Phở 7 Anh

503 N Golden State Blvd, Turlock
(209) 620-8022

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Nai H.

this is more for the pho. this place is now just ok, it was great before idk what happened. pho was a 2/5 rating barely any flavor we had to add salt. quantity was fine just needs more flavor. sorry restrooms were clean and staff was attentive and nice.

M R.

Okay so this is based solely on the food taste. I ordered beef larb, papaya salad and spring roll. On The beef larb plate the meat is normally cooked medium rare or rare for the steak bits but they way over cooked the beef chunks on this plate and over seasoned it to taste extra salty. I paid $1 extra to have tripe added but rather than added it was actually half the plate which took away more of the other portion sucks because it isn't cheap. Now the papaya salad is typically suppose to be SPICY! It even says so on the menu, this was not at all spicy not even mild. Horrible. Lastly the spring rolls.... The spring rolls literalky were falling apart which obviously isn't suppose to happen. They're suppose to roll it tightly so that the food stays inside and the dip for it was extremely watery (I'm assuming this is a money saving technique. If you're looking for Asian food, I recommend Blue lotus in ceres. The food will be much better I was just in the area so I thought this might be decent

David B.

This place is bomb. The same night after I ate here my mom brought some pho from this high class joint in Livermore and it was nothing compared to Pho 7 Anh. Pho 7 Anh is authentic and traditional.

Miriam Marquez

Absolutely the best pho in the central valley.

andrea S

Order placed to go with cashier in person at restaurant. Correct on receipt but not when received. Tried calling when discovered after 25 min drive home and they do not pick up phones. No spouts, lemon, or basil provided that you typically get with pho soup either. Only one packet of hoisen and sriracha sauce to share between two soup orders. Meatballs and fatty tendon instead of rare beef and tripe in soup. Check your order prior to leaving this place. It may be a little bit of a hassle to have to open every boxed and bag of order items, but worth it to avoid disappointed when finding out it's incorrect after your home. Pictures attached.

thomas adams

Best Restraunt in Turlock I frequently visit once or twice weekly nice variety and great customer service !!!

Mike Lawson

The food tastes fresh I like the herds used in their dishes like basil, lemon grass, cilantro and mint. A nice break from the usual.

Priscilla Gutierrez

First time trying it, we got invited by one of the workers Daniel. Thankfully he told us about here because man was the food delicious! Hubby and I will definitely be going back! And the coconut juice! ?? Amazing!!

Anthony Russell

This place has some of the greatest, politest workers. Also the food is always top of the line fresh.

A D.

This is OUR spot! We LOVE IT! Before covid we came as often as we could. We came tonight to dine it at 745pm.. they close at 830 and stop taking orders at 815. We waited and waited and decided to order at like 810p. I guy working (I think maybe the owner) and younger guy said I'll stay late so you guys can sit down and eat.. EVERYTHING we ordered was made perfect, still fresh and hot, tons of food. We will always come back to this place as it is my sons favorite and we drive from Gustine. We have always had great service here!

Maci F.

We found this place on a whim and have gone back three times in the last week. They're seating indoor and making sure customers are staying socially distanced. The food is great and priced reasonably AND their service is great. Strongly recommend!

Lisa Andrade

good to-go service, good food and affordable prices.please support local family owned businesses.

Lisa And

good to-go service, good food and affordable prices.please support local family owned businesses.

Sabrina Yonan

SOOO GOOD! I love this place!

May W.

Good quality pho. Will go back. They only seat 5 tables which are very spaced out because of COVID which is nice. Felt safe.

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