Thai Mint Restaurant

1725 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 598-7843

Recent Reviews

Mister Dee

The food was amazing! Fast and friendly service. Definitely want to return when I come back into town!

Linda Lindsey

The food was prepared well, and it is a wonderful and clean environment. I recommend this restaurant for anyone who likes good Thai and affordable prices!Warning: the spice scale is on the hotter end, so think about ordering less spice than you are used to.

Chris Abeyta

Very friendly service and food was great. I'm used to the Panang sauce being a little thicker but it was very tasty. I'm used to taking some food home but I ate the whole portion.

Landon Pauley

I came into my first experience with high expectations. Several friends and family members love this place. There is a lot of variety and most items seem made from scratch. Authentic Thai cuisine is hard to come by nowadays.My problem wasn't so much with the food. But there were major problems with the service. When our server took our order, that was the last time I saw her stop by our table. Food runners brought our food out, no one checked in after we started eating, and we were not able to place a take out order until everyone was finished eating. I made several attempts to flag someone down and was ignored.When we finally placed our order to-go, we waited close to 30 minutes for a simple fried rice dish. Turns out, it was left on the carry-out/delivery table for God-knows how long.Yes, we left a moderate tip, but I will not be dining in at this store anytime soon. I didn't bring up any issues with employees because I was so fed up with the service.

Michael Ross

Super disappointed in my most recent experience. I have been coming here since I was in high school and that was more than a decade ago. I have always loved and recommended this place. i went in and ordered some food and it took them so long to make it i didnt even have time to sit there and eat it so I asked them to pack it up to go. They literally put 6 pieces of chicken over some cabbage and charged me $20.00 for barely any actual food and plate of rice. I remarked about this to the waitress asking her if this is what they typically charge people $20.00 for and she said it was. I paid for my food and then went to another restaurant to get a meal. I know food prices are going up but this is just a rip off. I dont care how good your food is this is whack and I wont be coming back.


This place gets a lot of buzz on food pages when people ask about the best Thai in the city. We approached it with skepticism as so many restaurants are stated as fantastic here, including Thai that are ok at best. I’m not sure people here have had real Thai food. Our first try had us pleased. We both thought the dishes were really good. Not great, but good for Colorado Springs. We went back yesterday for carry out and couldn’t believe how bad the food was. Both of the dishes were very watered down and low on flavor and spice. The dishes actually tasted like someone added water to them to dilute the flavor. Very bland. We ordered hot and both dishes barely had any spice level at all. Good Thai food has complexity in flavors of things like herbs, ginger, kefir lime leaves, lemon grass and chilis. We couldn’t detect a thing besides a flavor like water. The stir fry dish we ordered was also a very small portion. We would be ok with that if the food was good but it was surprising in comparison to portions typically served at Thai restaurants at the same price point. I keep my expectations low here but this was pathetic. I’m giving it two stars because the first try it was at least decent but the second time around was so bad, we should have gotten our money back.


My wife and I over the years looked forward to visiting COS in part so we can eat at Thai Mint. The food has always been incredible and reasonably affordable. That was until our last visit. The first thing we noticed once we were seated was the prices. Holy moly has it got expensive. They brought our appetizers out and one minute later brought out the entrees. So by the time we finished our appetizers the rest of our meal was cold. The food was bland and no heat/spicy. The curry was watered down and the chicken was water boiled gross. I ordered Thai ice tea that had so much ice in it I couldn’t stir it. The quantity of food is cut down as well and we are light eaters. We have compassion for many who suffered during covid so we can perhaps understand the prices change. However, when the quality of food has changed drastically and the service is poor than that’s no excuse. We will not be going back and suggest others don’t until they make changes.

Matt Nesterenko

This place used to be awesome, but our must recent visit wasn't really up to par. It's like they changed the recipe and are using much cheaper ingredients. The red curry is now generic, and the drunken noodles taste plain and "cheap". I would have preferred they raised the menu prices if that was the issue because it's hard to find good Thai food! I've heard this same experience from a few others too, and we were sad to see that it was true.

Balakrishnan Vasudevan

Great food!Their chicken satays are juicy and delicious. Make sure to order them. We also ordered the Thai Mint fried rice and the Panang curry and they both tasted great as well.


We've had many meals at Thai Mint, many of which have been of good quality. However, a number of recent visits have disappointed us. The spice level is really low (even though we ordered 'Thai hot') and the quality has become less than predictable. This is unfortunate. We won't return anytime soon.

Arindam Fadikar

Well organized and fast served Thai place. Food is tasty, reasonably priced. Their scale of hotness seems to be not consistent across dishes, tends to be on the milder side. Overall experience was good

Garrett Motzner

Good food, chill atmosphere.

Colleen Rettig

We use to love Thai Mint but it only takes one bad experience for me to never go back. Last week our chicken spring rolls came to the table 2 completely different sizes (one regular size and one small, finger size) they were sitting in a wax paper with 1/4 inch of oil at the bottom. I cut mine in half and it was all 98% cabbage, 2% chicken. I asked the waitress if I received the wrong order because usually they are packed with chicken. She PICKED UP half of the roll, looked inside and said "there is chicken in there" and put it back on my plate. Like I was supposed to eat it after she handled it. I told her she could just take the plate and she said "thank-you for your permission to take your plate" in a super passive aggressive way. No offer to take the rolls off of our bill, no offer to bring another roll after she handled it, no customer service at all. We will not be going back. Super disappointing.

Luke Ahn

Not the best experience, but the food was pretty good. I understand there could be staffing issues, but I went in on a Sunday afternoon when it should not have been busy. I ordered the Drunken Noodle that’s Thai Hot. The dish itself was on par or better than other places. As for the spice, there wasn’t any unless they consider what I received to be Thai Hot, but I seriously doubt that. There was no follow up after receiving the meal so I couldn’t notify the server. When I was done, I waited for the check patiently, but it never arrived. I had to go to the counter to get my check along with probably four other tables.

Benjamin Cockrell

My wife and I really enjoyed our time here. Nice wait staff, and the place is really clean. It was raining, otherwise we would've sat outside on their little patio. Ultimately, we really enjoyed our food, but I think we wished it was a little bit more seasoned and had slightly more salt. Most of the time, I think that's just because we like more seasoning than other people and maybe more salt than other people ? we are looking forward to coming back sometime soon and trying some other dishes!

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