Bamboo Sushi Izakaya

2715 17th St, Denver
(303) 284-6600

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just okayi’ve been to Bamboo twice. ambience is pretty cool, great neighborhood / location. i would say the vibe is a bit on the more serious / sterile side.what was good:- rolls are pretty good, not great (Blue, Hapa, are superior)- hostess was great, very friendlywhat was not so good:- rolls are pretty good - i expect better given the pricing and LoHi location- service is slowwwww- not very thoughtful (didn’t bring us soy sauce dishes or even soy sauce…)overall, 3 stars. might give them another try but probably would choose Blue over Bamboo despite being further away.

Nick DiRaddo

The fish was fresh and that's about it. Sustainable fishing is a marketing ploy to make you feel less guilty about eating fish to extinction. I have no issue eating a species to extinction ill pay top dollar for it. Which brings me to the next issue - No cash?!?! card only?!?Service was awful - server didn't know the menu or sake selection.

Charles Herrera

The food is right here fun place party place fun people,

Paige Myers

Every kiss begins with “K”… and that’s for you Karol! Great sushi and bar experience. It was extremely busy and the bartender Karol continued to make our night top notch! Even though other staff members seemed unhappy, he served us with a smile!

Kelly Smith

My wife made reservations for us to return here. Food and service was good prior, and they have been good for people with gluten allergies. Upon arriving for our reservation, we were sat promptly and served water by the hostess.For 20 minutes, in a less than half full restaurant we were totally ignored. The manager stood with his back to us facing the sushi chefs the entire time. No one would even make eye contact so we could get their attention. This seemed purposeful to us. We had been their a few times before, always tipping very well, never complaining and always good customers. We finally got up and left. On the way out there were plenty of staff that could have acknowledged we were leaving but chose not to say a word. We're puzzled by the disrespect. I responded to their post visit survey and never heard from them. So sad.

Corey M.

Food and atmosphere was good. We had a new waitress training during our service. She was very nice but mistakenly thought we wanted 2 more orders of sushi instead of 2 more drinks. She said she corrected the bill but it did seem a bit high at the end of the service. We did not receive an itemized receipt as everything was done on a remote pay station. We ordered $60 worth of food (4 roles) + 4 cocktails and the tab was $148. Unless the cocktails are $23 each something doesn't add up. Nothing I could do now but it would be nice if they provided a receipt when paying.

Jessica B.

Just visited this restaurant for the first time and was pretty excited! Unfortunately we did not have the greatest experience with our server. We waited a long time for our food and finally had to double check with our waiter to see if the food was ever coming? He forgot to put the order in and after that we ordered another round of sushi and it took just as long for the food to come. In between this time the waiter had disappeared somewhere. Interesting part is after waiting around all night for our food, the minute we were done eating the waiter ran over with his paying device and I guess expected me to pay for the entire bill by myself while my friend was using the restroom. There can definitely be some improvements on training the staff. Service is key and with such a nice restaurant should have qualified employees that's suitable and represents the business well.

Zac W

Great sushi and a beautiful space! Love that they focus on sustainable fish as well!

Anne H.

New ownership ... will never come back. The restaurant was almost empty and we could not get one server to greet us within 20 minutes. Don't waste your time or your money.

Jackie K.

Absolutely loved this restaurant last night! The atmosphere is very nice but cool and relaxed. Our server was wonderful , she was very kind, energetic, and attentive to us. We started with miso soup and edamame, and loved both. I love when edamame is topped with coarse salt like they have it here. We each got a roll- Friday the 13th for me and Chasing the Dragon for my boyfriend- and then split a Garden of Eden roll. The Garden of eden roll has so many flavors in it that we could only describe it as fun. Sometimes the taste ended with apple, sometimes spicy, and sometime vinegary. I highly recommend getting it!! We will be back very soon!

Jessica Ahner

Really glad they opened back up! I can't eat sushi anywhere else now since I've been so spoiled with these gluten free rolls.

Connie F.

My new favorite sushi spot in Denver! We got the spicy tuna and spicy albacore crispy rice which were both amazing. The spicy albacore was my favorite and had so much flavor and kick. The full circle sushi roll was so fresh and delicious. My favorite roll! The sunset was good too with a nice kick to it but I wouldn't get it again because it was too creamy for me. We also tried the Watari sake which was amazing. The house sake was ok, wouldn't get it again. Lastly, service was a bit slow but Carl, our server was great with recommendations!

Jacob Stackhouse

Very good rolls!! Went here for a birthday celebration. Get very safe with covid protocols in place, staff and other guests were wearing masks when not sitting at their tables. We highly recommend the green machine roll, something about the cilantro made it fantastic! We sat in the bar area and I wish we grabbed the bartender’s name because she did a fantastic job with service and even had some amazing recommendations! Definitely going back!!

Larry Modestow

We preferred to sit outside although inside seemed pandemic friendly. We were alone with comfortable heating on a cool night. This was the best sushi I've had in a long time. The server was attentive and friendly. We had a great evening.

Andrea R

Sunset roll was perfect.Ambiance is great with indoor-outdoor seating and heaters when it gets cold outside.In general the food was good altho the serving was a little inconsistent. While we were okay with items coming out as they were prepared, there was a significant gap between when people at our table were served - we attributed it to the first warm day of the year and so many people out for dinner and drinks.Overall, I would recommend the restaurant as a less conjested and slightly quieter option to the other bars in the neighborhood.

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