Drifter's Hamburgers

4455 Mark Dabling Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 548-8163

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Jess G.

Freaking amazing burgers! This place serves up burgers and fries similar to In and Out style but better in my opinion. Their dining room is closed right now but you can still use the drive through. As for the burgers they are amazing! The burger is very juicy and seasoned well. They have lettuce and tomatoes slices to add additional flavor. I got my burger wild style with the grilled onions and it really took it to the next level. As for the fries they are thin and cooked well. We got the wild style sauce on the side to dip the fries in and that was the move! Overall a great place for a meal.

Sean Surat

Best burgers in the springs! Must try wild style! Not a big fan of onions but love ws!

Rasha Khalaf

As someone who lived in California 10 years, I can say this is a really good copy of In N Out burgers and fries. Haven’t had the shakes but the cheeseburger and fries were fresh and made to order, neatly wrapped, had the special sauce and yummy bun, and honestly it’s hard to tell the difference between this and In N Out. I’d rather go to Drifter’s drive thru and not wait in line an hour at In N Out. It’s not a gourmet burger but it was delicious if you are looking for a few step ups in quality from your basic chain fast food burger. My only criticism is that employees were wearing gloves but not masks (how does that make sense?) in the middle of another dangerous wave of delta variant. Management should step up and mandate this—every other fast food restaurant seems to be masking again now.

Less sweet

Yummy!! Crispy lettuce, tasty juicy beef patty.

John C.

Burgers were fantastic. Fries were decent. Strawberry shake was awful. Advice: Use real ice cream, and make your own shakes. Your customers will be happier.

Laura Rey

My brother took us here, we’re from the Kansas City area and came to visit. Very delicious burgers! One of my top favorites

Jeff Palmer

For me this is the best 50's type burger place in C.S. and I always go there given the chance. Nothing fancy just a great burger and fries. I particularly like the bosinberry milk shakes.....make it a large please!

Bailey A.

Not a bad breakfast burrito for a hamburger restaurant! They offered green and red salsa inside the burrito, so it's easy for a to go meal. It was definitely salsa, not green chili. It's a big burrito and will fill you up if that's what you're looking for! Breakfast is served until 11:00am. I went at 10:55am on a Monday and got this combo, waited 13 mins in line. The hash brown wasn't anything extraordinary so I might get just the burrito and not the combo next time.

Bartholomew C. Berggren

My 1st time! It was drive-thru only (because of Covid-19?) Burger and fries were Awesome. I'll be back!

Eagle Rising

Let’s get the mandatory statement out of the way: I was raised on In N Out for the first 20 years of my life.I like to think of myself as a Burger/Fries/Shake connoisseur, traveling far and wide to sample these sacred combinations.Let’s start with the Drifter’s bun: the inside has a beautiful crisp/toast balance that gives a nice crunch without being overly cooked. The top of the bun is soft and undamaged as if you were bouncing on a cloud top.Let’s continue with the Wild Style accoutrements: the sauce was not overbearing and perfectly balanced the other items. The fresh tomato, pickle, lettuce was the perfect size / ratio in comparison to the bun, meat, and cheese. The grilled onion was a brilliant little addition to finish it off.Meat and Cheese: business. Perfectly cooked patty with just the right amount of juice to ooze out after you squeeze and take the first bite. The melt on the cheese is reminiscent of putting a blanket over you on a cold winter day nap.Fries: cooked to perfection, not overly greasy or salty. Nice and warm, ready to be devoured.Shake: Boysenberry is absolutely genius. It’s light, a little flavor, and the right consistency out of cup.

Craig Erie

Hit the spot! Fast and courteous. Double wild style was on point. Hot fries and love the Wild Cherry Pepsi option. 5 stars all day!

Josh Strain

Easy menu, and fast service. Really great burgers and they actually got our order correct, unlike the chain restaurants. We have a family of 5 and all the food was made to order and delicious. We might have found our new favorite spot!

Josephus Yewbank

Drifter's is so hit-and-miss for me. Sometimes it's a killer burger - cheesy, crispy, juicy, everything I want. Sometimes it's a greasy mess. Their fries are always better than another unnamed California-style burger place though! Give it a shot if you're in the mood for some classic fast food burgers.

Alexis Miller

Best burger in Colorado Springs. Get the taste of In N' Out without the lines. Their milkshakes are delicious and their chicken sandwich is not to be missed. Support local businesses!

Colette Harmon

Always fresh! So much better then in-n-out. These guys never dissapoint.

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