Pizza Factory

31045 Temecula Pkwy, Temecula
(951) 303-8500

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Justin N.

I placed 2 separate orders both to go. Went and sat down and realized the girl that took my order marked one for dine in. So I went up and asked them guy to let them know it was to go. Then I realized they double charged me for toppings and the employees response is why are you complaining to me, I just work here. Then it was supposed to take 20 min and it took 45 minutes. They forgot our sodas, they still prepared one order to go so it was cold. I spoke with the owner, thinking it was the manager and her response was well we are short handed. Non apologetic and very ignorant for a business owner. I said that's a terrible excuse and she tried to validate it lol

R Duarte

Their pizza was excellent.

Trina Harms

staff is hard workers always moving and friendly. buffet is great and under 10 bucks!

Sarah M.

Yesterday, I called to place an order for delivery. When the gentleman on the phone realized that I needed the order delivered to the parking lot of Temecula Valley Hospital where I and my family were waiting for report back on a family member in critical condition, he immediately stated that he would discount my pizza. He didn't have to do that and I surely didn't expect it. I will forever be grateful to that gentleman for the kind gesture that he chose to do. It's actions like this that will always have me coming back. Thank you Pizza Factory.

anthony hilou

First time trying this place. It was awful the dough was soooo chewy and we tried to cut a piece for a small child and you could not cut through this stuff even all the children said it tastes weird. I hope they had a bad pizza maker and this stuff is not normal!

Bettymontoya562 Montoya

We called in the night before booking the party room for our soccer team. We got there as soon as it opened and the manager was very rude off the bat. Almost like her was annoyed at so many people. They were short staffed which is understandable but the way the manager handled the situation was absolutely terrible. They need new management. Asap

Erin G.

We ordered two medium pizzas for pickup. The veggie pizza was the best slice I've had in some time. Cooked perfectly! I wished that we had leftovers but we ate the whole pizza.

G K.

So pizza factory puts coupons on their box. Went there and ordered up and they said they switched computer systems and the coupons aren't in the new system so they can't take them. Funny thing is another customer was there at the same time and was talking to the manager about it. Another funny thing is the box the pizza comes in has the same coupons on it. It's really not about the coupons and more about how you treat your customers, even when a manager is involved. You bought the new computer system and chose what would be in the system, so it's really not fair to blame the issue on the system. Your customers are smarter than that. At the end of the day it's pizza, and there are lots of pizza places out there. If you really cared you'd at least put a sign up outside letting people know the coupons are not accepted anymore. In addition you would quit using the boxes that have the coupons on them. Own up to it if you don't want to accept the coupons and at least be honest with your customers. Don't blame it on the system. Every restaurant uses a "system" and pretty much all restaurants take some kind of coupon.

Brandon O.

Placed order online. Got to restaurant in 15 min. Stated it would be about 30 min to complete the order. Hour and a half later it's "still in the oven". Had to call Grubhub to cancel the order to get the money back. Get it together. Also saw about 4 other people waiting over an hour and a half for a pizza. Some walked out. "Sorry" sure makes up for the time lost while waiting for food to take home to the family .

Christian N.

I'll start off with their food. The pizza is good. It's pan style pizza with fresh tasting toppings. The breadsticks are good too. It reminds me of 80's style pizza you would get with friends after Little League games...if that makes any sense. :) If dining in, the place is very spacious. There are TVs throughout and an arcade area for kids (or adults) to play at. They also offer an outdoor seating area if that's your preference. Their downfall, as witnessed by me and by others based on reviews here on Yelp, seems to be their staff. I went to pick up a to-go order with my brother in law and the employee almost seemed upset that we were there. The place was completely empty and yet it seemed like he was too busy to tend to us. After our order was ready, he slapped it on the counter and then said, "If you're paying with a card, make sure you place it in right because nobody seems to know how." Come on, man, your gripe with others and technology is not our problem here. I get that everyone has bad days, and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but let's just say I haven't put them at the top of my list to go back to.

Christina M.

I ordered here twice this week after trying it once and it is delicious. We got delivery and both the guy who took my order and the guy who delivered it were super friendly. The pizza has some sort of nostalgic feeling for me of what a family pizza should taste like.

Leishea M

It was nice to be back at pizza factory and let my kids play. It was clean and food was good as always. Be back for more.

Cyndi Goodno

Had a pizza delivered, incredible pizza and service

Daniel S

Our favorite place for pizza family meal deal delivery. Their cheese bread is delicious and they do great salads. Website is easy to use for ordering and have regular promotions

Bossman No bullshit straight up review

Ok pizza, but they need to hire more help.

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