Jack In The Box

1951 Lander Ave, Turlock
(209) 634-5848

Recent Reviews

Makynlie Costa

They can’t seem to get the drive thru right either they forget items or the order is half wrong was not ready for July 4 rush they couldn’t handle it had plenty of employees I think will make the drive to the geer rd jack in the box

Estell Acantilado

The only reason I gave 4 stars was because of Jack in the Box past service. I was in the drive thru line for 30 min just to be told they weren't taking cash. Come on it was US dollars not like it was from another country. What establishment place doesn't take AMERICAN MONEY.....JACK IN THE BOX!

Crystal Weaver

I don't even know what I got, but I was burger, bacon and cheese with extra cheese with bacon in it. I was in heaven.?. We stopped again the next day and the price was great.

Michelle M “mishi” Pratt

Just stopped by to grab a milkshake?it's been kind of a let down here lately though as they have been out of cherries ? like 3 out of the last 5 times,it may sound petty but at almost 5 bucks a shake I want everything that I'm paying for.. and as a former employee of J.i.t.B. I also know it's the responsibility of the managers,shift leaders.. etc.., to check inventory and to make sure supplies are stocked..

Danny Moran

I've been having bad luck lately with going to Jack in The box drive-thru but this one on the other hand is probably the only reason why I only go back they actually were pretty quick and I appreciate that and especially when I'm in a hurry

Tracy Bartle

Food was good. Apparently you have to ask for a napkin or they dont add it...

Maria Hernandez

Food was good. Customer service lacked a little bit.

Elizabeth W

Had a big mobile order, it came out quickly and was hot and correct!


Had a big mobile order, it came out quickly and was hot and correct!

Debra Newton

Got special orders correct! Friendly staff

Anthony Clendenin

➰ curly (seasoned) fries ?Free — Fanta! ?? ?

Kara Dinwiddie

really disappointing. it had one bit of meat in the whole taco we had 6 this way

Glenda Olesen

Excellent service this time only problem got sweet tea instead of unsweetened tea

j p.

Took over 30 minutes in drive thru at 1am. Staff had a "I could care less attitude". No way I'm eating there!!!

Troy Stewart

They need to just be closed from 3:30am to 4:30am as 95 percent of the time the computer is updating! Food is good when you get it. Maybe a old cash register and pen and paper???

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