Aztek Tacos

43810 Butterfield Stage Rd #104, Temecula
(951) 302-7501

Recent Reviews

Benjamin P.

Loved your guys' food..... until you called Caitlyn Jenner when it was time for my girlfriend to pick up her food. I get it, you're working in a kitchen all day so you must have to find joy somewhere, but she was already having a bad day and y'all just made it worse. 1 star for the service. Food is good just don't let your customers hear you making fun of them, it's a basic.

Pamela Perez

Best carne asada burrito in Temecula.

Christina Sudyka

Fast and delicious! My first time, the staff always so warm and happy and the food was amazing!

Miss S.

Love the Aztec Assad burrito more then anything I have ever eaten!!! The open at 9am which is rather late for me but never disappoints me!

Paul Pujol

The food was absolutely delicious. The Tacos and Tamale was banging, especially the quesotaco. First time visitors, the woman taking orders seemed annoyed that we didn't know what we should order (we were from out of state) she didn't seem interested in offering any suggestions .

Joe Amaral

The menu is quite large and they serve breakfast lunch and dinner. Food was very tasty.

Sara R.

Amazing burritos! My boyfriend and I love going to Aztec tacos for all their food, but their California and surf and turf burrito is just the best. Full of delicious flavors! And their chipotle salsa is to die for!

Waylon Hernandez

the food and customer service was gold.

Julie H.

Great place for authentic Mexican tacos & burritos. The flavors remind me of a restaurant in Chicago.

Annie M.

The al pastor nachos were horrible the meat is dry and cold as if it's not fresh and was sitting there. The nachos hardly had anything on them and most of my the nachos were chips with nothing on them. The asada tacos are ok but I've had better they have hardly any flavor and you need more toppings to add to make them better. Definitely not the same place that it used to be.

Summer S.

Best Mexican food in Temecula. There's usually a line, so I like to call in my order. However they don't always like to answer the phone, or they will put you on hold for a while. So it's kinda like waiting in line hands down my favorite taco spot

Karen Lemus

Their Aztec tacos are delicious. Great authentic Mexican tacos. I highly recommend them.

Andrea (Drea)

Omg.I love their meat it has so much flavor and juicy. I had a carne asada quesadilla and it was so big I had to share it with my friend. Hands down their salsa reminded me of my grandma's salsa she would make.


We ordered in advance for our group of 25 visiting Temecula and staying at a rental home. We ordered the 20-person party package (chicken, corn tortillas, beans, rice, mix of salsas, onions/cilantro) plus an additional tray of carne asada (came with 24 additional tortillas). Delivery was +$25 and was delivered on time around 5:00 PM to our rental home. The driver/delivery person was very kind and friendly. The food was SO delicious, and we all could not say enough good things about the flavors! However, we ran out of tortillas very quickly and ended up with almost two entire full trays of chicken and carne asada leftover. I would highly recommend ordering many extra tortillas for this size party package. We did have bags of tortilla chips that we brought, so we all heated up leftovers for nachos later in the night and the next morning... still delicious and fresh! I would 100% order from Aztek Tacos again for a group dinner/catering. So yummy and great service!

John Buckley

Best California burrito in Temecula. Service was friendly and quick (we called ahead too). I loved their salsas, the red and green were delicious and the spicy one had a perfect amount of heat. I've always heard great things about this place, so I'm glad I finally tried it.

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