Korean Cuisine Manna

218 W Olive Ave, Turlock
(209) 656-1448

Recent Reviews

Catrina Johnson

Just ate here for the first time. Delicious food and the couple that owns it are very lovely. I will be going back.

Thomas Pham

I come here almost on a bi-weekly basis. There isn't many mom and pop korean shops in the central valley so Manna feels like a hidden Gem. I udon noodles are always cooked perfectly, and the rice dishes mix well. Considering this is a smaller establishment, you're not going to get a full blown kimchi 18-coarse meal -- but what you get is a comfort food feeling that your korean parents cooked for when you're feeling a little down.Don't know what to order? Spicy Pork Noodle is the way to go.

Mandie Lincoln

I adore Korean food and this was one of the best places I've eaten in California so far!!! The spicy chicken with noodles is a MUST!! The man and wife who own this place are extremely kind as well! All around a great experience with beyond amazing food! My fiancé and I were in Turloc for a wedding and we may just come back here for this place and their food!! Eat here even if you have never tried Korean food... you won't be disappointed ?

Rea Catherine Ricafort

I love this place! The owners are super nice and the food are really delicious! Every bite make you feel right at home (My favorites are the soup & kalbi) You guys must give it a shot, I think the restaurant is underrated :< They’re the best.

Singsong Story *

I love this place! Foods were so great and authentic Korean food in the Valley. Hopefully have more in the menu. Definately going back for more!

Sandeep Kaur

The atmosphere is super cute. The older couple that own the restaurant seem really nice and hardworking. Their food is SO good, I would definitely go for the hour long drive just to eat here.

Garrett Johnson

The owners are so friendly and the food was so good. Felt comfortable.

Wilson M.

I usually get the spicy chicken noodles when I visit. It's always consistent and tastes great. I've brought my friends here, and now they're also regulars. The place seems to be run entirely by the older Korean couple, but the food always comes out pretty quick.

Linda L.

Hidden gem! I loved coming here for lunch while going to school at CSU Stanislaus. My favorite dish is the spicy pork and the side of cucumber kimchi


Food and service is Great ???

Adrian Hilton

Quick service on a Friday evening (take out); had the spicy chicken with rice and the kalbi. Both were very good; chicken spiciness was just right, focusing on the flavor rather than the burn. Recommended.

Nathan Heisler

Of all the restaurants in Turlock this one, more than the rest, feels like a true family owned establishment. It's also a refreshingly different palette from 80% of the rest of the food in this town.I highly recommend it!

Manny G.

Amazing!! What a hidden gem! Turlock you are sure lucky to this Korean resturant. Staff were very polite and friendly. Menu was simple and the owner would explain to you what the dish was or were. This place emphasized in freshness and no MSG, just Korean goodness. You want spicy they have it!


It's okay here not good not bad...I've had much better Korean food though for the area, it's alright. Customer service was okay too, not bad but could be better. At least it's there when I crave Korean food. Overall, 3 stars.

Uma Shiva Prasad

Great food made with fresh ingredients! Gentleman who takes the order is lovely! Will be returning.

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