Masis Bakery

8725 Sunland Blvd, Sun Valley
(818) 394-9826

Recent Reviews

Oneisha O.

This bakery is absolutely delicious. I have never ordered a bigger cake but we always order the small different sweet options they provide. The service is fast and spot on. Once we were ordering some tarts and the women told us not to get certain tarts as the fruit on them are no longer good. I have never experienced a time when a business owners tells the customers such great honesty! Love great customer service and satisfaction!

Pomme A.

Kabab is 4 stars in taste and been waited for awhile but cakes are very delicious got 5 stars from me. The girls behind counters may be not smiley but I don't really care. One time a new girl put a different item from what I ordered but it was still tasty.

Natalie T.

Great food, really reasonably priced, only reason I wouldn't give this place 5 stars is because of the service, a smile and good attitude goes a long way for a customer who orders from your establishment at least once a week. Other then that it's the best Armenian Bakery/ Restaurant in the area. Give them a try you won't regret it!

Gabriela Flores

The fruit tarts are so good. It's good for a birthday. The good thing is they have different sizes and they are not expensive.

Jack M.

Very poor product quality, and lack of good customer service. This bakery used to provide a good quality products, cakes, pastry; but not any more!!! What a pity!

City Slicker

Really good pastries and lunch. Its like a ho.e cooked meal.

Michael K.

After work today, I had to drive all the way to the San Fernando Valley today coming from Orange County to see about a friend of mine. We ordered food over the phone for pic up today from this Masis Bakery in Sun Valley. I ordered a Lule Solderin Beef kabab plate with Tzakie and Hummus. My first time here, but my friend eats here all the time because he lives in the area. I ordered 2 plates and the food was delicious. Bakery has a gazillion of Cakes, Pies, Candy, Breads, you name it. I love Armenian bakeries and Middle Eastern Bakeries. We dont have that many of them in Orange County area. But when i come to the Valley i like to indulge in Armenian Cuisines. Theyre were 2 nice young ladies that took care of my orders of food. They were the only ones working in the front, But they were very nice to us. I will be back when i have a chance again visiting friends and family.

andrei abarquez

Good cheap mediterranian food and cakes. Armenian owned. Only downside is the ambiance. Hence the 4 stars.

Artin Matt

Mixed feeling about the place, is it a pastry store, supermarket, or restaurant. They offer limited pastry but when you get lucky to get something they have like eclairs which is very essential it is amazing quality. But overall the pastry is great but limited

الأب لامع يعقوب Lameh Yakob

It’s a bad service ever and lying people I saw in my life , I don’t trust this people ever any more.

Mikepamlea B.

Can't complain about the prices! I love how they cover there food that way no flys come inside! I have gone to other deli's and there has been flys all over the place.

Horacio Romero

Been there couple of timesReally good service so farLoved the cakes

Kathleen Resendez

They're good but a bit pricey

juliet gabrelian

Westeyseyys yew yes yyw6666 we sgst

Zhanna S.

I really love their cakes and service! It was my son's birthday and I ordered 2 cakes with pretty cool designs. I went everywhere to order cakes but every bakery said it was too late. They finished pretty quickly. Both cakes were very detailed. Thank you so much!

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