Sizzler - Stockton

1862 E Hammer Ln, Stockton
(209) 477-6682

Recent Reviews

Essie King

Need to hire more staff. Forgot some of the order until I was half finished. Gave a nice tip. I cleaned my own table in order to get a seat

Stacey Williams

One star for the nice staff.This place use to be so good. It was awful, no taste in salad bar food very bland. We paid $16.00 for nuggets and mini corn dogs really. No-good salad stuff canned veggies food. Kids food took forever . Very bad very bad and ice cream machine was broken. Staff was very nice.

Debora Hensley

Prices are ridiculous! Two salad bar lunches were 36 dollars with no drinks ordered and one meal had a senior discount. Baked potatoes are not part of the salad bar anymore. Our waitress was the only good in this restaurant. Will not go again.

David Mack

Our Server was very attentive Salad Bar was very good clean and fresh! I saw NO Chicken wings. No one touched the Chicken Nuggets in Its place. Please bring back the Bone In Chicken! Steak and Lobster was a hit a always! Tipped the Server $10 for support and great service!

Katrina Angele

We usually love love Sizzles at this location. First time back since covid. Staff was great. But we did see a cockroach...eek. No chicken wings but not their fault, mini corn dogs and chicken nuggets replacement was good. Soup is always great. But the ice cream machine was broken. So so trip.

stan korth

Loved it. One of our favorite restaurants. First time at this one. Excellent food, cleanliness Ana service. Stayed for 3 hours. No rushing us.

Clifford Lintag

Way better than before...our server was outstanding. She was polite and very accommodating. Thank you so much!!!

Carlos Rivera

Service was fine. Food quality was just ok. I asked for medium rare on a steak skewer and it came out raw. Not even rare. The shrimp skewer was cold. Not a very big selection for salad bar. If I go back I won't be doing the unlimited salad. Not a very good value in my opinion

Charles E.

Went to sizzler because they reopened their salad bar after California opened up. What a disappointment. To start with the price went up to $15.99. They didn't have their chicken wings, pork carnitas or beef. Just meatballs that had more filler than meat and watered down soup. There was no ice cream or the desserts they previously had. The receipt had an additional 3.5% tax IN ADDITION to the 9% stockton sales tax. 12.5% TOTAL Whew! This is very disappointing to see because their salad bar was exceptional in the past but no more! Won't go back. What an overpriced and overtaxed ripoff!


Clam chowder was very water and not up to Sizzler's standard. Service was good. But good was not

Purva Joshi

Meh food. High prices for an okay meal.Mango lemonade was just concentrate with water. Chowder was alright, small proportions of fish. Long wait time.

Lisa “Serin Blackmoon” O

It's good. The food service was great and we were well listened to. Only complain I had was the backed potatoes weren't very warm/hot so the butter and cheese wouldn't melt.

Steven W.

This is where I come to get my steak on. The salad bar is a must! The ice cream machine is always getting used... by me! I have a problem.

Renato Adricula

Selection’s great and good food nice surroundings

Cassie Rosales

All around Yummy ;until I couldn't enjoy my salad or Fruit Bar. That's what we had went in for Originally..

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