Little Caesars Pizza

1609 Lander Ave, Turlock
(209) 656-0400

Recent Reviews

Melannie Babb

Love !!! Love!!! love!!! Me some pretzel pizza❤????

Michael Torres

Pizza was not even close to being cooked

Gbradshaw Gbradshaw

arrived at 932 to pick up a pizza and had exact change in hand. the two ladies working refused to accept the money and said it was too late by 2 minutes. The pizza was made and in their hand but then stayed the register is closed so we can not sell it to you. The pizza was either thrown away or give toa friend . I wonder how the owner feels about the waste

Elena L.

Freshly pulled out the oven...Mmm

Elvira Ladua Baldosano

Spent $40 for uncooked pizza. Refused to replace pizza. Called police..


Ordered a stuft crust pizza. The mozzarella cheese in the crust was runny and watery. The middle of the pizza was crunchy to the point of being inedible. Either insect droppings or pepper was sprinkled all over the pizza and I don't recall requesting pepper on my pizza. I threw it away after 1 slice. It was the single most disgusting pizza I've ever tasted and I've eaten more pizza than I care to admit. Little Caesar's on Lander Ave in Turlock SHAME ON YOU.

dee jones

Bomb Pizza on top of the sides that I got to enjoy always loved me a Little Caesars deep dish extra hot

Arashdeep Singh

I was legit refused service because they said it was gonna take too long. I ordered cheese bread, and it was 40 minutes before closing time and they said they can't make it. Terrible staff I would recommend going somewhere else.

Joslin Chadwick

You can't call and order over the phone. Hella wack

Marcos M.

What's the point of an hot n ready promotion if they have no pizza's hot n ready to go when you go in..  what's the point of waiting.. when promotion of this is to get you in and out

Cristian Madrigal

I place an order through the phone and they closed 10 mins early and completely ignored me like if I was talking to a wall, but then again look at the place.

Äcīsşėj Biju

They got to cut veggies like it supposed to. then 2nd.. they burned the pizza tastes so bad. Doing their job in hurry don't let the customers happy.

Patricia V.

I phoned in my order for a pizza and hot wings, 22 minutes later my order was ready. I picked up my order and the place was clean and I was greeted even though there were other customers being helped. The pizza was hot and the hot wings (bbq & buffalo) were juicy and the sauces were delicious. Nice job Little Caesars Lander! Good food at aa good price, especially on Super Bowl LIV Sunday!


This location will make you a lunch combo anytime of the day and you can customize it with bacon and pineapple for extra charge some places won't

Ahtziri Avila

If you like pepperoni pizza this is the right place to go

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