Taco Bell

2050 W Main St, Turlock
(209) 668-3169

Recent Reviews

Debi Miller

Same O, Same O...it's Taco BellFood good

Antonio Gonzales

Fast friendly service the was fresh Hot and hella good

Jared Wurth

Americanized mexican fod. Its like mexican but it doesnt taste like mexican. Fast easy food. Nice value menu. Food for adults kids and seniors alike.

MeriAngel Enriquez

Potato breakfast burrito with their new salsa in the yellow packet is scrumptious

Michelle M “mishi” Pratt

I ordered the Chalupa box combo.. a bell grande combo & 2 crunchy taco supremes.. everything was there and it was ready when I arrived to pick up my order but my Chalupa was a little on the dry side other than that she initially forgot my drinks but was corrected quickly.. was an ok experience...

Mohican Glass

I received the best service with Sabrina at this Taco Bell! She deserves a raise I had issues with my card and she was so patient and made sure everything worked out for me. Great employee!!!

Shelly Denton

Is Taco Bell is one of the best taco bells there is around and they are very quick about serving you and getting you on your way their food is always good by the way

Greg Beaumont

Is there a better beverage than baja blast freeze, combined with taco bell burritos? No!!

Maria Ramirez

Waited in drive thru for 10 minutes so decided to get off and dine in. Waited over 25 minutes for our meal. It was the word service we have received from this place. Very dissatisfied with their service tonight!

Shirin TV

1 star is too much I went to drive thru I said my leg hurt alot should I take my pkg from here [window] she didn't respect to me and I also looked at my very and behave bad too

Gigi Barros

This taco bell was more then willing to substitute the sour cream for guacamole for free which I greatly appreciated which is why I gave them a 3 but why do more then half of the other taco bells charge? They don't reduce the price if I take off the sour cream. Also because I don't eat beef I now have to pay extra to substitute the protein, not everyone eats beef so I think it's wrong to charge extra when you should be able to choose your option of meat for free.

Dan King

Fast, efficient, friendly customer service.And you're always a winner with Taco Bell's menu.

Johnny Bush

GO TO A TACO TRUCK !!!!! OR MAKE YOUR OWN!!!rip us off of ingredients, no straws no spoons

Roberta Lilla

Like the food but I wish they would bring back Mexican pizza

Alex Lough

Ordered a large drink, received a small. My wife asked the clerk to check to see if it should be a large. She would not check without a receipt. We ordered from their kiosk and I selected to option "no reciept".My wife came out to the car to see if I had a receipt and I did not. We decided it was not worth it to return to fix it because she was so rude and we didn't feel like arguing without a receipt. Was it so hard to look at your monitor to check the order? There were no other customers in the store, only the drivethu.Our crunchwrap supreme was also very poorly assembled and was falling apart. Tortilla was soft not properly grilled. Chalupa was good.

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