Cherry Hills Sushi Co.

1400 E Hampden Ave #110, Cherry Hills Village
(303) 761-1559

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Hubs and I just had the most delicious fresh sushi at Cherry Hills Sushi Co. Neil our server and sushi chef was cheerful, friendly, and fun. The reviews are true! Also, the bathrooms are clean and well stocked. We will be back on our next trip to this area.Check out the incredible wooden countertops too!

Juan C.

Prompt service, and most importantly "amazing food"! Easy to order, well organized and fresh

Damian W.

little hole in the wall by DU. If you are craving for quick SUSHI ROLL here is perfect!! The menu is very simple just roll and sashimi. All the fish so fresh. Since we order a lot for 2 of us they gave us free Wagu beef since they cook extra. I think that is the only thing that could improve. The beef was cook well done. It could of been medium rare and just a little bit of Sauce so the sauce doesn't over take the Beef flavor. We love it since 2 of us got 10 rolls and 6 sashimi and 2 drink! very nice date night!! We will definitely be hungry and back again!!

D Singh

This site is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this restaurant. everytime I I need a special lunchon, this restaurant comes immediately to my mind. Great and food and a large menu.professional staff members, and agreeable atmosphere. Also important, the charge is modest. I praise this place with pleasure.

Dylan Halpin

Awesome staff, great food. Highly recommend

Andy Gaines

This place is my favored. I visit plenty of restaurants but here I keep coming back again and again. The team is very attentive and the cuisine they place on your table is so appetizing. I am always happy to have a good dinner in this restaurant. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Tbura B.

Interesting concept of a sushi place where they have a very limited type of fish. The highlight of course was the hand rolls as they have so many options. During CoVID they space out the seating bar spots well and we were comfortable. Service was so fast and attentive. I think this place is more like a casual sushi place where you enjoy simple fresh fish and drinks. Fish selections are standard kind that you can find somewhere else..salmon, yellowtail, tuna. We got all those in hand rolls plus Uni (not on the menu, please ask your server), Blue crab, and lobster. I like the Negihama (yellowtail and scallion) and the Blue crab. All the fish were fresh and good. The sashimi was just ok. Maybe we got so high expectations when seeing the sashimi pictures on all the reviews. Pretty mediocre and the tuna sashimi was pretty bland in taste.

Shannon Murphy

You can’t go wrong here! The hand rolled sushi, fresh sashimi, dry sake was all amazing.

Robert Williamson

I actually went to the Philly cheese steak place next door I've been three time had a different person making my cheese steak each time by far this guy was the best .wow great subs and cheese steaks

Kirk C.

Found this place roaming Denver and I'll be back again! I had the sashimi and every bite was amazing. The service was friendly and fast. Also, there is an great alcohol menu that I want to dive into. Highly recommend.

Philip Ross

This place is a joke I just ordered the 5 roll special and they gave me these tiny micro sized sushi rolls but full price, that are literally just rice and the fish, and king suppers makes way better sushi then this.Overpriced joke! don't bother there 3 way better places down the street.

Porscha Butler

I adore this place! Phenomenal food and some of the most genuine people around. It always feels like home.

Philip R.

This place is a joke read reviews and looked and sounded amazing. Got 5 rolls and the "rolls" are these tiny 1/4 rolls that have almost no fish or filler, and it's said to say king soopers grocery sushi was 100 times better. Don't believe the hype and if you was get gas station sushi, then enjoy.

Like there are literally 4 other sushi places west of here that waaaay better. Its not even a covid time issue this place just sux and people don't know better

Laura Brown

This place is amazing. Super nice staff and good clean food.

David Wood

One of my main spots to grab something to eat. very good location, always clean, and good customer service. I recommend this place!

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