Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop

1521 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 669-9096

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Colleen King

I enjoyed my french dip, it was so tasty delicious...

Tracy R.

Typically this is one of my favorite spots for great sandwich. Unfortunately today I ordered a sandwich to go and be delivered by doordash. When the sandwich arrived it was delivered on stale hard bread, improperly prepared with missing ingredients, and about half of the normal amount of chicken salad put on a whole sandwich. When I called and complained with doordash they offered to give me doordash credits or redelivery. When I agreed to a redelivery and asked them to ensure that the same mistakes weren't made, they insisted over and over again that they were unable to reach the restaurant to make that request. Then offered to give me a $6.75 doordash credit on a $21 purchase. I will never do business with doordash again, nor will I ever entertain the idea I'm going in to mr. Pickles when they deliver substandard orders to their customers.

amanda underwood

Better sandwiches than subway and deli delicious. Everyone that works there is so friendly.

Jules M.

Had a friend over for lunch. Her favorite sandwich shop is Mr Pickles so of course we had to order from there. So glad we did! The food was fresh, tasty and portions were generous. I ordered the vegan sandwich and my husband ordered the trip-tip salad. This might become our new favorite sandwich shop!

The Wingett

I had my first Mr. Pickles sandwich last month. I'm now on a quest to try each sandwich on the menu because they are such wonderful sandwiches. They have such friendly staff, tasty food, and decent prices. Quite frankly, I'll say this is the best sandwich in town. You can find cheaper, but you sacrifice freshness and flavor. You could make a better sandwich at home but it would cost you more money and time (though if you were making a bunch you might break even, I guess). If you are looking for quick and delicious... Look no further.

Maria Larios

The guy that helped me was rude I asked some questions and he would roll his eyes not going there again my 1st and last time there....

David Hudspeth

Great sandwiches

Ross A.

A "10 minute" wait turns to well over 20 minutes (for 2 sandwiches), and they're filling everyone's orders but mine. Meanwhile, half the people who enter the store aren't wearing masks and they don't do anything about it, even though they have a sign out front telling people to wear masks. I won't be returning here.


Good Food.Good Service Guy's..

Jocie M.

Sandwich was not good. It was so sad too because I have been carb free for so long and when I finally decide to "splurge" the only good part about my club was the Dutch crunch bread. I've been to other locations in the Bay that were great, but not this one. Go elsewhere.The bacon wasn't crisp, there was half a piece of tomato, lettuce soggy, maybe only 2 slices of ham and turkey on it. It's just sad. How hard is it to make sure you put fresh veggies on it and an appropriate amount of meat on a sandwich that calls for 3 types of meat? I mean, come on dudes.

Blake Soares

I walked in and their was some sort of sour smell in the store. The food I got, the rueben, wasn’t what I thought it tasted like with bland bread and gooey pastrami. I only give two stars because the people behind the counter were polite and quick.

Kitty M.

Best place for rude workers and incorrect orders.I ordered 3 sandwiches using their online system to be ready at noon on Saturday 09/12/2020. Arrived early at 1140 & order was understandably not ready so I waited (no big deal). Order was ready right at noon. Got home and 2 of the sandwiches were right, 1 was a disaster, and no cookies were given. I took back the 1 incorrect sandwich and was greeted by a young, thin woman (disheveled brown hair up in a bun/ponytail). I tried to tell her what the ordered sandwich was (by showing her my receipt) vs how the sandwich was actually made and she told me they couldn't fix the online ordering system and the way the order prints out is confusing. She asked the same girl who originally made the sandwich incorrectly to make it again and went over what to put on it, but she was too confused over the order receipt! The communication factor was not there and it was the untrained leading the untrained. The thin woman (probably work lead) was short tempered and rude, very fake, and had no patience to listen to the new girl who was making sandwiches. She seemed to get extremely frustrated and said she was going to call the owner. The girl remade my sandwich, I said thank you and asked for her name. She said it was Serena. I asked for the name of the thin girl and she wouldn't say. "I don't like to give out people's names", she said. So I waited for the thin girl to get off the phone (another few minutes even after Serena went into the back to tell her). The thin girl refused to give her name saying the store owner doesn't give them name tags and they weren't supposed to give their names.She asked if there was a problem because "we remade your sandwich" (in a very sarcastic voice) & I told her that when I walked in there and told of the sandwich mistake she did not apologize, she did not smile, she tried to tell me I ordered it wrong, and she was the opposite of good customer service. She told me to have a nice day. After I got home and unwrapped the remade sandwich.....are you ready? was wrong again!This location has lost us as customers now. We've been coming here for over a year, riding out the smaller issues that have come up (items missed on a sandwich, hot sandwiches cold when picked up on time, other orders bumped ahead of ours in line, etc) but the lack of customer service and the rude disrespect given to me today is a deal breaker.

Heimen A.

I wouldn't recommend this place at all. The girls were very nice but do not know how to make a sandwich. If you want a sandwich go to Togos or Deli Delicious. I'm sorry but not satisfied at all.

Ray M.

The service was terrible - staff is extremely rude and unprofessional. Food was ok - they have gone down hill. Really enjoy supporting local companies , however I won't be going to this place anymore. RETRAINING IS NEEDED.

Junior Montez

Completely messed up my order. Asked for Dutch beard got sourdough instead. Asked to put avacado in my sandwich an non was in it at all even tho I got charged for it.

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Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop

1521 Geer Rd, Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 669-9096