QDOBA Mexican Eats

3670 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Suite 100, Colorado Springs
(719) 265-1858

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Rod G

Qboda has good food. But when you order uber eats why can't I get my cutlery I ordered with it. Lol.

mary raino

Horrible service. Last night was our first time visiting a Qdoba Grill. We ordered the chicken protein bowls because the menu stated fajita vegetables. The girl made our bowls minus the fajita veggies. When asked why-she stated we're out. We then asked if we could have corn in the place of the veggies. She stated we'd have to pay $2.50 extra. She charged us full price for our bowls. Why didn't she tell us they were out of veggies when we ordered. I feel ripped off.

Spencer Dickson

Ordered a breakfast burrito and I swear best burrito I've ever had

Shanta Campan

Love This local franchise. Great service..the ladies here are amazing. The food, of course, always keeps us coming back for more.

Robert Timberlake

I have come here a couple times every week and have lost count on how many times they lock up and close early. Not just a few minutes early either, up to 30 minutes early. I live in Elbert amd go about 30 minutes off course after I leave the gym to come here and then go home. It's very aggravating driving way out of my way for no reason. Either adjust your hours or get new employees. I'm done bringing my business here regardless.

Roger Stone

Excellent burrito bowl. Had the shredded beef, no sour cream in store unfortunately. The quality was excellent, quickly made, but.... something that was 8.40 was charged as 9.85 :/ (tax is supposed ot be 7-9% not 17-20% might be a hidden covid fee). Not a huge amount but not accurate :( . Food was tasty though.

carolyn Petersen

Disappointed in Management and food. Ordered through uber eats, when I received it i was missing all the sides I had asked for and got guac, which I won't personally eat, never wanted it. Called the store to ask if there was just a mistake, really just wanting an apology, and the management told me my order "never existed." Very hostile for no reason when it's their job to double check food before it is handed out. Will not order from here again.

Madeline Mann

Salad bowl with pulled pork was delicious. The meat was so juicy and flavorful!

Ricky Eby

This was my 1st visit ever to QDOBA, & ordered a burrito, barbacoa, sour cream, red onion (both raw/pickled), corn salsa, 1/2 & 1/2 blend of mild & spicy queso, mentioned once I was greeted that I was a Qdoba newbie, wasn't quite sure how similar ordering was on level with Chipotle who?, but I will confess, every word about this establishment offerings of level over Chipotle was true. I haven't eaten a delicious burrito like this in like ages, it was so awesome with how it all came together in flavor after I warmed it up in convection for 8 minutes. Def my go to comfort food after long work shift. Thank you for making long day better!!

Caleb Hess

Normally I have an excellent experience with Qdoba, but recently when I go in, my order of food keeps getting smaller and smaller and prices stay the same or go up. The manager on duty have me a mean look when I asked for more queso because the guy who put queso on my bowl put less than a ladle on. And then chargede for a chips and queso and gave me no chips. Wish the service was better like the past

B arch

Ordered Chip's & queso (delicious) on the side, a brisket burrito and a chicken quesadilla fresh ingredients all the way around, huge and delicious! Austin Bluffs location. I will be back & definitely recommend this location.

ad rob

The place was very clean and sanitized....Adam I believe the manager was outstanding the staff was fast and polite. Thank you for the great service

Nathan Chacon

Food came out great! The employees made it quick and neat and were very polite every step of the way. Also the restaurant itself is clean and tidy!


Sometimes the food is good and staff pleasant. Other times it is awful and staff is rude. Family member does not eat meat so the impossible meat was a plus. Ingredients are fresh and portion size is good.

Riley's FieryMoleMagic

Everything is good, hot, and the service is fast. But putting things on your meal that you didn't ask for is kind of upsetting. Watch the line people close.

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