Ike's Sandwiches

3202 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 669-4766

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Anna-Marie Wick

Great place. Very clean and organized interior. I love the style. Nice staff. Lots of yummy food to try on their menu. They're helpful and kind. They cater. A good amount of food and variety to choose from. The service is fast. There's a good amount of parking and easy access to entrance. Plenty of seating in the dining area. My husband loves picking up orders from here because they're always ready to go. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for something good to eat.

chris mejia

amazing experience here!! great food and nice place to eat and chat now that dine in is open!staff is very knowledgeable about ingredients and were able to answer any questions i had. seriously the best sandwiches ever!! whoever is in charge deserves a gold star!!! :)

kawaii fetus

Loved the vibe inside. Food was fantastic and delicious. The people working there are friendly and amazing as well. 13/10

Natalie Costa

Sauce= BombVery difficult to find gluten free stuff, especially sandmiches. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. It tastes clean and homemade… ya know.

Paul Y.

This shop is so hit or miss on getting your order correct. It is still my favorite sandwich shop, but the inconsistent food prep is the reason for the two stars. Anytime I order online, it will be right 7 out of 10 times. When I go in person for a to go order, 9 out of 10 times it's wrong. The food is delicious, but why ask me if I want to modify my sandwich if your just going to throw it togther YOUR way?

Pop Counter Culture Media

The crew and food are delicious but boy is ordering confusing. I saw up to 240 menu items are available but only a few are written up at the store, I get that they'll make any sandwich any way you want it (THAT'S THE WAY YOU NEED IT!!!!) but it would be nice to have just a couple of boring menu items listed so I can just pop in and order something quick. I know that's not the fault of any of the employees but it's just a weird business model.

Charles T.

I stopped here driving to Bakersfield and it was the best decision of my trip. The Pride sandwich was absolutely delicious, the customer service was amazing, I was helped by a very friendly young lady named Vivian who was always quick to help and ask if we needed anything. The place was really clean and they followed Covid procedures very well. I highly recommend this place and would absolutely come back.

Shellie Eakin

Delicious!!!!! I recommend this place to everyone, they have meat and meatless meats. You really can't go wrong ... PLUS, the staff is always upbeat, really nice and really proficient.

renee de la cruz

LOVE this place Vivian at the front was so amazing and helpful It was my families fist time at an ikes . I have a house full of vegan, vegetarian and meat eater and she helped me navigate the menu and every one absolutely loved it !!! so this is now our favorite spot get sandwiches they are soooo amazing.

Lynn King

First tme and I loved my sandwich. Great choices for vegetarians. Go and check out their menu. DELICIOUS

Benito Zamaripa

The food is great. Big sandwich.

Amanda B.

My husband and I came here today, sandwiches are a good size, and taste good. The 3 stars are because my sandwich was wrong, the employee was rude and obviously didn't want to be there, and the menu is mostly on one large board on the wall, but also scattered around other places on the wall which I just felt was confusing.

Tomi Moore

I accidentally sent my Door Dash order to my house. Once I realized it I called the restaurant 15 times and nobody would answer the phone. By the time someone answered, the order was sent out. I know I made the error but I cannot imagine not answering the phone after 15 back to back calls!

Nicole W.

I have been a happy customer of Ike's since they opened in SF. I love their sandwiches and the staff at all other locations are always very friendly and helpful, but this location is sub par to say the least. They have some rude staff and manager in addition to not being able to get an order correct. They won't take phone orders anymore because they were idiots giving sandwiches away that weren't picked up. Anyone could tell you that would become problematic. Ike's needs to clean house at this location and get some employees in there that won't smear their good reputation.

Rachel Valdez

Delish! They were very patient as wr ordered 5 different sandwiches lol they did mix up a side but the yummy sandwiches make up for that lol

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