Las Casuelas

3203 Entertainment Way, Turlock
(209) 634-0080

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Sexy Rodriguez

Pricey but dam worth it just about everything was delicious great for family night plans

Nellie R

We ate at this restaurant on Father's Day around 5PM. Let me tell you. It was packed! The wait time was about 30 plus minutes. That wouldn't be such a big deal, except it was 101°F outside. I waited outside for a bit, but I got too hot and waited inside where there was AC. There are about 2 benches inside the waiting lobby. So, not a lot of space to wait. The employees don't ask for your phone number. They just yell your name, and if you don't hear them and tell them you're there, they'll move on. So, you cannot wait inside your car. In about 25 minutes, my party of 6 was able to snag a table.We didn't really have one server. There were many servers trying their best to please the guests. But, they were fast and attentive. They often asked if everything was okay or if we needed any refills. So, overall, good service on a very busy day.The drinks were fine. The lemonade tasted like lemon water, not strong at all. The food was good. I enjoyed my Fiesta Taco salad. It was a huge Taco shell. Ironically, my boyfriend who ordered a Taco truck-styled burrito got his meal the last. Keep in mind for picky eaters that they might not get all the customizations correct. One party member asked for no cheese on his beans, but still got cheese on his beans.We still had fun at this restaurant and enjoyed ourselves. It was pretty loud, so you'll need to speak up just to talk to the persom next to you. But, it's a nice, lively atmosphere. Overall, a good experience!

Omer Siten

I was looking for a good Mexican restaurant around while I was traveling through the area and it was hard to choose a good Mexican restaurant with all the possibilities around!The food was great! Very big meals, will fill up the hungriest ones...The servers were great and what impressed me the most is how fast the food was ready!I eat a lot of Mexican food and never saw 3 meals coming up so fast, around 5 minutes after We ordered, amazing.Don’t miss the dessert you can see in the photo, 3 people ate it together and was perfect.You will enjoy this restaurant!

Jason Hall

Great atmosphere! Claudia, our server, was amazing. The food came out quick and was tasty. I’ll be back for sure!

Sabrina Hensley

I get the chicken wrap. Its so good. Great employees and nice setting

Matthew Unruh

Food was real good.... Service was awesome... Portions were plenty on our dinner to share

Suzanne Greenwood

Stood at the front without being recognized and it wasn't even busy. The manager came and was nice and took over but he shouldn't have to.I like how they easily divided the tab between five of us. The food was pretty good but not outstanding. The bean dip was the best!

Carol M.

Nice atmosphere but a bit over priced. Fajitas were mostly all bell pepper , corn tortillas wouldn't pull apart. May go back to try other items on the menu. But not the fajitas

Rae B.

Food was overpriced but that's not my issue. The ladies working the entrance have ZERO customer service. The girl with the blonde streaks on the side of her head is the worst and mopes around like a sad turtle. We came on a Monday. The menu says kids eat half off Monday thru Wednesday. My ticket finally came and I asked the slow ass lady with the streaks of kids eat half off why wasn't it on my ticket as half off and her response was "I don't know if we do it anymore hold on and someone will take your card though" BS. Had I known my daughters cheese quesadilla was gonna be 9$ I would have just shared my food with her. Oh and My soup came out after my husband and daughter were done eating. I've been coming here for years but I'll be taking my buisiness to mi casa. Better prices and better food. And MUCH better customer service too.

Edwin S.

We have a graduation party scheduled for 12noon today so we were told to order on the day of. We only had a party of 25 and they said that would be easy. So we call today and they tell us that they are not doing pickup. If they had told us we would have made the arrangements. We took our business to La Morenita and they will have it ready in time. Some business es you just can't trust. Repeat business goes to those who customers can depend on.

Jay Valencia

Las Casuelas management and staff provided us with the most horrendous customer service my family and I have ever experienced. We arrived 5/9 for Mother’s Day (party of 9), we checked in and were let know it would be a 45 min wait. Customers were arriving after us in groups of 4 and 5 and were being seated before us. We then asked the ladies working in the front if they could just split our group in half (4&5) so we could get seated sooner. They had told us that was not possible. We were confused as to why our request was not possible. We decided to wait. 2 hours went by and no luck. Groups of 4&5 continued to walk in after us and were seated before us. At that point we had asked to speak to the manager as to why they could not split us. The front ladies were 1. Not only rude 2. Continuously raised their voice at us and were adamant they could not split our party. This was not only disrespectful and embarrassing for my family and I, but Las Casuelas management was even worse when they intervened. The managers stepped in and said we had no right in getting upset with their staff and accused us of “yelling” at their staff when the staff were extremely rude to us and raising their voice at us because we kept asking if they could split our table. We should have left after they had us waiting for so long but we had children with us who were hungry and did not want to go wait at another restaurant. We will not be coming back to this establishment. Whether the food is excellent or not, customer service is why customers return to a restaurant. We will give credit to the two servers (young men) who did take care of us despite the way their front end treated us. To the managers and rude ladies in the front, I suggest working on your customer service or getting retrained on how to treat your clientele.

Ella H.

We're a regular costumers and always enjoyed this place & food; however, tonight we had a rude server. We had to wait forever to place our order and she was so rude. We asked her to take a picture of us she denied and said she's Busy!!!! This never happened to me anywhere else and I think she needs to work on her costumer service skills and attitudes!

Mely S.

Bad service ever today for Mother's Day I decided to take my family to eat there and they had told me it would be 2 hrs Waite I decided to Waite out side like everyone else and moved just a little to the side since it was to crowded and one hour pass and asked what was my name and I told her and she had said she called my name witch she did not called if she did I would of known and went since we been waiting 1 hr she did not screamed my name or check were we were at. And said now we can't serve you since they close in one hour. I'm not going to lie I was pretty pissed off since we been waiting and did not have a good day and this was cherry on top. If there is a Waite don't Evan bother waiting they suck to get people in.

Debbie B.

This used to be our favorite place to go on Friday nights after tonight not going back! Had to send back twice!! Finding a new place. Service was ok but food sucked!!!

Apit L.

Good salsa and quick service but not the cleanest. While I was waiting for our table, I saw a server picking up an unopened straw from the floor, picked it up from the floor and placed it with the new straws in his apron. If that happened to me, I would just throw it away for health and safety concerns. As to their concerns about the pandemic, like most businesses, I'm assuming that they're afraid of losing customers IF they enforce the rules. I see several customers in the lobby checking in w/o masks yet the employees says nothing concerning the current pandemic. I can only assume that if they did say something to the unmasked customers, they are afraid they would lose them. Well I'll be back when things return to "normal" and that I am not near possible Covid infected customers.

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