1533 N Buena Vista St, Burbank
(818) 400-1844

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Just hit Curbgrill for a favorite breakfast burrito. Awesome BB, bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and cheese, all ingredients are chopped finely and mixed all together like a scrambled style which is the absolute best so you get a bite of everything each time. Green salsa was perfect as well, nice and chunky. Definitely will be returning. Well done guys!Note: as of 12/16/21 they’re located at 1533 n Buena vista at the corner of buena vista and victory.

martin torossian

Great experience, called in from a block away. Saw it a couple days ago and said we will see if this last. Amazingly enough they delivered a great burrito. Huge as he said “pythons.” After only being able to eat a half a burrito I felt full. The best part about is my girlfriend got off her cracker and pasta diet to eat a breakfast burrito. And she said that’s the best she’s had.She can’t wait to have the pancakes…

Nathan Short

So I work for the railroad and travel all over the country. I order the breakfast burrito for me and my co-workers. This is one of the best breakfast burrito I have every had. The son and his dad that run the truck are very nice and the service was awesome. My new favorite spot now!!!

Jordan Reinke

I meeeaaannn, what can I say other than the breakfast burrito and breakfast croissant were easily the best I've ever had, at an even better price, from perhaps one of the friendliest, dopest human's I've met at not just a food truck, but eatery in general. This place is slamming and is now my favorite place to grab a breakfast on the weekends. I wish homie would park this right in front of my place so I could grab one every morning, lol.

Gina K.

The breakfast burrito and croissant are equally amazing! because the inner filling is essentially the same- the potatoes, breakfast meat, eggs, and cheese are chopped finely, so the distribution and ratio of ingredients is perfect! the owner said he mixed this avocado cream cheese sauce on the croissants which was DELICIOUS! like all of my favorite flavors and the perfect amount of moisture to the mixture! none of the flavors of the ingredients overpowered the other, and the overall combination wasn't too salty! the portion was great too - filling, but not overly heavy! (doesn't feel greasy or make you feel bloated either.) the customer service was top notch! they're a family-owned business, and you can feel the sense of community. the owner is interested in meeting his customers and taking care of us like family. i ordered ahead of time because i was worried they would sell out, and the owner said it'd be ready in 10 minutes which was a lot faster than i expected; i told him not to rush, because i wouldn't be there for another half an hour. i ran late, and he was nice enough to call me so he could have it ready when i got there!!! i've told my friends and plan to be back! i want to try their burgers too!!

Avetik A.

Not a lot of breakfast burritos in LA that are ACTUALLY GOOD. This spot has the recipe down to the T. Very well put together unlike other burritos Ive had. My new go to!

Anush K.

Not you ordinary CURB grill .... this stuff is the ... i have been wanting breakfast burrito from here for a long time. So happy i finally did. Worth the wait. Now i cant wait till its on Delivery app!... Now the details - i tried the bacon bb, my husband had the steak , bacon and chorizo (he loved it and he is hard to please)...I have tried from many places i cant say what the secret is here but its so FRESH.. so cheesy!!!Even the sauce! The sauce is even fresh. I saved that sauce and later the day i made dinner and had the sauce with dinner to! Definitely a place ill be going more often...

Rod Kong

2 words..... breakfast burrito. In the valley it's hard to find a good breakfast burrito. Well a new truck curbgrill finally caters to that specific item. The guy running it and his father are outstanding and the service is on point. They have a green sauce that's given with every burrito that brings the heat. Simply one of the best breakfast burritos Ive had in quite awhile with great service.

Rebecca Gonzalez

Amazing delicious breakfast burrito. Albert and his dad are very nice people and care about their customers. Definitely will come back!


Best hot dogs Around i always find myself cgoing back for more

Razmik G.

After hunting for my new favorite breakfast burrito spot, I'm glad I stumbled upon Curbgrill. They are now #1 on my list! All their items are LOADED with good stuff, unlike anywhere else. And their customer service is excellent! I definitely recommend them to everyone! I'm for sure going back to try the rest of their menu items. Make sure to ask for their homemade salsa with whatever you get, its amazing!

Mallory F.

Hands down the BEST breakfast burrito in LA! I am so obsessed and the salsa is to die for, especially if you like a little spicy

Jocelyn S.

Absolute an amazing low-key spot! The people are great and the service is amazing. They work hard for what they have made so make sure to check them out! yoooo The smashhhh burger is fireeeeeeeee!

Masha G.

Eating a burrito from this place right now and had to Yelp 5 stars because finally I found my fav breakfast burrito. All the ingredients are evenly distributed and enveloped in the perfect amount of cheesy goodness. Friendly service, good taste, good prince ($10), good amount. I'm full from half a burrito. Can't wait to try their other stuff.

Adan R.

The CurbGrill favorite is the BEST breakfast burrito I've had in the valley and anywhere to be honest. I like that everything is proportioned equally, the meat, cheese, hash browns and egg. Not like other breakfast burritos that have too much egg or too much potatoe. Their green salsa is also FIRE, not to spicy but has a good kick/ taste.

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