Fortune Wok to Table

2817 E 3rd Ave e, Denver
(303) 321-7788

Recent Reviews

Eric Muller

Very delicious, simple menu of dumplings and noodles. Reasonably priced and fast service. Staff was friendly. I meant to take dumpling pics but they were eaten very quickly. I will be a repeat customer.

Karin Harmsen

Excellent food, very friendly owner and staff, wonderful, authentic cuisine - a great experience!

Jed Feder

This is the best restaurant in Denver, hands down. I almost don’t want people to know but they deserve the praise. Everything is top-notch. Don’t wok, run.

Brittany Miller

Really limited menu, three kinds of dumplings, a few soup options, and street noodles. They’re definitely “doing a few things well.” The street noodles were excellent. If you’re not in the mood for dumplings, it’s a skip because there’s not much else.

La Luna Camellia

One of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten at, this is not coming lightly as a traveler and have even worked in a VERY good Chinese restaurant. Their dumplings are the best I have ever had and the shrimp is fresh. This place deserves five stars across the board for anyone with a pallet.

Jordy Meer

This place is knee shakin. I mean really… you know the feeling. After a nice “O”. Your knees are weak, your body is trembling. You’re experiencing pure bliss, comfort, and relaxation. Yup. This is the spot. I will be back again and again. You should come try it too. I recommend the pork steamed dumplings and the duck noodles ?

Cody (CodyisLucky)

You know those restaurants who only have like 5 things on their menu so you know they are all really good since that's all they make? That's this place. Prices are a great value and staff is very friendly.

Shannon Lansdown

The staff was fantastic and the food was so delicious. Duck fried rice a must try, oh and the dumplings man did they have a lot of flavor. Best dumplings I've ever had.

Courtnee B.

Amazing! The veggie and pork dumplings are great! They don't skimp on the stuffing! I've had them both steamed and fried. Both are delicious! When we paired it with the housemate soy sauce, the dumplings INSTANTLY hit another level. Duck fried rice is full of flavor and the beef noodles are light and perfectly cooked. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Treat yourself!

Misty M.

Very clean. Sat inside and had a very nice server. Food was fresh and delicious tasting. Very happy all around.

Christopher S.

We had fried pork dumplings, duck street noodles, pork belly and green beans. Everything was really tasty. Neither my wife and I are green bean fans but these were awesome. Love that the street noodles we not greasy. This place was a nice little surprise.

Ilana S.

I was skeptical at first since there are only a few options on the menu, but figured they must make those dishes very, very well to be able to do this. Yep, that's what's happening here. We ordered: - vegetable dumplings: pan-fried, and possibly the most delicious. Next time I think I need to order a whole order just for myself. My husband even said these are the best dumplings he's ever had! Strong start. - shrimp street noodles: very good. These were not greasy at all, and had a lovely light flavor. We added a splash of the included soy sauce and a tiny bit of the included spicy sauce and it was perfection. - beef fried rice: this was flavored much the same as the street noodles, and also very good, not greasy, and light. The street noodles and the fried rice tasted really nice in the same bite as well. Upon finishing our meal we were not overly stuffed (though we do have leftovers, to-go portions were generous!), and neither of us had a stomach ache or greasy mouths. Highly recommend!!!

Liz K.

Loved this spot so much I ate there twice in one week! Of the items I tried, I loved the duck noodles more than the beef noodles. Both pork and beef dumplings were amazing. The fried rice was really good too, but I decided to go without it on my second trip there because the noodles and dumplings were the highlights for me. I definitely plan on eating there again next time I'm in the area.

Mary C.

You are able to order their rice and noodles without garlic/onion which is extremely helpful for people on the FODMAP diet, or garlic/onion sensitivity! We got the shrimp fried rice and the duck noodles and they were both 10/10! Thank you very much for allowing your food to be customizable :)

Sam Sun

This is not a good Chinese restaurant. The service is so-so, the food is really not good. It is funny to read reviews saying the food is "so authentic". It is not good Chinese food, coming from someone who was born in China, ate Chinese home cooking, has eaten at casual and high-end restaurants in China, and lives in an ethnically diverse city with a Chinatown (not Denver).

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