Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers

5601 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 753-9442

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Robert Lee

I love Tommy's food. I ordered #1) double hamburger #2) chile hog dog #3) tamale #4) French fry. The one on burbank and Laurel cyn is lot less line than one in Van Nuys. My only complain is going through drive way. When you enter and make the turn at the corner is very sharp You really need to slow down and make wider turn. Otherwise you ended up jumping a concrete block separating the parking lot. Yesterday was my first time at this location. As i waited my turn to order,I saw anther car behind me getting up on the curve as well. They needed to either get rid off the curve or a huge sign at the turn to drive slowly.i hate damage on my car wheel.

Daniil L.

Exceptional comfort food. I've eaten countless Mega Combos. Their lobby's spacious. The drive-thru beside their building is quick. Outdoor seating available.

Josh Guzman

One of my favorite Tommy's compared to other. The food here is less oily. Their taste in my opinion is better

Jerry Jarak

Nobody does it like Tommy's. The best chili-burger...ever. A customer since the early 70's...love it.


Great service, great food. This place is very good. Good management, fast,friendly and clean. I went on a Friday night and it was very quick and good.

Gabriela Flores

Love the food, but I didn't get extra chili like I wanted and the manager didn't even come to the drive through window to address my concerns.

Manuel Turegano

My favorite place to go and eat food is so good ,eat there all the time

Anna Areyan

When I want to reminisce I have Tommy's every now and then still as good as it was when I was younger

Michael Foth

nice friendly service and quick

Andrew P.

They're always polite and meet expectations of fast food service. I've never had a bad experience at this location in that regard. Now, sometimes the chili doesn't have as much of a kick as other days, but it's still enjoyable. And so far they always do the promos shown on their instagram page; I can't complain much

Roderick Cooper

I have lived in Los Angeles all my life. I'm 62 yrs old, and my first trip to Tommy's. Boy I been missing out. Ordered #2, best burger I ever had. Word Up!

Roxana Vanya

I love Tommy's but honestly I don't like this location cause all the time that I ask to go light on the Chilli but I don't know if they did this on purpose

Nini Perez Crisostomo

good food and outdoor dining!

Jack C.

This is the worst Tommy's I've been to. It took over 20 minutes just to get a gift card. If I wasn't in the drive thru I would have left but since I made the awful decision to come to this location. The cashier was very inattentive and seemed busy with other tasks increasing my wait time.

Trevor Taylor

It's a simple little fast food spot, but they always take your order with a smile and get your food out FAST. Like, really fast. Big fan of my local Tommy's. If you like chili (or even don't I'd still say try their chili) YOU HAVE TO GO! Plus the food is cheaper than holy hell, which is great for my wallet.

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Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers

5601 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91607
(818) 753-9442