Red Rock Liquors

3139 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs
(719) 632-1139

Recent Reviews

Joshua Madrid

Best place in town! The owner is friendly, has fantastic recommendations, and always remembers returning customers. I moved to Widefield last year, but will make the drive across town for the amazing selection and customer service.

Robert Albert

The family liquor store! I feel very welcome at this store and know they keep my favorites in stock because I get so disappointed when they don't have them. About to get on the wagon for a bit. I'll miss the owners, they are SO pleasant ALL THE TIME! It must take a lot of work to have such great service. I'll miss them, but look forward to returning after a hard day at work. They always had me smiling inside before I even got home to drink my shot and a beer!For every terrible review I leave, there must be some 5 star reviews also.

Nicholas Houston

Started randomly going here a few years ago during our summer Colorado trips from Texas, Peter is a super nice guy, hope to see him again next summer.

Cheryl Linneman

Nicest most considerate congenital people around! Thank you so much Red Rocks Liquors!

Kirk Hutson

Peter is super knowledgeable, honest, and very friendly. I don’t live here, but if I did, I would go out of my way to make this my go-to store.


Great store. The shop employee recommended a bottle I would not have otherwise tried and it is great. Very knowledgeable and crazy good prices!

Chara Newman

It's local. Not overly friendly staff, but maybe that's to be expected... Way better than the German downtown. He's a bit snooty... I'll go there again sometime and do a review. Check out his mood. Personally, I think he should retired.

Theresa Rebello Stanley

This place is amazing! The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We live in Georgia, but stock up on beverages while we are here!


Love this store. Peter, Jayme, and anyone else I’ve encountered here are beyond helpful and fun to chat with. Everyone is really honest and try their best to give you good recommendations or find what you are looking for. My husband and I love going here. Lots of great wine from around the world and amazing craft beer selections. Highly recommend.

Scotty Kiesecoms

Best liquor store in Colorado. Owner is top notch dude. Cares for their customers, prices are very good

Benny Wilkerson

I enjoy visiting the establishment. The Staff are very knowledgeable on both Wine and Whiskey. I found the store on a whim and from that moment on I've become a fan.

Lincoln Ward

Super friendly and helpful staff. Go to place in the area for hard to find stuff!

Harrison Flinn

The best around. Simple as that

John Bevel

Well stocked, fair priced, courteous service.

Katie Slater

I wish I could give them 10 stars, this place is the most amazing hidden gem in the city. I searched for DAYS trying to find the special edition Chinese New Years Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle and they had one left! The owners are super friendly & didn’t over charge for it even though it’s super limited edition and hard to find. His whiskey knowledge is phenomenal; absolutely coming back.

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