Cherry Cricket - Cherry Creek

2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver
(303) 322-7666

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Scott R.

I can see the draw here. This is actually my second time here, came with the family this time. This place has a great craft beer list and all the staff was prompt and friendly which is getting more and more rare these days. We ordered wings which were meaty and the sauce full of flavor. Our burgers were very good but the salad was a disappointment. I know salad at a burger joint, but dressing was not to our liking and the Field greens make me sad. I'd come back for the atmosphere and beer list. Stick with the wings and the burgers

Drew G.

Love the Green Chile!!! The atmosphere is great here and both times that I have been here, I have left very satisfied! I will warn you that the bowl is enormous and the flavors are rich and delicious. I'm looking forward to going back!!

Shalee O.

Denver Staple + Big Mouth Burgers = Food Coma I recently visited the Cherry Cricket this past holiday weekend with some friends who just moved to Denver from NJ and introduced them to the home of the best burger and overall fun dining experience. The entire staff is super friendly and the service is always above and beyond your expectations! It almost feels like one of your close friends magically decided to help host and cater to your super needy friends for an impromptu get-together at your pad. If we could only be so lucky right? If you decide to sit indoors you will experience more of an intimate old school dining experience minus the fresh air but still experience fun vibes. If you choose outdoor seating, you are led to the back of the restaurant through a maze of tables to the grand entrance of what should be accurately described as a adult circus tent of awesomeness. Think wedding tent minus the b.s. seating chart or the lame wedding party toasts you would endure at a forced engagement event. To the right of the adult tent, - you will notice a large selection of patio furniture seating options (some even with umbrellas) with a thick cushion of artificial turf that could be described as the kiddie section :) For those that are young at heart. We ordered the chips/queso/guacamole combo as a starter along with two sangrias (oddly enough the sangria was interesting because it had a cinnamon role aftertaste which we weren't a fan of but had a beautiful presentation). The guac was fab, queso a little too thick for dipping but overall it was good. For din-din, we ordered two of the Chile Reallano Burgers which was paired with the green chili topping and cooked perfectly. Big burger, only ate half so it's worth splitting if you gorge on apps. The other person ordered fish tacos and said they were okay, not much to write home about but I of course was quick to remind them that the cricket is known for their burgers so their loss. All in all great food, service, and huge selection of drinks and food. Great spot for a casual dinner at a Denver Staple restaurant without feeling judged by the bougie Cherry Creek snobs/aka $30k millionaires while relaxing with friends. I will always be back


The food was great. I had the bison burger and it was really good. I also ordered onion rings and they were really done right. I gave 3 stars though because the wait staff was just plain unfriendly. Not looking for conversation or perkiness . . . just a pleasant smile. It was not to be found. I gave a good tip but kinda regret it. :(

Enrique P.

Food and drinks we're really good I really like the time I enjoyed with my friends but the problem was with the bartender "James" he was racist with one of friends just because of his skin color... you know what i mean

Hethher Muhree

Fantastic. Absolutely.303 Chile relleno burger was perfect. med rare awesomeness at Cherry Crazy Cricket and our waitress was having an Amazing first day,!!! She even remembered I preferred slice of lemon w my Petron... Thanks!! ?

M Dickard

Hands down best burgers in Denver. Hadn't been here for quite a while because of kids, etc. Came in tonight and remembered what we've been missing. Burgers are fantastic! I can't believe anybody would it be impressed. The meat is clearly A Step Above other local places. Pick any topping you want. Fries are awesome! Jordan was a great waiter, we'll be back soon!!

George Whittal

Not busy when we went but we were a tad early. Great burgers and fries. Just to be diff I ordered the fish sandwich and did enjoy. The kids always seem to like it and are entertained by the sports screens.

Brian W.

Best burger in Denver by far. I've been going to this place for many, many years. You can make a burger here with as many toppings as you can possibly think of. If you can't make a burger that you would like then you probably don't like burgers and shouldn't be going to a burger joint. But just in case you really can't figure out how you want your burger to be made because there's just so many choices, just ask your waiter there's a fun way they pick your burger for you. Unfortunately I had to move so my last trip was the LAST trip... At least for a little while. I had to try their award-winning poblano Burger which was the burger of the month at that time. It was pure heaven... Think Monte Cristo meets hot tamale and has a threesome with a burger, that's where you're at with this one. The place is in the college town it's a college bar and it always has the fun College atmosphere. Servers have always been great, prices are affordable and the place is clean including the bathrooms. If you're traveling to Denver and have a night to stay I would highly recommend eating here for your dinner.

