El Pollo Loco

2900 Countryside Dr Parcel 14, Turlock
(209) 632-3163

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Courtney Hutchens

This was my first time eating at this establishment and the food was well prepared for my liking. I enjoyed the chicken tacos with some salsa and avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice paired with rice and beans on the side.I appreciate the dinning area being exceptionally clean. I would have loved to have seen more smiling faces from staff and crew members; that always feels more welcoming as a guest.

Stacie Marquez-Oseguera

Clean great food and the staff do an excellent job. While I was there I had the displeasure of seeing a Karen yelling at the young gentleman from te drive thru she was a walk in costumer but kept telling this young man that he refused to give her the Receipt for her order he very politely told her he was working the drive thru but she just yelled he never once lost his cool. I thanked him for being kind to this crazy Karen

Stephanie Villa

Not friendly at all just hurry up and buy feel you get from the workers.....

Catherine King (Cat)

It's good not the best they don't do refunds though

Maria Brasil

Their chicken is so delicious. Not expensive. Love their mango/passion fruit ice tea.

Adrian Areyan

Esta muy sucio nadie limpia las mezas

Makynlie Costa

Great job guys great food and clean bathrooms super friendly will be back again

Barbara Lira

Kinda pricey but really yummy . Always get good customer service here usually packed but pretty quick service

Susan Stef

Surprised they open at 9am! Nice for when one works split shifts

Fain Garcia

The chicken is good,prices are good service is only so so.

Crystal V.

I finally tried this place the other night, I was there the next day ordering another chicken tostada (double). That was so delicious, I can't believe I haven't been here until now; but I'm glad I did. I will definitely be back soon, super impressed. The service was also amazing, and i am suddenly a little addicted to this place!!


We love the chicken al carbon tacos and we used to love the salsas too... But now there's only two of them available and the pico de gallo one, tastes rancid and spoiled, no matter at what time of the day we come and eat here.

The Dreams Of The Sleepless

Was greeted IMMEDIATELY and helped quickly. A cashier named Madelyn was very patient and helped my picky, almost deaf grandpa decide what to order. She checked to make sure the food didn't have onions which he hates, and actually asked what salsa we wanted instead of just throwing in a random bag. Nice to see someone my age who actually cares about her job and the people she's serving. Keep it up Turlock!

Melanie B.

So I have had issues with this El Pollo Loco before, but today took the cake. I was in a line that was wrapped around the building due to how slow they are, but I was expecting that. When I ordered I specifically asked the guy taking the order to validate that they had brewed tea available. He looked at me like I was crazy, but used his headset to get confirmation that they had it. Now I am not crazy at all. Just the week before I ordered two brewed teas only to be told they were out once I got to the window. Since I don't drink soda and I hate flavored teas this was a big problem for me. I ended up taking the teas, but wanted to make sure I wouldn't have the same issue today. So I get to the window and the clerk, Amy R, was rude and dismissive when she told me they didn't have any brewed tea. I was upset and said I had specifically verified you had it and she just shrugged and said they ran out since confirmation, which means they lied about checking the tea level. When I said I don't drink anything else and she shrugged, asked if I wanted anything else and gave me my receipt and nachos with a rude have a nice night. I am very upset at this point. You could have asked me to wait while you brewed more tea, given me a discount or offered up something else in its place, but instead you took my money without giving me the value for what I paid for. I am going to avoid this restaurant like the plague as I don't want to waste my money on a restaurant that doesn't care about its customers.

Adria Sanders

Their food is very healthy and very tasty. I've tried several of their items and I'm always pleased with the taste and service.

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