10717 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake
(818) 927-4210

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So delicious. Whenever I'm in the area, we run to come eat here. Great margaritas (love the Hibiscus), amazing tacos, and the chips/salsa are so good. I can't stop eating when I go. I love the outdoor patio section.

Alec J.

Don't get me wrong...the food is AMAZING. I've just never seen smaller plates than these in my life...

Mikey K.

Love this hidden gem! The staff and food are great! This has become our fav local spot!

Jason G.

Excellent high end Mexican food. The drinks are great and their is a variety of options food wise. Service is great and the ambience is ice as well. Definitely recommend!

Jacoba P.

This place was super cute, loved the atmosphere! The waiter was super knowledgeable and helpful, and they had a nice selection of drinks and appetizers. The guacamole was superb, and the corn cake was wonderful. We ended it with a croissant and mexican hot chocolate (i believe the waiter said it was new) and wow was it to die for! it was truly a wonderful time!

Steve F.

Delicious. Great for lunch or dinner. The Branzino is amazing. Great cocktails. Love this place.

Jet L.

Food: 4.5/5 Bacon guac is to die for. Fried chicken tacos and the steak tacos are good as well. Not a fan of their lobster taco. We loved all the appetizers. My wife said its the best margarita she has ever had. Vibe: 3/5 Nothing special with the vibes. Pretty solid inside and out. Service: 4/5 The first time we went we had a great waitress and she was very kind and efficient. The second time was pretty normal except that i kept asking for water and didnt get any. Price: 3.8/5 Its not expensive but its not cheap. Normal date nights cost around 70-90.

Lisanne M.

Great ambiance, outdoor seating, COVID regulations in place, and AMAZING food!! Definitely get the duck confit tacos!!! They are the main reason we keep coming back!

Anusha G.

Incredible food! Everything is so flavorful and well put together. Love that it's a fairly large space & that we never experience a crazy wait

Claudia G.

All I have to say is this place has horrible service if you're ethnic. It was very clear that we were not getting the service or treatment as the table of blonde haired girls next to us. When I tried getting someone's attention they ignored me. The food was dry and the Margaritas were watered down. It took them 1 hour and 15 minutes to get our food and the table next to us came 15 minutes after we did and got their food within 30 minutes. Completely unacceptable I will not come back this establishment to get treated like I'm subhuman. This place is quite disgusting literally and figuratively.

Derek McLaughlin

Service was great. The food is overpriced and underwhelming. Drinks were good though!

Warren Goyer

Good food, good service. Hidden gem. Portions small but very good.

Ricardo A.

Great spot what I took my wife for our anniversary. They have great food and drink. Definitely a place we will go back to.

Kathy K.

Ever since discovering this restaurant in June, we've returned at least five times. The food is fresh and delicious - you literally can't go wrong ordering anything on the menu.

Tiffany K.

Beautiful resturant. Chill Vibe. Tasty drinks. Delicious Food!

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