Himchuli - Highlands Indian & Nepali Cuisine

3489 W 32nd Ave, Denver
(303) 728-9957

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Biplob Gauli

Good selection of fresh, authentic food. Loved their decor and presentation.

Linda Yokota

Everything we had here was delicious! The Momo's, the sauces, all of the dishes our party of 5 shared. I would most definitely return (soon) and would highly recommend! ?❤️

Susie Peterson

This was our first time at Himchuli and we are definitely planning on returning soon. The lamb saag is one of the best lamb dishes we have ever had! The meat was incredibly tender, there was just enough spice and, paired with their amazing basmati rice, it was the perfect bite. Our server, Hannah, was awesome in every way, too!

Rahul Ghosh

Ordered chicken biryani for to go. They mixed normal rice and some chicken gravy together. How the hell that is biryani. If they do not know what is biryani or do not have biryani at that moment could have just mentioned that.I have order some other items also nothing is up to the mark. I am not sure how they are having 4.5 star in reviews. Are those bots or something. Worst dinner experience today. Please look after the items you are serving.

Sakshi Gandhi

Terrible food. Terrible Service.We went in last evening hoping to get some fine dine experience and nice food but thats not what we got.We ordered momos for appetizers, the non vegetarian ones were fine but the vegetarian ones were bitter and over cooked. We decided to overlook that since we were looking forward to get our rogan josh for our main course. The server who took our order asked us how spicy we want our food to be, to which I said, “medium spicy, pelase make sure its not too spicy but flavorful.” What arrived on our table was a dish full of red chili. We took one bite and we were sweating and we are Indian. I asked the server if they could please fix it and make it edible to which his reply was “ this is our medium spicy we cant do anything.” That’s it they gave us a check and we left without eating another bite.For anyone who craves indian food around please go to an indian grocery store instead of this restaurant and get one of those ready to eat dishes cz that wouldn’t definitely disappoint you as much as this restaurant.P.S. YOU ALL CAN SEE THE OWNER’S REPLY TO THIS REVIEW. I EMAILED THEM THAT VERY DAY BUT HAVEN’T RECEIVED A REPLY YET. SHOWS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE VERY WELL.

Clark Walker

Exceptional Indian food! I love that you can chose salmon as a meat here I don't think I've ever seen that option at any other Indian restaurant. I have a friend who's sensitive to dairy and they can order from here because this place will substitute coconut milk/cream for dairy, I've tried it and it's honestly as good as the dairy versions. I won't lie it's a tad pricy but it's on par for what you'd expect for most other Indian restaurants. Honestly I feel like it's a good bargain for what you get though, it's really good food and I love the options they give you. You'll definitely get your money's worth, also try the salmon you won't regret it!

Stephen “Dr. Jekyll” A.

Excellent. Staff is very friendly and super attentive. Food is outstanding. I ordered takeout but I loved the hip ambiance and I'll be dining in ASAP.

Zach Engel

Best Indian food in the area. There are many competitors nearby - this is the spot. Thanks for all of the great meals!

Nathan R-Aragon

This place is great! Wonderful food and service. The samosas chad were excellent!

Zach Engel

Best Indian food in the Highlands *strikethrough* Denver area. There is a lot of competition, this place is the one.

Jacqui T.

Favorite Indian in all of Denver. Creamy massala & soft fluffy naan. Have ordered here many times but my first time going in was recently - the owner & staff here are so kind & made it even more amazing.

Dennis O

I have had the opportunity to dine at this establishment three times. We drove for 30 minutes on my influence of how superb the food was prepared. We arrived and sat in a comer booth. The noise level was not too bad then once the crowd was in inside the non sound abatement of the ceiling and walls it became intolerable. Of course, our voices went louder and louder. The experience became miserable. The food was average at best. There is allot of competition in the Indian dining experience, but thirty minute drive for us will not be occurring again.

Brendon T.

False advertising do not patronize this place.

Dakini T.

Lamb andhra was tasty but chicken momos were dry on the inside and did not taste fresh. I asked for extra spicy but the dishes came with very little spice. Overall place to come try. A one time thing!

Michelle Kuhn

Great food! A great place if you're vegan, when I ordered online there were so many dishes I could make vegan which is very much appreciated!!

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Himchuli - Highlands Indian & Nepali Cuisine

3489 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
(303) 728-9957