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Nina C.

This review is solely for the price of pho. It's $16.50 for a regular beef pho. There's nothing special or price worthy for the bowl of rice noodles with different types of meats. The quality of meat was mediocre. The price compared to other restaurants nearby is not just. Was it worth the price of $18.00 with tax? Definitely a NO!

Marianne L.

Wow! We have wanted to come for a while and we are so happy we did! Got right in for lunch and the service is excellent. Feels like a mom and pop restaurant (which we love) Fabby is so sweet and such a great server. We had: Delish wings- made to order, super hot, very flavorful, crispy and juicy. Great appetizer. Shrimp fried rice- Generous portion, plenty of delicate shrimp, amazing flavor and cooked perfectly. Pork Bahn Mi- The best I've had locally. The bread makes or breaks the sandwich and theirs is crunchy and soft and fresh. Perfect amount of toppings and fresh herbs and veggies. We are so happy we came by and will be back to try new items!

Jamie Ulch

The broth got no taste to it, onions in soup smelled weird, and a bowl of pho is $14.14. Wow.

L I L S M.

This food is so amazing, the Banh Min is to die for, however, the service is questionable. The young kid who works there is really pleasant and kind! But the older woman (I think she owns the place) is just kind of really rude? Like every single time I've gone in she's just been rude to me and my party. I have started just ordering and picking up rather than going in to eat lol. Idk, just food for thought, try being a little kinder to the people supporting your business & it might be busier.

Margo S.

I honestly expected better from this place because of the reviews Ive read but I was quite disappointed. We ordered the bone marrow pho, fresh spring rolls, calamari and the vegetarian egg rolls since they didnt have the non-veg available. The fresh spring rolls were lacked taste and even the peanut sauce that came with it wasnt good. Ive had better peanut sauces that are store bought too. Their vegetarian egg rolls just tasted like you were eating the egg roll wrapper. We were disappointed with this the most since the waiter mentioned that it was one of their best sellers too. The pho was okay but it tasted like commercial pho or pho you can buy in the food court at the mall. The calamari was okay. It was actually the only dish we enjoyed the most.

April Thompson

This place is fantastic. I had the spring rolls and beef vermicelli. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Jessica T.

Seriously the best Vietnamese restaurant EVER I swear I could eat their food everyday. The spring rolls are so fresh, fried rice is perfection, pho and sanwhiches are just amazing you have to eat every bite and still want more! Thank you for cooking fresh food and obviously you all put great love and effort in your food preparation and cooking so it's just so satisfying eating here and ordering online too. Not a single item missing everything was PERFECT. Def coming back again and again if you haven't eaten here DO IT!!!

Joe M.

Everything we have tried here has been very good. The Pho and Bao Mi sandwiches are recommended.

Charisse E.

Came here for the first time with my 2 kids, my kids loves pho. And we were in the area so decided to try it for lunch, the lady checked our temperatures which was good, told us to seat in the corner booth and said that she will be right with us.which is ok, she was busy with 2 other customers. I noticed that the food was overpriced for a pho restaurant, but then I would still want to try if it's worth it. I asked the server, if how was the special? What makes it their special, and her response was "nothing really, it's just the added bone rib but same flavor" the way she responded was kind of sarcastic. I still tried it anyways, I expected fall off the bones meat from the rib, but ended up not able to eat it because the meat was hard. The broth was good though, just not somewhere to go back again. Maybe it was pricey because of the location, but not worth the money. There are other places in the area where my family are regulars, that serves great food quality, great food portions, great customer service, that is worth the price! I ended up paying $50 for 2 soups and a kids meal (popcorn chicken, fries, and a box of apple juice) around $7-8, a soda, and a $5.50 regular sized thai tea no boba, Which I can go somewhere else for that price will include appetizers. Disappointing but you'll never know until you try it, right? Funny fact: The lady kept on telling me what to do like; move my kids water so it won't spill; mix my thai tea before drinking. It was just uncomfortable someone telling a me what to do. But according to her my kids are very well behaved, so appreciate that! In the end it turned out ok. Just wanna share my experience, maybe the vegan options are pretty good!

Rose S.

This is the best pho in town. We love the fresh vegetables used and the staff is very nice and helpful. We will be returning.

Marie C.

We got pho delivered. The broth was piping hot still and suoer yummy. Portion size was great

Jim D.

Not just a clever name. On a mission to order everything on the vegan menu, and so far so delish.

Jonathan kohl

Went there and the waiter was sweeping the floors. Cool and all but when we got our water the glass was dripping dirt. He didn’t even change the glass out he just wiped it off with his hand. Sorry I about barfed. Yeah

Lito G.

Amy needs to read a book on proper customer service and how to manage a restaurant. Every time I come in, they have new employees who are terrified by the manager, Amy, yelling at them and are continuously scrambling around with deer and head light peepers. I came into the store to pickup our food that we ordered via phone app. However, the male employee was unsure if they had our order to begin with. As I began to try to figure out the issue, Amy decides to yell from the side to stand in the back of the room, which made no sense as we were still reconciling our order . . . 20 minutes later, I ask Amy for another update on our order, but she argued stating that there are 5-6 other orders in front and that we are holding her back. Furthermore, she did not want to give a time frame or status update. Overpriced!!! I like the food, but I wish that Amy would sell this place so someone better can run it.

Sahar Ghaba

The Buddha's pho is THE best pho I've ever had and I've tried from many places but this vegan pho is actually the best. Very clean establishment and friendly, good customer service.

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Delish Vietnamese & Vegetarian Cuisine

40573 Margarita Rd ste d, Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 719-3949