Sushi Cuisine

3208 W Monte Vista Ave, Turlock
(209) 667-8836

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Frances V.

Just an update that after years of going here, they continue to provide delicious food and great service. Took the family put last night after having both of my girl's parent teacher conferences. They both are doing amazing, so I took them to their favorite spot. Arrived at 8 pm, 1 hr before closing and there were several tables available. We were seated immediately and offered water's as we sat down. My husband and I ordered hot tea, while the girls got sodas. We ordered 3 of the sushi deluxe dinners. These come with 8 pieces chefs choice nigiri and a spicy tuna roll. Also, you get soup, salad and rice. My youngest is still warming up to spicy foods, so she got her spicy tuna with out heat. My husband ordered the shrimp tempura dinner. 5 shrimp and lots of veggies, with soup, salad and rice. He always says how perfectly the shrimp is cooked. Last, we got one california crunch, because you have to have one every time you go. Everything was delicious! Thank you for being on top of it all the time and providing us with a great sushi place to visit in town. You will always be our favorite!

Jesus A.

Sushi Cuisine is located on 3208 W Monte Vista Ave, Turlock, CA, right off the Monte Vista exit on Highway 99. If you are craving sushi, then definitely come here! Especially for lunch, as they have great deals with their bento boxes. I had my usual, the Fire Cracker. If you like spicy, then you will like this, as it has Kani, jalapenos and spicy mayo, along with some green onions and tobiko. I tried something new this time around, a Kappa Maki roll, which is simply a cucumber roll. The cucumbers were fresh and crisp, and the sushi rice is delicious as always. You won't leave disappointed when you eat here!

Hi Pattie

A good meal with good portions - miso was luke warm - not hot but I can live with that! The Saba (mackerel) was amazing!!!! Good service given the busy take out. I don’t mind asking / waiting for tea refills. I’m glad business is good!

Apit L.

Tonite was ALMOST perfect. We go to the restaurant bore the dinner rush and got seated at the back bear the bathroom and unfortunately got the view of the entrance of the kitchen. OMG...I had to not look at what I was seeing to enjoy my dinner it else I would have vomited (see photo). We ordered California roll and two orders of chicken teriyaki with shrimp tempura. Dinner was AWESOME. The chicken was to perfection and they had just the right amount of teriyaki sauce. The tempura batter was PERFECT. Light and crunch and not greasy. The California roll was genuine. It was DELISH. I could not give 5 stars for the unsightly view of the crap right below where they place the serving tray. UGH!!!! They can give ME a mop and "I" will clean it up. That is GROSS especially for customers to view. Service: A +++ Price: A Quality: A +++

Nicole Harman

We got take out and I wasn't thrilled. We had the lion king roll which the salmon was very dry and the avocado was brown. The spicy turn roll was very bla and not great. Maybe we just got them on a bad night, not sure but not a good first experience.

Rob G.

Went here to celebrate and we were disappointed. We ordered our food to go because the place was overcrowded for this era of Covid. The sushi and calamari was fabulous. I'd give five stars if that was all we ordered. However, we also ordered a seafood udon and two spicy ramen dishes. My seafood udon had a broken clam shell in it and a piece about a quarter inch big was floating in the broth and cut the back of my throat as I chewed. Was able to get it out but then found the broken shell. Maybe to avoid this you should take the meat off of the shell instead of putting it in the broth. Then we were given a completely wrong ramen. It was not spicy at all and was missing all of the add ins.

Anna Nguyen

Was seated quite fast when I visited. However, the food was mediocre at best (the rice for the maki roll wasn't even seasoned). The waitresses were very attentive and provided great service!

Ale H

Great service and the food was great. Our waiter was super nice.

See see Cha

Favorite sushi spot. They always have fresh seafood. Thank you. Service is ok. Wish they were nicer and more organized.

Salina M.

Food is always great here. Good quality fish for the price. If anything the waiters and waitresses normal. Nothing outstanding.

Matthew C.

Got: Spider, Super California , Lambada, Lion king, Island lobster, Ika fry Price: ~$13 for 6-8 pieces of sushi Value: 6/10 sushi was average, very saucy, not alot of fish, most rolls had cheap mock crab meat and eel. Expensive for what you get Came here Friday dinner with my roommates. Service wasn't rude, wasn't super polite. Sushi was only average. Tasty but was lacking in raw fish. Only the rainbow roll (which we explicitly asked the waiter for bc it had raw fish) had slivers of fish on top but was stuffed with the mock crab meat. Most of the other specialty rolls had cooked ingredients like eel, tempura, mock crab. Tasty but not what I wanted when I come to a sushi place. Price is meh. The five people at my table ended up paying $25 for 8 rolls and a $7 sake to share. Was not hungry at the end of the meal but totally satisfied. For $25 and maybe a little more, you go to an all you can eat buffet. Overall: very average, good if you want cooked rolls with little raw fish. Tasty but not what I wanted.

D C.

My husband and I were craving sushi on the road and decided to give Sushi Cuisine a shot since all the other sushi places in the area were closed on Sunday. The girl we spoke to was slightly rude on phone, but oh so rude in person. The sushi was less than ideal. Rice was not fresh. After asking for a recommendation on a roll that had no tempura or fried anything, she recommended one and it ended up having tempura. We tried it anyway, and let's just say they need to swap out the oil in their deep fryer. It tasted like burnt grease. This is not a 4 star place.

Louie Mora

this place always hits the spot! great food great people

Josh Koehn

The food was tasty? Enjoyed the ginger and wasabi...

Nellie R

We ordered 4 rolls for about $50. I was a bit disappointed though by the dragon roll. When I was chewing, I felt something poking me. It was little fish bones. I was very put off by that and lost my appetite. Everything else was okay. We also ordered the lambada, a baked salmon roll, and horse roll. The server was polite. We called to order our food ahead of time and picked it up at the store.

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