Wiens Family Cellars

35055 Via Del, Temecula
(951) 694-9892

Recent Reviews

Janet Latino

Always a great experience at Wiens. Their reds are wonderful.

antone ott

Very nice atmosphere, very friendly server and I enjoyed every wine I tasted. The Orange champagne was really good and I also enjoyed their reflection and reunion reds! Oh and Johnny's taco truck had really good nachos

Angelica Jones

We always love visiting Wiens. Great staff, phenomenal wines, and they’re kid and pet friendly.

Sandi Sartini Mayer

Spencer and Stacy are great behind the bar....the die for. Been members for 3 years and can't wait for wine months.

Gloria Vigil

Wonderful experience! Our party of 8 came to celebrate my daughter's 21 birthday. We had planned on visiting 5 or 6 wineries but we just didn't want to leave this place! Melissa was the GREATEST!! The wines were FANTASTIC! Melissa explained and described the wines perfectly. She even paired some wines with our simple charcuterie. She made our day extra special! Can't wait to come back!

Diner S.

We signed up for the regular tasting with two reserve selections. Were fortunate enough to be paired with Shelley. She was fun, personable and knowledgeable. She even gave us tastings of the reserve selection. Standouts were the dualis, fourfold and the 2017 reserve.


Absolutely, loved most of their wines! They have a variety of reds, whites and sparkling. The waitress Megan was awesome and informative. Can’t wait to go back with a larger group. They have patio seating and misters for when it’s hot.

Melissa Rivera

I had a great experience. Tim took really good care of us.

M. Spencer H.

My family loves this place and are wine club members. I am such a fan, they have wonderful wine and their service is amazing. Christine was absolutely fabulous and it's great when you have staff that are knowledgeable and friendly. I can't wait to share some of my purchases with friends and return for more tastings!

Laura Cannici

My first time at Wiens. I was invited by a member and did wine tasting. I did an all red wine tasting and was impressed by their wines. So smooth and truly spectacular. I will be going back.

Rebecca T.

Sadly, we did not have a positive experience at this winery today. This is quite unfortunate considering 3 people in our party were members and the rest of us were guests (myself included). We all heard nothing but great things from their last experience attending the winery, and today our friends were embarrassed to have even talked up this winery in the first place. Let me start from the beginning. We called ahead to let them know that a party of 13 would be arriving. They told us they didn't take reservations, which is understandable. However, we still wanted to call to let them know a large party would be arriving. When we arrived, they struggled to seat us because they had "two reservations" and couldn't sit us at certain tables. Interesting...I thought you didn't take reservations? Ok, fine. We will skip past that. We are finally seated away from the normal patio, away from the misters, etc. Ok, no problem. We just want to enjoy some wine. Then we get moved towards the back, almost out of the way. It felt kind of...awkward. Ok, no problem. We are still here to enjoy wine. Then we get our server Jennifer and while she is very friendly and nice, it's as almost as if she didn't care about us. Every single wine we tried she simply poured but explained nothing about the wine. She didn't give us any recommendations or explanation about the wine, where is was from, etc. It was a "what do you want? Great, here you go." And then she'd disappear for 10 - 20 minutes. One of our friends even asked her about one of the wines, and because she didn't prefer the wine herself, she couldn't make a recommendation, or even explain the taste of the wine she was asking about. It was just a "well, I don't like that. I prefer full bodied wines." This is truly unfortunate. If we wanted to just order a glass of wine with nothing attached, we would just go to a restaurant. Wine tasting is an experience and we didn't get that today. If I can leave any constructive feedback, please train your staff to understand the wines they are pouring and get to know the people they are serving. It's not about what the server prefers, it's the what the customer likes/dislikes that should be paid attention to. When our tasting was over, our 3 friends (the members) asked us our thoughts on the winery and we all unanimously said we would never return. Today, this winery could have gained more members. Instead they have 10 additional people who will not be back, nor will speak highly of this winery to their extended friends or family. That's unfortunate when you think of the foot traffic that 10 people can bring if they are recommending this place to their friends/family. Now let's discuss when we left. After we left, one of my friends (a member who bought 12 bottles of wine), was advised incorrectly on how the wines are discounted for members and felt her bill was high. She called and asked about it and got a very cold response of "what would you like us to do about this to rectify the situation?" At that point she understood the discount was explained improperly and didn't press it, but the constructive feedback here is...please train your staff correctly. I'll end with this - customer service is going to be the heart of your success. Train your staff to perform their job well and your business will thrive. Don't invest in your staff and their well being and well, your business will go down hill. If not immediately, eventually.

Marnie K.

We've been member for almost a decade and it's been a phenomenal experience every time. Our most recent experience was fantastic, Megan was our server, and she was amazing, attentive, and catered to our every need. We love coming here and it's been our favorite winery in Temecula for years.

Shari Elizondo

Great service with friendly staff, a very good selection of great tasting wines, beautiful patio with shade. I miss the live summer music series and hope it will be back after covid

Pamela H.

Wine members for years and love it!!! But had an extra amazing time today 6/9/21. Mike the server rocked and was super knowledgeable and super friendly!!! Even upgraded our membership because of him. Would always recommend this winery but now would recommend it even more!!

Michael A.

Came here for my birthday with friends and family. Place seemed to be clean. Nice and friendly staff. Wine was good.

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