Hi Tofu

32459 Temecula Pkwy, Temecula
(951) 303-6784

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Crystal V.

Definitely a hidden gem!! I was craving Korean food and stumbled upon this restaurant on Yelp; reviews were promising so boyfriend and I decided to check it out and WOW! I didn't even know Temecula could have such an amazing restaurant!!! Growing up in LA it's been hard to find real authentic korean places here, but this is definitely up there on my list of fave places to eat!! Prices were fair, and you really get your money's worth :-) sad that there wasn't chicken for the night, but with food that good, I'm not surprised that they run out of inventory -honestly I find that comforting because it just means that their food is fresh!! I wish I got a better picture of the food, and the banchan plates are empty (we were hungry) but oh my god, I'm definitely coming back here :,)

Poonam M.

This is a Korean restaurant, first service was good but the ambiance is like diy , and main dish was nothing special. My dish had very little meat on it and very bland , even the hot sauce was not spicy, at least for me. It comes with sides ; I liked the cucumber and bean sprouts. It's pricey for the amount of food given. Also I'm not a fan of under cooked egg, so it that's not your thing let the waitress know in advance. I had mine recooked

Erika E.

This place was SO delicious. If you're looking for authentic Korean food, this is your go to. It's a hole in the wall and really a hidden gem. Their food was home made quality and hit the spot. The tofu soup was to die for. Honestly, all the food was amazing. It's family owned and everyone was incredibly sweet. Definitely adding to one of my favorite places to eat. Can't wait to come here again!

Craig Lozzi

We ate from their vegan menu and it did not disappoint. They brought us several appetizers, at least 5 or 6, and then generous portions of freshly cooked Koreanfood!! Really great customer service and it is apparent they care about their product and their customers. Our 2nd time here!

Mario G.

This spot is a hidden gem, probably one of the few places in Temecula where you'll find some authenticity to their cuisine. If you're from LA or San Diego, you know exactly what I mean by that. Hi Tofu is Korean food at it's best! The flavors aren't modified to cater to it's surrounding population, it caters to people with a love of Korean food and that's what you'll get here. I am looking forward to trying more food from their menu, maybe next time I'll take a picture before I devour my meal.

Jessica vance

Do not waste your time! Food was not good at all and they were so slow to give us drinks, order and check. I even noticed some Korean tourists were not impressed.

Miriam R.

This is our favorite place to stop at in Temecula! The food is delicious, it's always clean and the staff is so friendly and welcoming!

Cin S.

Very good mom & pop Korean food! Adore the authenticity of their bibimbap, mushroom soup, & the condiments of side dishes that are served enhance the flavors in their dishes at this humble establishment. The Kalbi is a favorite among my family as well as the Korean pancake as an appetizer. Everyone is kind and the service is attentive. Looking forward for Fall weather because this place will be on my mind! Thank you Soyoung for hosting my party of 9 last Saturday and for being hospitable and inviting. See you next time:)

David S.

My wife and I have been going to Hi Tofu for over 7 years now. We love the great food, wonderful service and the fact that it is so consistent. It is family run and the meals are like home cooking, so good, so fresh and lots of good healthy choices. We have our favorite dishes and I am sure you will have yours too. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Hard to find a place that is so consistent (and good) meal after meal. Give it a try.....

T C.

First time visiting this place. Friendly workers and nice selection of food. I had the Teriyaki Chicken bowl with Tofu. It had a lot of flavor and the chicken was juicy. The tofu was also perfectly cooked. The only thing I would change would to ask for some extra teriyaki on the side. This place also gives some tiny dishes of different types of food which is really good. I'll definitely be back and the price isn't bad.


Yummy food ?, never been to Korea but thus food tastes authentic

Jackie S.

Amazing vegan options! I didn't expect to find Korean vegan options out here but it's absolutely amazing!! So many options and very delicious foods! As a Korean person, it's really hard to find vegan Korean foods, but I was soooo happy to found this place!! Very friendly staffs and absolutely yummy foods!

Marylu D.

Holy moly this is probably the best restaurant in Temecula I've ever been to. The workers are extremely kind (extra star for being a family-owned business) and every dish was authentic and hit the spot. We tried so many dishes - tofu soup, japchae, ddukbokki, and bibimbap. All we could say after eating was "wow!" They definitely earned themselves some regulars!

Patrick E.

This place is weird...went twice at about 7:15pm on both occasions. Both we were turned down as they have run out of rice as they claimed. WTH! I mean,which restaurants runs out of rice all the time 2 hrs before closing time! Whatever....you just lost a potential regulars.

Emilie C.

Why post that you're open at 11 to only tell customers your business opens at 12:00. Can't rate the food because I wasn't give the opportunity to try some. Unfortunate, drove from Hemet just to try their food based on their great reviews. I would suggest calling first if you have a Korean craving.

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