Sarah A.

We came here after an intense day of hiking at Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods and we were ready to EAT BURGERS! There was a short wait to be seated outside which was nicely managed via text and the hostess was friendly. We were seated and had to wait a bit for our waiter but we were very happy when he arrived with huge glasses of water. I don't want to diminish the quality of the food here but OMG I loved these huge water glasses. See pic. I am always stressed at restaurants because I drink a ton of water and those little tiny glasses just do not cut it for me. If the service is not good and my water is not refilled it is so bad. I need water! Totally not an issue here thanks to these massive glasses! The burgers are 100 percent customizable which I totally appreciated. I had a bison burger with blue cheese, grilled pineapple and avocado. Might sound weird to you but it was totally delicious and cooked perfectly to my specifications. Bf enjoyed his burger of the month with jalapeños and pork belly. Note that only the burgers of the month come with fries. The regular customized burgers require a side add on. No big deal. We had a local beer that was similar to Blue Moon. Awesome. So everything was great with the food and service until it was time to pay. Our waiter who was previously awesome ghosted us for a larger party. I flagged down another employee and asked what happened to our waiter and her response was basically just like oh, he's with a big party, you just have to wait. Not cool! Finally, another employee stepped up to take my card and cash me out. This should have happened way earlier if our waiter was so busy! Aside from this issue with the service at the end of the meal, I would totally recommend and return to this place. Right across from Cherry Creek Mall. We came here because everything closed in the mall around 8 or 9. Outdoor dining end low lit so sorry no good pics of the food. The area is cool too with lots of other shops and restaurants and would be fun to walk around another time.

April H.

I was in Denver for a week recently and had a lot of bad food and restaurant experiences. Cherry Cricket was one of the only good places that we found. The restaurant is cute with both large indoor and outdoor areas. The service was good as well as fast. We had some fun cocktails which I admit were tasty but on the weaker side. We shared an order of chili cheese fries and it was absolutely amazing, the pork green chili was delicious, the cheese perfect, the topping to fry ratio was just right, and the portion was huge! We could have just eaten that and both be full but we had already ordered entrees too. My husband had the special burger of the month and I had the bison burger. Both were delicious. The price for everything was also very reasonable. This is a good pick for the Denver area.

Tatyana Malinina

Good experience here! I realized there's no pictures of the fish tacos - these were really yummy. 1 star off for the Denver burger being rare instead of medium, it was still delicious but they really should know their temps. Great service

Devan M.

The wait was long. And we stood at the door while people that came after us were taken before us. We were left outside when it was raining because the man at the door said we were not allowed to wait inside. Needless to say, it started off bad but the burger. Omg the burger.. Sooo good. I actually crave this burger all the time. I am an total burger snob. So believe me when I say this is the best burger I have ever had. The green chili, the relleno, everything about this burger was downright delicious. Service: 1 star Food: 5 stars. Overall would recommend to anyone. Just be prepared to possibly wait outside no matter what the weather is.

Kenji C.

My Uber driver driving me from the Denver airport recommended I check this place out for burgers. I was super hungry so I got their half pound burger of the month, a side of their green Chile soup and the Buffalo wings. Burger- 5/5 amazing ratios off this burger with the amount of meat to bun, plus the bacon and mango salsa with cheese paired perfect with each bite. Soup- 4/5 the green Chile was clean and came through with the broth being light Wings- 4/5 solid Buffalo style sauce with some good sized wings Next time I'm double ordering burgers, this place has mastered the art of the burger!

Ronnie W.

We were looking for a burger joint downtown and found this one. The concept is, get the size or type you want (they have buffalo, beef, turkey, chicken and veggie) and they will put whatever you want on top for $1 - $1.50. The toppings list is on. The burger of the month was a 1/2 pound with mango salsa, smoked bacon and my wife put chili relleno on it for a little spice. All on a gluten-free bun. Very close to a perfect burger and the bun was fine. I had a 1/4 with grilled onions, grilled pineapple and fresh jalapeños. Spot on. The service was great. The only reason for the four stars is the sides were just mediocre. The fries were just okay but the Cole slaw was flavorless. Oh, and after 7 pm parking is free for the downtown location, at least.

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Cherry Cricket - Cherry Creek

2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206
(303) 322-7666