Used to be a favorite but after today's visit I'll leave it to a new crowd. No sushi bar anymore so you have to be seated at a teppanyaki table with others (strangers) if you are ordering teppanyaki you have to wait to order with the strangers. Thank God I was ordering sashimi. When my order arrived it was beautiful with surprisingly a large amount of sashimi. It was tasty but I found the large cuts of meat to be off-putting. They could have sliced 5 slices instead of 3. For there to be a presbyterian going on they had a large crowd ?

Tim H Withers

I'm sure this would have been a great meal experience. I'm betting the food would have been good. But we walked out, our entire party of 6 adults.Why, you may ask?Because, as we were seated, the hostess explained that, after our meal was prepared and served, we had 30 mins to eat and leave. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky. Just pure tackiness.We left and went to a steak house where we were welcomed and could relax after our meal and visit. Plenty of available tables.We would NOT recommend Shirasoni's. We don't want to be treated like a herd of cattle. Moo!

Elizabeth R.

Look this is my 3rd time coming to this restaurant, first few times were good but this last time was the most nastiest, disgusting and sucking visit/ service and good quality I've ever. Received at any restaurant. No excuse!! We were customer last week because we were celebrating good news and so we said let's get shirasoni, we'll that was a waist and biggest mistake ever. We got home and started to eat our Banzai plates and at first we noticed the streak looked different So we only ate chicken and shrimp but than smelt a weird old smell coming from the shrimp and the vegetables also. We ended up throwing the food away and said wow that was a waist but we moved on and let it go well the next morning we got really sick from the food and we called to make a complaint and the type of customer service we got was ridiculous it was like they didn't care not one but we asked for manage and was told that the "manager was out of town and will return the following week" we'll we call again today same thing "manager isn't in, I can't help you" like what kind of business is ran like that. All they offered were new plates or gift card i repeated multiple times that we will never return there so both this options were not good enough and basically all they said was oh well!! I'm so disturbed and sickened by my experience. I don't recommend this place to ANYONE!!!!!

Chandrea Bryant

I really enjoyed the showmanship of the cook very intertaing.

Jennifer V.

The food is bomb, they make it how you like it. Long wait times but SSSSOOOOOOO WORTH IT !!!!! I recommend shirasoni any time any day :D

Yoon T.

Came here after a study session with a buddy, and since COVID happened they now have clear panels to divide each different party if they are sharing a table. So for instance my friend and I shared a table with a random family, we sat at the corner end with a plexiglass panel between us and them. The place gets pretty packed so be sure to come early if you want to check it out. As for this restaurant it is like a Benihana so you have the option for a chef to cook you meals and do all types of tricks to entertain you. My friend and I just wanted sushi so I ordered 2 rolls the Orange Dream and Tsunami and my friend ordered the Deep Blue Sea roll I believe. The service was very quick and the food was very tasty. Sushi rolls are a good size and one full roll comes in 8 slices. The rolls tasted very fresh and were very fulfilling. I usually order 2-3 rolls depending on my hunger and 2 did quite the job. Tab came to be about $30-$40 pretty pricy since the rolls aren't half off but I would definitely check it out again to try their other rolls if I'm feeling like baller. Space wise it can be quite cramped due to large parties and the large cooking stoves but they make it work. Only gripe is it can get quite smoky but that's to be expected due to the Benihana style. I gave 3 stars because it's my first time here Andy experience went pretty well. So I will definitely visit again next time.

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