In-N-Out Burger

30697 Temecula Pkwy, Temecula
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Sarah J.

The young man working the drive thru this evening did a wonderful job. Very great customer service!

A- Aron

In-N-Out is still my favorite burger place in the country. They rarely mess up an order, the fries are freshly cut and there are many custom options for the burgers and fries on the "secret" unlisted menu. Did I mention the shakes are delicious and can be customized as well? Keep up the good customer service, clean restaurants and delicious food. Now I'm ready for a Quad, animal style.

Eddy Chapman

Stayed open past closing to help those already in line and inside. Top notch!!

Mari R

Can’t beat in n out. Just love there double double.

Shannon D.

I am so blown away by this location. My friend and I just left the drive through and i had to leave a review. We came in at 12AM and there were only 4 employees but they were all so efficient in getting orders out. Our cashier was Julianne and she was such a sweetheart and so understanding of our large order. She seriously needs to be promoted to a manager position, she genuinely had one of the best attitudes I've seen working fast food and it was astounding considering it's midnight. We appreciate all of their hard work so much!!!

Khoa Tyrone

This particular In N Out has fresher fries and burger ingredients than the other ones I frequent. An excellent place to eat lunch with friends


Do you want to experience the beat hamburger? Then visit In-N-Out Burger. It is Double-Double that I recommend you to try in this restaurant. Hamburger patty is very juicy.

Russell Fehrensen

In and out has the best hamburgers and this one did not disappoint. Although I wish the person handing us our food would have been wearing a mask and gloves.

M Ryan

I love in and out, I always give 5 stars but this location couldn't get a simple order correct, no tomatoe .

Lindsay B.

Madison was so cheerful and helpful tonight! She was a mass of information (as I had many questions) not only that, but her cheerful disposition made our night! Thank you and would absolutely recommend this location!

Jeff Meinardus

This In N Out is super busy. The staff is friendly at this location. I like the fact they double up the line and still direct traffic. They make it fast and the food taste great.

Ashley Overly

One of the best tasting locations I've been to. Kind staff and fresh ingredients.

Emma Skyler

Hello.This is the closest experience to Heaven achievable on Earth. The staff are always so kind and friendly. I love how they put bible verses on the bottom of their fries and cups. The patties are the perfect thickness. The cheese is perfection. The buns are so fluffy and always cooked fantastically. My only complaint is that you can't work there until you are 18. My condolences if you haven't had in-n-out.

Noreen G.

When it's over a 100 degrees it looks like there's no one outside taking your order which is a good thing because for the first time in a long time my hamburger and french fries were actually hot when I got home.

Daryll Tush

Coming from Oklahoma, In N Out was our first food stop in California. Great burgers and fries, shacks are rich and creamy!

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