The Batter Up Bakery and Bean Coffee Roaster

26490 Ynez Rd Suite K, Temecula
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Cheryl C.

I ordered a custom cake, 143.00 for a special birthday party. It is very heavy and they placed it in a thin flimsy box withe the lid opened because it would smash the flowers. I found that odd. No professional packing? I had it loaded into my car. When I carefully went to scoot it out of my SUV and carry inside, the flimsy box bent and cake goes into my blouse. I was in tears all day!! My mom's 80th birthday cake is smashed on one side. They won't answer the phone or my email asking why they place such a heavy 143.00 cake in a flimsy thin box!!!! Use a professional cake box like a real cake bakery!!!! I was excited to get this expensive cake. They could have at the very least offered to send someone over to fix it really quickly. But that would mean " customer service " which is nonexistent anymore so they are typical,, not exceptional. Friendly, yes. The cake was exceptionally yummy. I feel bad for them that no one has returned my call or email as of 30 hours later. That is the kind of service that knocks companies out! I've seen it many times. I will not go back.

Cecilia F.

Horrible experience. Made an order through text, I was told I was good to go. Show up to pick and the day of event and they never made it. I was told if I didn't give a 30% deposit it wasn't considered booked. This was never told to me when I placed the order.

Ann T.

Awesome that's all there is to say! I wish I had known we had a great bakery in town sooner. Now with good coffee drinks too!


Wasn't so pleased with the selection. But I'll have to give them another try. The price was to much for cupcakes, so I won't be doing that again. The cake batter was good. Frosting was so so. But I look forward to trying their cake abs pie next time.

Cynthia B.

I ordered a birthday cake for a 50th birthday a month out. I went in the pick up the cake and it looked like it was just thrown together minutes prior to me coming in and picking it up. The birthday message was written on cardboard around the cake and not on the side of the cake. I'm not going to mention what I had to pay to have it custom made because I get even more upset just thinking about it. I could of bought a display cake from Albertsons on the fly and would have gotten a better cake. This review is me being really nice compared to what I really wanted to say about the service I received from this bakery. Bottom line is I wasted my time and money having something made I would not even serve my poodle!

Hedgie L.

Bought a couple little treats instead of a cake because it was a smaller party. Their fruit on the tart was nice and fresh and there's a chocolate base as well as the custard which is nice. I kept the tart in the fridge and it got too hard. Creme brûlée candy was very crunchy and it sticks to ur teeth but if ur a creme brûlée fan you deal with it :) Macaron varieties - they had a lot of different flavors but I got the tiramisu, creme brûlée, coconut, and cookies and cream??I forgot The dome chocolate cake was everyone's favorite. Super soft and moist inner cake (not soggy moist though) and a soft ganache on the outside. I also saw they had a white chocolate version too but for the dark chocolate lovers I recommend.

Isamar V.

If I could give this bakery zero stars I would. I just got off the phone with an employee so this is as honest as a review gets. I placed an order the beginning of this month for my best friends WEDDING. Kind of a big deal. I was in correspondence with them via email and over the phone so I know my order was taken on multiple occasions. I call the day of pick up which is today, 3 weeks later and my worst suspicion come true, my order was somehow never placed.... Like what??? The employee I spoke to apologized and admitted they have communication problems at this bakery but c'mon! Shame on you guys! I am left scrambling the day before the wedding for alternate solutions and this is just HORRIBLE. This place needs new management and to take some kind of reprimands on the person I was corresponding with via email (Stephanie). Think twice about placing any important orders here!

Eileen Welch

Awesome place for fresh delicious baked good lunch , coffee…etc . The staff are super friendly and helpful! Love this place!

Amanda Y.

Their customer service is awesome! Went in with a very specific cake in mind and they worked with my vision! Executed the cake perfectly- it was beautiful and so delicious! Everyone was raving about how good it tasted! Will be back for all my future parties!

Joelle C.

The Oreo cake was a bomb cake. It is $42 plus tax comes out to $45 something. My husband very much enjoyed the cake itself. There's a layer of whipped cream like in the middle and the frosting is whipped cream. This cake is worth the money. We normally trashed any leftover birthday cake but not this one. We kept the one left over piece for the next day to continue with the indulgence. My other boy's birthday is in August and he wants the same cake and husband wants for February but without the middle layer of cream. Definitely gonna be back. It's worth my money. Thank you.

Pooja B.

The iced coffee was horrible , the desserts were blah.. the mango coconut shot was ok, but nothing great either. The Choco puff, the cream was fine but the pastry was hard.. such a turn off .

K Mulcahy

I tried this bakery for the first time yesterday. Based on a plain croissant and a slice of Orange Blossom Cake I'd say it's a good place, not great. They have lots of iced layer cakes, both whole and individual slices. The cake had great flavor (orange, not orange blossom) without being too strong. I couldn't taste any butter in the cake or icing though there was real whipped cream between the layers. If I'm going to eat unhealthy, I want all the good stuff. The buttery croissant was fine. Both things were very freshly made and I wouldn't say I'd be suffering if I ate them again. But it's not five star, IMHO. Prices were in line with other places. It was very clean and Covid protocols were being implemented. Tons of free parking outside. Staff was pleasant and helpful. Comfy chairs inside for leisurely eating, also shaded tables outside.

Doreen Chubb

I am not happy to be writing a not so positive review. I have been going to Batter Up for over a year now. The pastries have always been tasty. I noticed something had change my last visit in. It had changed hands and they’ve added a coffee shop portion.I ordered a specially cake for my husbands 60th birthday. I ordered it May weeks before the event. I met with one of the girls, she was polite and professional. She drew a picture of what I wanted.The weeks before the party, I tried to call and confirm the order, as I was doing with all the vendors. I could not get through and became concerned. I ran in to check on the order. I ended up talking to the “manager”. I was a bit concerned as the “manager” crossed out the previous direction for the cake, which were very well done and rewrote them. I figured she’s the “manager”, she must know what the designers need to see.I came in to pick up my cake and the design, a very simple banding was not what we’d discussed. I was caught off guard and told the worker oh dear, this isn’t right. She said, “let me get the manager”. The manager came out with my cake. I said, I’m confused, the banding it not what we discussed”. It was upside down, I was mimicking the invitation, which she had and we used to discuss the design. One piece I had paid to have fondant was icing piping. Fondant is more expensive.She walk away and said something I didn’t hear. I just stood there as she was at the cash register. She asked if I was coming over to her. I was still confused. I asked what we were doing. She said, she was giving me a refund. I don’t need a refund, I needed the cake I ordered. What was I doing to do the day before.She never apologized or acknowledge the error and was just going to give my money back. She was so very unprofessional and down right rude. I was caught off guard by her response. I really think I can find another baker to deal with as the product is good but, the staff is not worth working with if this is the new staffing.I asked her name and she walked away from me. Saying nothing more. It was surreal.

Yvonne Gilbert

They have the best blueberry scones and there strawberry cake is delicious. I’ve tried scones from a lot of different bakeries but there’s is the best. The employees that work there are always smiling and provide great customer service. This is my go to bakery. Keep up the great work and desserts!

Jim Gilbert

This place is fantastic, from the moment you walk in you are tempted by the delicious looking confections. I have been in for a breakfast scone, a mid day treat as well as an evening dessert with a pretty good cup of coffee as well. Recommend the scones, the macarons and any cake you'll love this place

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The Batter Up Bakery and Bean Coffee Roaster

26490 Ynez Rd Suite K, Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 677-4555