Kaos Pizzeria

1439 S Pearl St, Denver
(303) 733-5267

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Alice C.

I was once again surprised on how much I enjoyed the pizza, we came here for a late lunch bday party. The party was mainly vegan/vegetarian/ gluten free, and this place was perfect! They were so many options and so many pizzas with interesting twists. I got the wild mushroom pizza gluten free. I loved the gluten free crest here as it is chewy probably made from rice flour. The pizza had Caramelized onions and pesto and the base sauce. I absolutely loved this pizza. They give you a generous amount of toppings and it tastes good. I want try their Hawaiian pizza next time and they use pulled pork instead of ham which sounds delicious and they have a fig and chicken I want to try next time too. I also tried there Margarita pizza, I have had far better else wear, not enough basil, and it just overall was not very good. They have a great selection of beer, ciders, ales and other alcoholic drinks.

Sonika P.

The pizza combined with the beautiful outside ambiance made my visit to Kaos Pizzeria a wonderful experience. We went during happy hour which was extremely limited and only applied to a few drafts and wines. Between the four of us, we ordered two 14" pizzas and only had one slice leftover. The Smokestack was delicious and perfectly savory with the roasted poblanos, savory bacon, and creamy goat cheese. Adding some red pepper flakes and Parmesan set this pizza over the top! The Calabrese was also really good. It was the perfect combination of sweet and savory, from the caramelized onions and salty salami. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone in search of great pizza in the Pearl Street area!

Mel R.

I loved this place. We ordered a pizza, salad and appetizer. I loved every last bite and the service was great. Supper cute place and family friendly.

Jason Sunderland

Holy pizza!! This is the best pizza spot that I have been to in Denver! The food, the patio and the staff...perfect! Great atmosphere, good beer and wine selection, all around a fantastic place to spend an afternoon. Very impressed! I will definitely return, and recommend Kaos to everyone I know.

Rachel Atkins

This was the cutest little pizza shop! We loved the outdoor patio dining! With a variety of tables scattered throughout, it was easy to enjoy sitting outside without feeling crowded by other diners. The pizza was delicious too! The service was fast and friendly. We would definitely recommend to anyone in the area!

Mikaela Coger

Definitely go here! We love the ambiance and the pizza was delicious. We got the veggie and margharita.

Hayley R.

Laos pizza is one of my favorites! I love the gluten free crust. It's actually one of the best GF crusts I've ever had. Super cute environment and friendly staff!

Naye Away

Unfortunately, I can not comment on the food because yesterday was the third time I have tried to eat at Kaos and was denied. We called ahead for seating for 8, were told they had a table come in the.next five minutes. We came immediately. I stood outside at the gate waiting for someone to acknowledge me. When they finally did I was told "oh we seated another party of 8" I explained we called only to be turned down again. After talking to, two different workers. As I waited other people were seated. I do hope this is not racial. Again I have tried 3 times. Only called ahead the last time but still told we could not be seated Interesting? Has anyone else had this problem? As all our group arrived (different nationalities) we left and ate at Uno Mas. Delicious food and great staff.

Christine Herrod

Awesome food and service.Recommend for date night ?

Maura S.

We popped in to Kaos pizza for takeout yesterday after wanting to go for a long time. I've been to Their other restaurants (Bird, Mas Kaos and Uno Mas) and enjoyed them all. We had a mixed experience yesterday though. Upon walking in the staff was pretty unwelcoming and cold. As we said we were picking up food they sent us inside and we received the same sort of greeting from the staff inside. The vibe they gave off made me never want to come and eat - in. Nonetheless we picked up our food without conflict and headed home. We ordered three things - the wild mushroom pizza, the vodka pasta, and bruschetta. I'll start with the best. The wild mushroom pizza was awesome and I'm excited to eat the other half for lunch! The amount of pesto was a great balance with all the other flavors and it hit the spot. Next was the Ziti Alla Vodka pasta with sausage and mozzarella. This was pretty good but nothing to write home about. Solid pasta dish overall but didn't make me want to stuff my face. Last was the bruschetta. This had tons of potential - I enjoyed the little crostini texture, especially for takeout since fresh bread sometimes goes stale - it was nice to have a crunch! The tomatoes and balsamic were delicious also- the only bummer was how much salt was on the crostini . My boyfriend and I both had to stop eating the bruschetta due to how salty it was . Overall I think minus the salt this would've been delicious! Hoping to try Kaos again in the future and update!

Lauren E

Amazing pizza and dedicated staff! We were sitting on the back patio when it began to downpour. The drainage pipe clogged and one of the bus boys climbed onto the roof in the pouring rain to fix it. He was a great sport with a positive attitude. Kaos has a fun atmosphere with great food. I highly recommend making a stop to this cute place on pearl street!

M V.

Excellent! Came in from AZ on an annual stop and visited again, amazing as always and we were treated well during our entire meal. Offered options but no rush to make decisions. All of our four pizzas and appetizers were very tasty. Will definitely return on our next trip.

Jessica L Irons

Amazing, you have to experience the moment! Loved every minute.

Sydney A.

Really good pizza and I love how they have such unique pizzas to choose from! Good price for the size and quality.

Pamela Lawrence

We have been here each time we visited Denver and enjoyed it each time as well. The atmosphere is nice, the staff friendly, the food great!

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