California Pizza Kitchen at Temecula

40820 Winchester Rd STE 1000, Temecula
(951) 296-0575

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Joanna Olguin

Horrible food it tastes alright but in the morning you feel like you just ate taco bell. The food is not worth the wait! 30 to 40 minute wait. Don't recommend. Your better off eating one of those party pizzas you'll feel better when you wake up and it's faster and healthier and doesn't taste much different.

derik blackman

Love this place! We come here all the time. Best one in Southern California. Customer service is fantastic every time. And CPK, you need to promote Ronald to some sort of promotion. Seriously runs a great restaurant, his employees love him and when he needs to take a table, he's the best server!

Eric Allen

It was great customer service they where good homegrown down to earth people I love it

Emma Paul

Good. Not very busy. Their gift card system was down, which was half the reason we went... oh well

Fernando Romero

Excellent. Highly recommended.

Esmeralda Remigio

Service was great, and the manager was awesome great customer service. I really wish I got his name.

Gary Rachner

I went to the California Pizza kitchen in Temecula. Hostess was very nice but we got a waitress that was completely disengaged. Very non attentive. She really should not be a waitress as she has no people skills. I had to ask 3X for a refill on my soda, when she brought our food to me and my 8 year old daughter she put the plates at the edge of the table a d not directly in front of us and just walked away. Never attempted to engage. Felt like it was a big chore for her to be there. Don’t remember her name but she was a young husky girl with brown hair. We were in there around 200PM and paid our bill around 2.40PM. Bill came to $29.97 and I still gave her a $6.03 tip which was 20%. Total came to $37 with the tip

Patty Chavez

Our server was friendly quick and helpful. Food was perfect temperature and taste. Desert was exceptional. This was our first time dining at CPK and we will definitely be returning

Felicia W.

My husband and I ate here today and upon arriving we were told there would be a 15-20 mins wait (no problem)... We were seated within that time frame (great). The unfortunate is once we were seated, we also waited that amount of time, if not longer before someone even acknowledged us to offer water. We watched 2 servers go to the surrounding tables for approximately 10 minutes. A nice kid named Tristen finally came over (it appeared we weren't in the section he was working, but he still helped us)... There was even a heavy set male manager walking around to multiple tables who also never acknowledged us. No one seemed friendly. Everyone's personality was melancholy. I'm sure we won't be going back to this location again. I think people forget if it weren't for customers they wouldn't have a job.

Heidi Lujan

fast service and the best pizza I ever had

Glenda R.

Terrible. What happened? Ordered bbq chicken pizza. Crust is tough, cardboard. If it weren't for the bbq sauce pizza would be completely tasteless. Used to be my favorite pizza, hadn't been there for a while. Guess I wasn't missing anything.

Jason Villa-Nunez

Overall the place was pretty great, my group got The Works and the Carne Asada Pizza, the flavored teas are not sweet (a bit of a shock when we tried them). Overall the location is great being in the Promenade in Temecula, California a very lovely location. Service was sub-par, overall staff were unresponsive to the needs of us, and for a large party, only offered us one serving of bread (a bit offended). However the pizza was well-made and I would totally consider going back, however service could be better.

Blake J.

To go kind of sucks. I've ordered Togo and curbside several times and every single time I ask for sides of ranch, they literally put a drop in the to go container. This time I even asked for them to fill up the containers when I called my order in and still got next to nothing.

Nadyne L.

Just CAN'T seem to find a dam thing on the menu that we like!!! Years ago, CPK had the most amazing Asian Salad. I keep looking for it to be brought back - nope! But - we continue to get gift certificates from our family for this place! We've been here lots of times hoping to find a favorite. Nothing. The pizza is fair. Everything else is borderline okay to fair to not good. I hate to tell my family 'please don't give us gifts to this place' because they think they are giving us healthy food. If ONLY they'd bring that Asian Salad back as it was way back about 9 years ago - it was delicious.

Tristen C.

If I could give less than one star I would. I was fine with the 15 minute wait to be seated. However when the kitchen staff completely ignored our modifications to our order and packaged everything to go as well instead of how we had requested. We had had enough. We requested a manager, who never showed up. He amended the bill to reflect removal of the changes however that was not satisfactory enough and when the waitress went to go get him he told her he was too busy to come deal with us. I am reporting them to corporate. I was completely disturbed by the fact that he claimed he was "too busy " to assist us. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 20+ years, and there was an utter disregard for customer service. It fell upon the waitress to dismiss the entire bill because we were so angry. Which wasn't her job, she is not management. And she should not be responsible for that but she was nice. However this management needs a serious looking over. And we will not be returning to this location ever. I recommend everyone to stay away.

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