Bluewater Grill

26700 Ynez Ct, Temecula
(951) 308-2722

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Steffan Glenn M. Ginete

Great service, friendly atmosphere.

Pam Steinbuch

I've loved everything I've ordered on my .many visits

Earl Sullin

To begin. The restaurant is nice, we were greeted and promptly seated. Our server was very friendly and made several suggestions. We ordered our lunch with a bottle of wine. We requested water which arrived fast. The french bread was warm. Finally after waiting almost 20 minutes our wine arrived. By this time we had eaten our bread and asked for more. We waited and waited some more. The manager came by and asked how lunch was. I asked again for more bread. It finally arrived. When ordering my louie, I asked for additional dressing. It did not come with my louie. I had to ask again. Weather spending $20 or almost a $100 for lunch service should have been on point. It was not. Very disappointed.


Food was over priced, no flavor and food was warm, not fresh from kitchen. Clam chowder was barely warm and lacking good pieces of sea food. Fish was not flakey and vegetables are horrible, very disappointed, will not go back.

Marla Morones

My husband and I chose Bluewater Grill for our anniversary dinner. I got the cioppino. Our server suggested adding pasta and spinach so i did and it was delicious!! The most perfect warm sourdough bread and butter were served to us the second we were seated and was replenished throughout our meal. I was very pleased with my meal and will definitely make it a point to return more often!!

Sharon Dennig

Halibut was rare, sent back which took awhile. Still not right..mushy. Two waitresses didn't seem to care much.Never offered more water.We poured remaining bottle of wine.For the prices, expected a bit more service!


Bluewater Grill specializes in fresh seafood and local produce. Everything is fresh and the food is very good. The place is cute and the service is very nice. We will be back. We had some of the best crab cakes and their salads are super good with all really fresh produce. Their lobster tail (I don't think that is fresh because I don't think it is from CA) was out of this world. It was grilled to perfection and so yummy and tender. All of their sides are super good. My grandson insisted on a burger and it was really good, cooked just the way he wanted it with additions he wanted added on that are not on the menu, but they have them for their salads. He was very pleased with his decision. The place is relaxed and comfortable. You will like it. Have fun.

Gigi Drummond

Really unfortunate experience? Let me begin by saying that the stars are for the service and the spinach. The waitress was great and the spinach was good. Everything else would have had to be upgraded to be considered bad. They say they were short staffed because of COVID which explains the 45 minute wait time BUT there's no excuse for the flavorless, undercooked, food. I do have to say that whoever's cooked the spinach needs a promotion and a raise.

Linda E

We usually frequent the Carlsbad or Newport Beach location and found out there was one in Temecula. We were not disappointed. Dani, our server was excellent and the food was equally great.We shared the oysters on the half shell and I had the smoked albacore & salmon appetizer - DELICIOUS! I was so busy eating mine, I can't remember what my husband had but he loved his as well. We will definitely be back for another lunch date.

Patrick L.

Sadly disappointed that Alaskan King Crab was advertised on their on-line menu, with Market Price (showing $53/lb) when you drill down, but upon ordering the waitress said they'd been out for quite some time and couldn't explain why its advertised (with a market price). Oh well. Maybe next time, but I won't risk another anniversary celebration on it. We've been coming here literally for 2 decades, back to when it was Fish House Veracruz and we are noticing portions are getting smaller but the prices aren't. Its been hit or miss the last few years. Hoping for a rebound! That said, what we did eventually order was tasty (albeit small) and its probably still one of the better places in town, comparatively speaking.

Mark Albo

When bringing out Iced Tea, they brought a carafe for refills without being asked. Then the brought a treat for my service dog in a custom printed bag. There was even a live musician playing the violin that evening going from table to table. Always a great experience, because they go the extra mile. Oh and did I forget to mention that the food is always great. The Sea Bass was moist, flaky and wonderful. Even down to the warm sourdough bread before the meal . Never had a bad experience.

Chris C

I went there about a month ago for my mother-in-law's birthday, absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was great, the food was even better, and the staff is on point. My mother-in-law got the 11 oz lobster tail and it was a great size and cooked to perfection. I went there last week and server asked if we've been there before and we said yes we have. So this night everything was not so great. First we ordered an appetizer and it took 45 minutes to get it, and in that time my drinks also set empty for at least 25 minutes until I ask someone if I could please get some more water and lemonade. Then the food finally arrived 70 minutes later, and I got two very small lobster tails. One was like one bite literally, and the other was two bites. This was the huge difference from a month previous when my mother-in-law got that beautiful lobster tail. When the server asks if we've been here before I thought she would have mentioned something about the lobster tail going from a large one to two very small ones, definitely not worth the $50 for the lobster tail plate, if I had known that I would have ordered something else. It also seemed like my salad was a lot smaller and my side dish so I basically walked out of there still hungry. However my mom was visiting from San Francisco which and her food was very food, the taste is on point and the portions were excellent, so at the end of the day her experience was wonderful which is what really matters. Because of the experience with the lobster tail and very poor service from server we had I'm not sure if I'll be going back there anytime soon. But besides those few things the food is very good, and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Katesha W.

The only reason I gave a star is because the waitress was awesome. She was very attentive and nice. However, the floor was sticky, the table and menus were dirty and sticky, and the silver ware and glasses were dirty. The food was subpar of what I would expect from a restaurant with those prices. DO NOT ORDER THE CRAB CAKES! Mostly made of filler and barely any actual lump crab meat. The meal I had was unseasoned and bland. I'm not sure if they need a new chef, but I have no intention of going back again.

Yvette L.

Great dinner spot. Oysters were fresh and delicious. We tried their oyster shooters too. Service was really good too. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star is because my mahi mahi was dry, and lacked seasoning. I'm not sure if it was the fish or the way it was prepared. Other than that it was great. I will be coming back. And I highly recommend the oyster shooters and swordfish ( hubby's choice).

Julius B.

Terrible cooks and misleading pictures. On yelp it appears the fish portions are 12 ounces of delicious fish. In reality, it's a small 5-6oz portion and overcooked. We ordered the sword fish, Ciopino and crab cakes to-go for a total of $80. Absolutely NOT worth the price. $35 Swordfish was overcooked and literally only had a few tablespoons of green rice with mushy vegetables just thrown in a sloppy box. Crab-cakes were made with cheap, dry crab meat and taste premade and frozen. The Ciopino was actually okay. My honest feedback to the owners: Please hire decent cooks who care about the quality and appearance of the food. Also, your featured pictures on Yelp are misleading as it shows the portions of fish are clearly 12 ounces. The "fresh" fish on display doesn't mean anything if the cooks are lazy and lousy as if they don't care about the food they serve.

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