Punjab Express

1664 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 632-4200

Recent Reviews

Ashley E.

Seriously neverrrrr disappointed when we eat from Punjab Express. Very tasty, fast, and inexpensive. We order delivery at least once a month and look forward to it every time!

Josh N.

Tastes good but holy crap do not order anything other than butter chicken if you can't handle spicy foods. Two separate occasions now, my gf got butter chicken mild and I got something else mild... butter chicken is totally normal but the other foods (tandoori and vindaloo) were spicy enough to make my nose run and eyes water. I'm not great with spicy foods but my gf is way worse than I am so when I say I could barely handle my food and she was perfectly fine with hers, you should understand that there's a massive difference in two items that are both supposed to be mild.

Janie A.

10/18/2021 Covid has changed this place. This is a goto restaurant when we are in town. It's always great. It's still good but not great. First, we had to order carryout, we could not dine in. YET there was a family perhaps the owner's family eating at a booth. Second, there are short-staffed, who isn't right now? Only one hard-working woman at the front was putting together a very large order of sweets for a customer ahead of us. Third, the portions seemed smaller with take-out. chicken tika kinda dry should have ordered the butter chicken to have some sauce. still yummy and makes your body feel good.

gurpreet nirman

Food is very tasty i will recommend this place for food once i order butter chicken and it was so yummy

Santosh C.

Two words: below average. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how this place got such good reviews. Ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutter Paneer and Samosas. Never have I been so underwhelmed with Indian food... Never! Flavors were bland and everything tasted like -- how shall I put it -- microwave food. Passion and enthusiasm show in the food one makes, but I have a strong feeling everyone working here lack both. To top it all off, there is much to be desired in terms of cleanliness and decor, again showing a complete lack of care. Shall NEVER return, but I hope they are able to find some motivation to do better.

Alondra G.

Love getting my food here ! Order on grub hub and my food is always on time ! Love the garlic naan and the butter chicken

Frances V.

Really good food! They are close to my house and everything is delicious. My favorite is the butter chicken. The garlic Naan is sooo good. Also like the tandoori chicken and chicken Tikka masala with a side of rice. You can also choose the spice level, so nothing is too spicy for my kiddos.

Yogesh Darji

Delicious food, tastes like home made food. Highly recommend.

Tracy Newman

I did a doordash pickup order from here.Absolutely awesome food and service. I waited until the app said the order was ready for pickup, then drove over and the front desk lady had everything ready for me to pick up.I got the garlic naan and it was perfect. Slightly blackened on the bottom, but lush with garlic and hebs on top. Best i've had in a while.The 2 piece samosa chanaa and butter chicken were great too.Ordered right at noon on a Thursday, and it was fantastic. 10/10

Viviana Padilla

I used to love this place. The butter chicken was my favorite but these last few times I’ve ordered it was gross. I thought they gave me the wrong order at first but they didn’t cause I’ve received the same exact thing the last 2 times I’ve ordered. Seems like they changed the recipe and it’s not good at all. There’s like chucks of nuts or something in it, I couldn’t even tell what it was, the sauce is clumpy and taste like tomato. Just overall different look/taste. It’s not the same that it use to be which sucks cause it use to be amazing. Just disappointed

Maria D

I had ordered in the past, the chicken was under cooked. I was placing an order over the phone a different time, when I asked the girl for the price...she told me to check the price only before calling. Really rude. Bad service, bad attitude. I only called there because my favorite place was closed.

Davinder Singh

bad service,bad behave and naan fully burnt.never go to that place again.big lesson.i also attached photos of naan .waste of time and money .shihh

Azashere Games

Bad food ever. And the lady on cashier said don’t come back here if you don’t like our food. I can’t eat with your hair dang.. I posted with proof.???

California Wale

I bought this from Punjab express I got hair. This is bad palace ever for me.. don’t go there..fuddu

Caprico G.

RAW CHICKEN!! NEVER GET FOOD FROM HERE!!. I have got takeout from this establishment 3 times and on all three occasions the chicken was not cooked all the way.it was literally soft and totally raw in the middle. This can give you serious infection and you can actually DIE! The last time I went there I could see in the kitchen and the working area as I was waiting for my food, and it was absolutely disgusting. I am shocked as to how these folks are managing to keep their business open.

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