7 Leguas Mexican Grille

4550 E Colfax Ave, Denver
(303) 322-4431

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Keara Fenzel

Huge delicious margaritas. Huge delicious tortas. Incredible, thoughtful staff. Literally what else could you want from a restaurant? Come here with your friends and leave happy!

Githzell Medina

We just did carry out from this place for the first time and I would not recommend! I called to get a refund for two out of the four plates that we ordered. They offered a replacement of the food, but after trying our food we wouldn't want to waste our time getting more bland food ! (The carnitas plate and the burrito de chile verde were bland) ? That's the least of the issues. The worst part is that one of the plates had a piece of plastic in it. ? This made us loose our appetite and made us feel sick to our stomachs. The only two plates that were OK were the barbacoa tacos and the torta that our family got. Try at your own risk.

T Cook

Establishment was bustling with business, outside dining inside dining. Takeout or Uber Eats delivers. There was no acknowledgement from staff when entering the establishment. The couple behind me was acknowledge. Finally a male staff member assisted me.My food was sitting on a nearby table wrapped. Atmosphere was Lively maybe we'll try dine in for a better experience. Food was tasty will dine in. Menu has a variety of options.

Victoria DeMersseman

Interesting vibe, especially if you are outside, considering it is right on Colfax. The food was overall very tasty, albeit slightly expensive. Some of the portions seemed way to big while others, though large, seemed to fall short of impressions the menu may have made. The bacon wrapped cheese stuffed shrimp is superb and I would definitely recommend getting something that includes them. The one qualm I did have was that some of the breaded shrimp felt and looked slightly undercooked, although my brother, with whom I was sharing the plate at his with no concerns, so that may have been a personal preference. The wait staff was super friendly and helpful, overall I would recommend!

William Robin

So this is an unfortunate review as I've eaten at the other location, had a fantastic experience there, delicious chicken enchiladas if you ever get a chance.This time I ordered the Burrito Supreme, and it was anything but Supreme.The flavor wasn't just lacking, I can appreciate simple cooked ground beef. It legitimately tasted like something had gone bad with the meat, not sure if it was old and reheated multiple times or just starting to age out or spoil but it was that in conjunction with the beans again tasting...old? The lard in them, good, the flavor of the lard, poor and old and tired.Hoping this was a one off but this seemed to almost be the style they were going for, stick to the chicken enchiladas if you're going here.


I love this place!! I got the build your own combo it was delicious and huge! I had to take half of it home!! Definitely will be back again!!

Sherry Berry

Excellent food and great margaritas, micheladas

Emani Lopez

First I’d like to say I have never wrote a google review in my LIFE. But this place ? Man I can’t speak highly enough! I am so picky about my Mexican food but THIS place is AMAZING. So authentic , the food is delicious, the drinks are amazing for amazing prices. They are definitely my new go to spot. So glad I came across. If you love good Mexican food and margaritas this place is Definitely worth it!

Bill Shafi

Great food and service. Cute blonde waitress is awesome


I've been coming here a couple of years now and I'm never disappointed. Food is delicious and consistent. Staff is always friendly and they have some nice vegetarian options. They are not a sports bar, but they have several TV's all around and I've stopped by for a few Avalanche games. Definitely recommend.

J R.

The servers weren't so busy they couldn't take our order after 30 minutes of waiting. They weren't too busy to refill our water after 15 minutes of waiting. They weren't too busy to refill our chips after 20 minutes of having an empty basket. We tried this restaurant before and ended up leaving. We gave them another shot & they failed us. This place sucks. The food was NOT worth this kind of horrible service. Never again. P. S. The server stuck her finger our salsa and coleslaw mix when we first arrived. It was gross.

Kurt Mirimanian

Food was fantastic, we had 4 different entrees , All 4 were outstanding: 5 stars


I gave this restaurant two stars because it is indeed below the average Mexican restaurant in my opinion which is pretty bad. We each got different combination plates and found absolutely nothing that tasted good or even tasted. It was all just blah no flavor at all.

Adrianne Gilbert

My first time here was great ??? very clean very friendly and very relaxing place to go eat at and enjoy your day the margarita was great ????

Bprsnal T

OVERALL 4.5☆ out of 5.• Great Molcajete (Steak, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster tail, etc. Available)• A lot of menu.variety to choose from.• Good Rice & Beans, Guacamole, and Sour cream.• Ok but could be improved Chips & Salsa (The chips tasted cold not fresh at all).

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