New Panda 2

1625 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 574-8336

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Norman Shifflett

The food was awsome and priced fairly.

Bree M.

We had a really good experience the first time, where we ordered green curry extra spicy, and it was some of the best we had had in the US. We ordered it again and it was GREEN, as in the chicken was like a bright, lime green color. Soooo strange. Possibly adding food coloring to the curry. It was kind of funny, tasted ok, but it just looked seriously suspicious and strange. We didn't want to eat it, simply because it made us question what could possibly in it.

L. Angala

General tsos wasn't spicy just sweet and sesame tasted the exact same as the general tsos, just different cuts of meat and batter.. containers weren't full both times we ordered.. better deals at better places.. Greasy lo mein. Second time we ordered, the orange chicken was the same as the others.. no authentic orange flavor, just sweet shoyu junk.. only star is for their fast delivery.

Kyle Morgan

Really tasty. Great service.

Nathan Ringer

We just tried the "New Panda 2" restaurant last night. We like Chinese food, saw their 'one/two liner' reviews (authenticity is questionable [employees, maybe]) and wanted to give them a try, so we did... - Much to our dismay. After over an hour of waiting for the only 3 mile delivery, Everything was correctly ordered on the receipt, but did not come with the food. They shorted us an order of $7 eggrolls, an ordered $3 container of sauce, an order of fried rice, and did not provide much edamame for the price that we are used to from other Chinese restaurants we go to. We called immediately after and instead of rectifying the issue, we were transferred directly to the manager whom argued with us about personally "putting the items in the bag" and wasting our time going over the order. She would not entertain refunding these items due to their mistake, and after 20 minutes of letting our food get cold, she finally caved and told us we can have the paid for missing items without any apology and told us if we wanted it to "come get it ourselves" which takes away the whole point of having it delivered. After further arguing, she agreed to deliver it but could not tell us when they would get around to it. The missing items were eventually sent out over an hour later and well after we finished eating. Nothing was labeled upon arrival for us to sort the meals. More importantly, their idea of "spicy" was more like sweet, and the "happy family" was the most bland tasting Chinese food I have personally ever tasted. I would be surprised if it even had spices in it. The wonton soup tasted like it came from a box at the grocery store and was packed full of salt, and again, I didn't get to try the fried rice with the combination, so I'm not sure how it would have tasted with the rice. The egg rolls that we did get looked more like spring rolls and were relativity tasteless without sauce. That being said, please save your family the disappointment mine had to endure and pick a better place to dump $90 for Chinese food as this place is not worth the money.


They used to be good but the quality of the food , specifically the chicken, has gone down alot. The food is good when you dine in but for some reason really bad when you order delivery

Molly Bussler

Love this place. Great food and service! Harry was attentive and fast.

Marvin Kozak

Very good food fresh veggies and friendly staff

Cruz G.

Super disappointed with this place the lo mein was good but this curry consists of onions and bell peppers and about 3 pieces of chicken smashed in there

Roger Garza

On a family road trip we stopped in Colorado Springs and we're craving Chinese. We came to this place because it was the only one in the area with dine in. Holy smoke Batman! The portions are huge! And the food was of the HIGHEST quality! I would visit Colorado again just to come to this place!

James Beck

We love ordering from this place. The food is great, plus they have free delivery. It cost my wife and I a little over $20 and we got full with leftovers, lol.

Rosa B.

First time in Colorado and this was by far the best place I have eaten with my friends. I'm from GA but will definitely be coming back to eat here! Highly recommend

Amy Linares

Staff is always so kind! Food ALWAYS GREAT! This is tbh the best Chinese in the springs!!!

bjorn brecker

If you’re expecting chow mein to be a noodle dish like every other Asian restaurant we have ever ordered from, don’t bother. This place says it’s a vegetable dish. Apparently they need to research the difference between LO mein and chow mein. LO mein - tossed noodles. Chow mein - fried noodles.

Judson Sloan

I like this place very much. there is a nice ambiance. The cuisine is exeptionaly good. the service is efficient and the team is trained. The cost is fair. greatly recommend.

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