Kreation Organic Juicery

10115 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake
(818) 761-1348

Recent Reviews

Andres S.

Just straight bomb!! Worth the price for sure. Try the 50 Shades of Green - makes you feel like a whole new person

T L.

This is my go to! The most amazing staff, the best food & drinks and when you need a jumpstart to eating clean the cleanses are the way to go! You can't go wrong with anything at kreation.

Robert P. F.

So excited I found this place! Got some concoction's for the week, and waiting on a recommended smoothie ( recommended by the beautiful lady with the pink hair) looks healthy, yummy and sexy. The team here are super helpful and will break down the menu, also side note their were all beautiful people here with positive energy, warm smiles and a lot of kindness. Five stars!!

Luis V.

Love this place have the best açaí bowls and there service is amazing. Never went to a place more then theirs also they have amazing drinks.

Stephanie B.

My GO TO for all my juicing needs! Days when I'm too lazy to juice my own celery, Kreation has the best tasting celery juice- not bitter compared to others I've had as a substitution to making my own. Also love the Metal Detox and the Vegan Chickpea Salad. Thanks for giving me a break from cleaning my own juicer everyday

Ernest A.

Great stuff Staff is always happy to help ya out Always fresh selections Fast service

Nina D.

Really bad customer service and for the price you pay...the young lady did not know anything in regards to the products and was not helpful, she didnt seem to care that I was given the wrong order... I was not happy they did not want to fix it for me or offer to change it and make another smoothie.. I recommend going to the Studio city location

Diana Shield

Customer since 2016. Love everything about this business. If you are new to juicing or cold pressed, go inside and speak with an employee. The prices are high but well worth it for the quality and benefits of eating/drinking clean healthy produce.The value comes in knowing you are supporting a locally owned business and eating for a stronger healthier body.I don’t own a juicer so having this place nearby is a convenience.Keep doing a fantastic job, love your product and the importance of keeping it local and fresh. ????

Nicole K.

First timer to Kreation, after a work out came here and asked the girl working here today which bowl would she recommend and she suggested one that was the color blue (unfortunately I don't recall the name but it's the only blue bowl they have) & it's beyond spectacular! I loooooveed it so much that I am craving another. Also tried their Matcha drink so yummy and creamy, I enjoyed it lots but next time I go I would try a different one. Also had their brownie didn't like it felt it was dry to be honest but hey one wrong item I selected won't make me not want to come back, definitely I will come back mostly for their bowls only cuz I am a huuuge açaí bowl, etc lover ! I do however find the place a lil pricey but it's fresh and delicious so I do believe it's worth it in my opinion I just wish it was a lil bit more affordable? But I definitely will be coming back for the bowls as a regular.

Salanya I.

The be at juices always saving my asssssssss. Hung over sick or preventative! The nicest people too. Always worth the price

Jason A.

Fantastic juices and food! I'm hooked!

Steve Polinsky

I did not go to Kreation, I happen to work next door to the place. I checked it out and found their prices way too high for me. $10 or so for juices, $13 or more for various foodstuffs. Quality is important but affordability is too.

Ani Aslanian

Very knowledgeable staff and friendly.

Tara S.

Illuminate is amazing--like a healthy version of Tang or Sunny Delight. Just wish they could take over one of the bigger nearby vacant spots, serve coffee and tea and have later hours.

Chris G.

For the amount I am spending on a smoothie treat your customers better. All I was doing was following the Covid social distancing signs on the ground and was rudely told to wait outside. When I explained it was confusing because I was following the signs on the ground, her response was "well that's not how it works". Then didn't ask if I needed any help not made any suggestions....not cool Kreations Toluca Lake.

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