10742 Trinity Pkwy C, Stockton
(209) 474-3238

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Jack Claycomb

I was stuck in line with a broken money taking machine. What a mess.

Ruby Valentino

This location is terrible. Every time I go here the food taste like it’s old and been sitting. This time I called in my food and they barely put any sauce on my wings they were so dry. They were tiny and old tasting. I love Wingstop but this location is not it. This locations fries are always old and NEVER fresh. Everytime I order on door dash I order extra seasoning on my fries and when they arrive the fries are soggy and have NO seasoning. I always tell myself I’m not going back to this location and I still continue to only because it’s next to my house. But the food just becomes worse everytime. So I will not be returning seriously.

Lewis Eugene Ballin

Great food, great prices.

Jorge H.

Labor Day 2021 My daughter just pick a family pack with 4 different flavors of wings That comes with fries and veggies included We sat down as a family to enjoy that dinner and as soon we bite the 1st one we start noticing that wings where still raw not fully cooked Everyone knows there is this thing call salmonella so we decide just to finish cooking them in the microwave just to avoid any food poisoning, I call the place and got transferred to this young lady called Denisa She was professional and offered that if we take the food back she can give us new food I appreciate the help but we decide not to go back , sadly I don't think I will be back to this place again or other wing stop place If someone reads this and let corporate know that someone have to inspect the food before send it out It seems this is a very common occurrence Same thing happened to me about 3 months ago at lumber jacks restaurant They serve the wings completely raw

Hailey R

Great like always.

Melody C.

I went here to pick up an online order and the girl that was working the counter got an attitude with me because I didn't have a mask on , mind u its past June 15th and I have my covid shots and I'm currently on chemo and this girl literally called me a bald headed b**** , I have been coming here for years and have never been so disgusted in all my life , I will never step foot in this establishment again ! This was at the trinity park location off 8 mile in stockton

Lance L.

Fastest service for doordash out of all the other wingstops in Stockton. Awesome staff and when I place an order the food is always on point.

Eduardo Gallo

It’s old food of course it’s Wingstop but I recommend nobody ordering door dash with sides other then fries cuz they will forget to put it in your order “carrots”

Marta F.

I have been coming here for years and I love wing stop! I get a gift card to here every year and I always look forward to get one but last night I was VERY VERY disappointed! The food was so subpar and I couldn't even finish it! My chicken wings had NO flavor and tasted like nothing! It'll be a LONG while before I come back here. Signed, A VERY disappointed wing-stop lover

Raymond Nickerson

Saturday I ordered the bone out wings and most of them were overcooked and the French fries were flavor ridden I have been to other Wing Stops and were very very good compared to this one

Phat Ho

Service been great everytime! Open late too!

Johnny B.

This is a go to place for something quick and filling. Tired of fast food places and drive thru during COVID. Get the lemon pepper and Louisiana rub combo aka 30 family pack classic. Two sides of mango habanero and atomic for those who love a kick!

Maggie Barron

The best Wing Stop in Stockton in my opinion

Alecia B.

Super excited to find a wing*stop on our road trip. We pull off. We always look for one when we travel. With that being said we were really disappointed with the lack of customer service and dress code violations. We wait to be greeted by the cashier never got that. The little girl was absolutely miserable and had terrible customer service skills! Almost as if it was a chore to take our order. After she takes our order we ask to use the bathroom we were declined. But not nicely at all she was very abrupt. She then hands me our change and tells me its going to be 18mins and I can to go wait outside. Oh I can? WOW Thanks Meanwhile it's been 24 mins and we were told we have 5 more minutes to go. Not to mention no one was wearing masks when we were in there. Thumbs down

Austin Martinez

They made my disabled mother get out of the car to show her ID to verify it was her credit card. This is against Mastercard's policy as the card is signed.

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