3050 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 656-7434

Recent Reviews

Cindy Hedden

Friendly staff, our orders are always correct and the inside is always clean.

Daniel Garcia

Its the bomb

Zach V

Food was ready quick, nice and hot, everything was open and clean inside, manager and staff were nice, great mcdonalds. ?

Josh Koehn

Blueberry muffins are decent.?

Daniel G.

Bro it's 9pm and we came there to get food obviously, but the people working their had the worst attitude. First of all if you get the order wrong then that is your fault. Don't snatch bags from our hands and say "well you said medium". No we didn't say that. Can't even follow simple instructions as a grown woman

Misty Lee

Went in for a Iced Mocha & the Cashier Was Awesome... He was so Positive & Wonderful

Isaiah Parsons

Nice!! Sunday pancakes with my guerita

Lighting Uchiha

Best food place I've been too.

The Dreams Of The Sleepless

I came inside later at night when it was almost really slow, and STILL waited at the register for someone to take my order for over ten minutes. I saw multiple employees keep looking at me. I saw managers walk right by, nobody manning the cash register, me still holding my money in my hand. I said "Hello?" multiple times, and each time they'd look at me and then go back to doing whatever. I left without anything to eat after 15 minutes. I should've left at 5.

Andrea R

Never had a problem. Food is always warm and prepared correctly.

Robert Vincent

Just used drive thru. Everything fine

Andy!!! !!

I mean it's mcdonald's. What else could you expect

Lorna King

Awsome food friendly service

Christopher Leyva

Received a broken cup.. spilled everywhere.. got looks like I was crazy for asking for another... then got attitude because food and said drink was going to take longer.. so I had to pull around to spot 1... food is just like any other McDonald's just customer service is lacking.

Bad Kitty

It's a nice clean place

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