Long John Silver's | KFC (D016013)

32425 CA-79, Temecula
(951) 302-2199

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Ben Charley

Not a busy inside dining but had a heavy drive through traffic, the menu food selection was good, and the employees were friendly, courtesy and professional.

Wade Alger

Actually it's both a Kentucky fried Chicken and a Long John silver's combined in one store I got Kentucky which is always good other than that just a typical takeout food experience. They weren't serving Long John silver's that day anyway something about supply.

Ericka Washington

It was horrible! The fish was undercooked!Never again, now I see why Long John Silver's are pretty much a thing of the past.

Edward Maxey

My last order was Kentucky fried Chicken I asked for hush puppies plus the two I was supposed to get and still we didn't get any about the third time place has a lot of problems with your orders

Larry Duvall

3 out of 4 times I have been to this establishment they DO NOT have fish?!?

Joshua Miller

(Toilet read for sure) Went to the local KFC/Long John Silvers. The family wanted chicken, I wanted fish. Perfect! I walked inside to order because the drive thru was a mile long. They informed me its online ordering only, I grumbled under my breath and went outside to order. Well you can't order from both restaurants online at the same time. I call and talk to "Alex" to try to add the fish order another way, to be told no its basically drive-thru or nothing for the fish. No manager on site just people in charge Alex said. Not until Saturday when she comes in. So I scratch the fish and get a 4 piece original recipe box, cool I'll settle, there's 5 of us and we're hungry. Boom, food ordered, in 10 minutes I get a text the food is ready. I walk in and give him my name and says the order is being made now it'll be a few minutes. Another 5 minutes later he comes back to tell me the Pot Pie needs to be made and takes 25 minutes to bake, would I like another bowl instead? No thanks or I would've ordered 3 bowls instead of 2. So I wait. For 35 minutes, which during that time I experienced literally every reason a manager should've been there. No gloves on anyone, half wearing masks, 2 people preparing orders, 1 working drive-thru, 4 people standing around cussing like it's normal to do at work. They kept saying they were out of mac and cheese with every order and corn. They were out of both because Noone wanted to make more, not because they didn't have any. A lady walked in to pick up her online order which oddly enough had Long John Silvers in the bag. When I finally received my order he did hook me up with a free chocolate cake for my troubles and the kids loved their food. So with the food being pretty decent as is, I could only imagine that a little management (guidance and leadership) this spot would probably be pretty damn good overall. I appreciate the cake but next time I'd rather just not go through that and buy a cake.

Cynthia Beck

I come to this location only because it's the only one around that I know of. However half the time they are not making the long John's food only kfc. The last trip they let us order our food wait 5 minutes to then come tell us they ran out of fries.. then the fish and the chicken was way over cooked. Customer service needs an overhaul. The young lady was nice but the other 3 were pretty rude.

Karri Wagoner

2 family meals cost $92, out of sauces, did not have enough chicken tenders, no napkins, no silverware. Disappointed ? The kid at the window was apologetic though.

Calvin Smith

There was no one working at the long John silvers to service any food it’s been this way for several weeks now!

Lisa Rivera

We went to long john silvers to get fish and shrimp and when we went threw the drive threw to order the worker said I am sorry we have no fish or shrimp ? we said what!!. How can you not have any fish or shrimp. We said just give us chicken. We won't be going there again.


Drove 15 miles out of my way to get Shrimp and hush puppies. Pulled into drive thru behind 5 cars. Gave my order and was told that nothing on the LJS menu was available, because they were cleaning out the fryer! Was asked if I wanted anything from the KFC menu. NO I did not and there was nothing I could do since there were already 2 cars behind me. I just had to wait it out....for NOTHING. Next time, please take a minute to tape a sign on the first (and second) menu board so your customers don't waste their time!! Also, why is the fryer being cleaned on a Wednesday at 6 PM? Surely there is a better time! SO irritating!

Shri Amtey

One of those hard to find...over the counter only... recommend it...


Completely gone down hill. Will never be going back again

Dr. Dee

Dining room was closed. I'm assuming due to Covid because it was still early,(8pm). The line was long and slow. The staff was friendly and professional. By the time I got to the window my order was not ready. After a few minutes I was asked to park in the parking lot because the fish was not ready. My order consisted of one combo meal. After waiting for fifteen minutes my order was ready. Total time over thirty minutes. So much for the drive thru. The fish did not taste like it use to. The fries and hush puppies were so so.

Belinda Blanco

Not tasty, too costly, and nothing like it used to be. Very disappointed.

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Long John Silver's | KFC (D016013)

32425 CA-79, Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 302-2199