12180 Mariposa Rd, Victorville
(760) 355-6637

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Bambi S.

I never had a bad experience at a Chick-fil-A, I did today at this location. My order was completely wrong. After ordering on the app I waited 45 minutes for food that was wrong. I ordered all medium meals I got some small some medium drinks no ice in non of them it was completely wrong. It didn't seem busy as usual I don't no what happened.

Fernando A.

Save your money this place is not like any of the other Chick-fil-A's I've ever been to. I ordered a 4 piece chicken tender and they were half the size of the chicken tenders I've gotten at any other Chick-fil-A. On top of the fact they forgot to put our chicken sandwich in the bag, the chicken breast was pathetic. If until they train their employees properly and start serving the same food that every other Chick-fil-A does this is a waste of time and money. Their drive-through is also slow as hell, even with the short line.

Venessa P.

Waited in line for over a half hour only to be pulled over to bring my order out. After 15 plus minutes more of waiting they come out to tell us the drinks we ordered was unavailable. The manager then come out to convince us not to refund the food. They give us cold food and then say they are going to give us the difference of the lemonades. They come back for the food because courtesy was not an option to give us a full refund . The worst Chick-fil-A experience in life. If I could give 0 stars I would! Victorville deserves better!!!!!!!! It just opened!!!!

Ann L.

Better keep corporate staff here as long as possible... I've had Chick Fil-A all over the country (literally) and in typical High Desert fashion, the gold standard in fast food is crashing and burning before our very eyes. Food was decent, struggling with timing to get it out when fresh -- went inside to order, as the drive through is INSANE. Employees are baffled, management obviously frustrated. Hopefully they can get it turned around.

Tammy S.

This place is a mess! I made mobile order and had to wait for my order. Not so bad except that I had to HOLD my 4 drinks while I waited for food order. While I waited, the ice in my tea completely melted. When I asked for a cup of ice they told me "No, we can't do that". So I asked them to replace the entire tea. Then, the bbq sauce I asked for in my mobile order was not in bag and worker kept telling me it should have been in bag when I ordered. I had to show her TWICE that the receipt on bag said "M-Carryout" meaning mobile- she finally got me two bbq sauces. When we looked at order in car, one French fry was full and the other was only half full- barely half- it had six medium sized waffle fries in it. Horrible quality control, horrible customer service- not the place to stop when you are traveling. This place is terrible!! Go to Shake N Steak next door!!

Brenda R.

Employees are so kind- great customer service skills. Happy they are here in the desert.

Joshua S.

Oh man, where do I even start? I understand this Chick-Fil-A is new and it's got kinks that need to be worked out but comparing the experience we had here is absolutely fails to other franchises we've been to. First off, the double drive through works at other Chick-Fil-As, not at this one. We ordered and made our way through the line and we're eventually made to park off the the side in a special "drive thru waiting" parking which was completely full. I wasn't happy that I had already waited 20 mins in the drive through and when I got out to stand outside my car a young lady from the drive through approached me explaining it would be about another 15 minutes because "we didn't have enough chicken biscuits ready." Not only was the drive-thru mismanaged but so was the kitchen. Secondly, I don't know why but EVERYONE working the drive thru looked absolutely miserable. From the girl who took our order to the girls taking food to the cars: misery lives here in this drive thru and none of the employees tried to hide it. Lastly, they forgot my wife's yogurt parfait and they didn't put in the condiments we asked for. I would only give 1 star the but the food was absolutely delicious so I gave them 2. Hopefully y'all get the kinks worked out and maybe the young people working here will realize how fortunate they are to be working for such a great company.

Thomas L.

Power tip: First time here. Freaking zoo. Indoor area packed for pickups. Less than 10 customers masked. One may have even been vaping. No mask enforcement whatsoever. Disappointing

Daniel M.

Tried it for the first time and wasn't impressed considering all the hype, also workers here should probably use a hair net...

Maira M.

Over an hour wait. Went through drive thru, they asked me to park and they'd bring the food out. By the time they brought the food to my car, half of my order was missing and the food that was there was COLD! So upsetting, I was taking food for coworkers' lunch, completely missed they're lunch time and on top of that, had a cold meal (except for items they brought out to me after the fact) Recommendation: 1. Confirm the correct name, including spelling (wrong name on my order) 2. Confirm the correct car (wrong car on my order) 3. Verify that items on receipt match items in tje bag (missing items) 4. If you notice a bag sitting longer than it should, at least run it or keep it in a warmer (nobody wants cold food if they just ordered it) Update: 2 hours later and 2 of the 3 that ate the food, are experiencing stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea they state that that's all they've eaten so far today.

Jasmine A.

Ways to improve: get a better traffic system going, consider how the other Chick-Fil-A's do it! Make better quality food! Serve it hot! Consider how the other Chick-Fil-A branches do it! Smile! Consider how the other Chick-Fil-A branches do it!

Erika G.

Are they even trying? They should have been ready by now to serve a very full and demanding community. Nope, still waiting in line. On a Saturday at 9:15 am and I waited 45 minutes. I'll keep trying later in the year because I'd like to give a better review if it gets better.

Sunnie S.

The drive thru went pretty fast. The food was hot & cooked when we got it. The only thing is we didn't get the condiments we asked for. All in all pretty good.

Esteban G.

Absolutely horrible service. Waited in line for over an hour, during breakfast where the line was not even beyond the drive thru sign. They were serving cars 5-7 deep behind us. I had to park and go in only for them to magically find my food and use the excuse that they ran out of muffins, DURING BREAKFAST. This location also doesn't allow for any substitutions during breakfast hour, ie fries instead of hash browns. This is the only chick fil A to ever say no. Leave it to the desert to get the worst service at what is expected to be the best. This establishment will fail if they don't fix it.

Adriana Barroso

Sooo good! Glad it finally opened, but it is way too busy! Spent 15 min in the car in line just to get into the parking lot. Then thought it might be faster inside so we parked only to be in line for another 15 min. Then had to wait about 15 more for the food ? SO WORTH IT THO!!

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